Tesla Supercharger Now Online in Columbus, Texas


“Our Columbus Supercharger is now open, enabling owners to travel free between Houston, Austin & San Antonio.”

We Celebrate Supercharger Installs

We Celebrate Supercharger Installs

Says Tesla Motors via its Facebook page.

That Columbus Supercharger site is number 27 in the US by our count.

Specific details on the Columbus Supercharger station are as follows:

Columbus Supercharger

2535 Texas 71 Columbus, Texas 78934

24 hrs/day

Charging Stalls – 6

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This company’s progress is just awesome.

It is so good for a change, to see a major business that delivers on its promises and exceeds expectations.

We are so lucky it is a clean-tech business.

Can’t wait to be able to afford one of their cars. Till then, we’ll settle for our Leaf πŸ™‚

I will completely second that statement:
“Can’t wait to be able to afford one of their cars. Till then, we’ll settle for our Leaf”

Absolutely love everything about my Leaf, but still dreaming of an affordable Tesla!

This is the charger that connects me to Austin. Now just need that Model S…

“27 in the US by OUR count”? The Columbus Supercharger is number 25 by Tesla’s count. Eric, stop double counting the Connecticut Superchargers.

According to the Tesla Supercharger webpage on 10/9/13:

North America
Today – 25 stations
Fall 2013 – Most metropolitan areas
Winter 2013 – Coast-to-coast travel
2014 – 80% of the US population and parts of Canada
2015 – 98% of the US population and parts of Canada
Today – 6 stations


Thanks…we’re well aware of Tesla’s count.

Then why are you trying to confuse the readers of InsideEVs by deceptively referring to Supercharger stations in your post, and then counting the number of Supercharger “sites.” Nobody else is counting Supercharger “sites,” they’re all counting Supercharger stations. Why are you trying to manipulate the numbers? By doing so, you lose credibility in the eyes of people who read InsideEVs to get accurate news and information about EVs.

I’m happy everytime a new supercharger station opens. But Tesla promised a lot, and they still don’t seems to starts releasing stations as fast as they should. According to their own map, they need to release 49 new stations in the next 70 days (dead line is 21th december). That’s not a station per day, but nearly.

I think they have the sites picked up but they most likely are going though local zoning cases to get them opened which in the planning world can take easily a month if everything runs smoothly though the local zoning system.

I hope you’re right! They promised a lot, and if they can complete all those 49 stations before 21th december, it will be huge! Let’s face it, even if they do half of it, it will be great too. But they still have a lot of work ahead, and I try to hope that they will do what they said.

What is funny about this is this is the sound of another gas station getting the death blows sent to it. Such as I find it funny that we have all these plug in cars that can greatly reduce fossil fuel demand and we even have cars with people running them off of power made from solar power stations.

What I don’t get if this is all happening that will close down fossil fuel gas stations as we know it then why the bluegill do they keep opening up new gas station after gas station in my area. I mean the local zoning department has like three of them approved for one highway alone with in like six miles of one another along with the four already open.

I could think in ten years there is going to be a lot of ghost gas stations left over from the EV’s taking over.

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater

Sad thing is I bet an awful lot of those stations will need some serious $$ to dig up their underground tanks and do environmental mitigation for reuse.