Tesla Supercharger Network Grows At Rapid 1 Per Day Rate In Europe


Imagine if Tesla could maintain that 1-Supercharger-per-day rate indefinitely.  Or at least for the next few years.

Per Tesla Motors Europe:

“We’ve passed 70 Superchargers in Europe this week. In the last 7 days we added 7 new Superchargers to the network.”

Though all of the fast-charging networks seem to be accelerating the rate of installs, we think this 1-per-day rate is remarkable and not maintainable.

Regardless, props again go to Tesla for showing what’s possible.

Europe Supercharger Map - End Of 2015

Europe Supercharger Map – End Of 2015

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Why dn’t they want to go all way down E40 to Kyiv, Ukraine? It is a big city (3m) with a lot of rich people, all keen to screw Putin’s oil.

they probably wait for a bitt more stability in that region at the moment.

I think it’s actually Ukraine’s offshore natural gas potential Putin was after.

Guess that would still make Tesla more popular in Ukraine than the hydrogen alternative since that’s basically a road to NG dependence at this point.

The solar panels will work great in snowy Ukraine. Without oil & gas to make electricity, those super chargers will be useless.

The world is awash in oil so that will hurt Putin’s oil more, though I agree with the sentiment. Putin is about the worst thing that could happen to Russia. Sad thing is most Russians don’t see it, they have been propagandized so heavily for so long that they just can’t think for themselves anymore.
Nationalistic BS no matter the country is counterproductive.

The NATO warmongers are the worst scum of mankind. The NATO want to install a total absolute world terror dictatorship.

*lol*… not even someone forced to watch propaganda 24/7 would ever believe such a sad and faulty statement.


i like the corridor heading south east to Istanbul, continue to china in the future?

Still no! Not in any even remotely distant future. Can I hear you say Turkey – Iran – Pakistan (via Afghanistan if you want to 😉 – India – Bangladesh – Burma – China.

Just take the ***** flight. 😉 Skärp dig! 😛

What is wrong with Greece no even one :/

…not even one, yet. At the rate these things are sprouting it won’t be long. Also need to build a few highways and border crossings to Greece first.

Desperated. Sales do not increase.

A more fair growth rate would be one every other day since they have opened 48 chargers during the last 98 days or so.

But if they can keep that rate for another year or two when building a good coverage network then it would be really impressive.

I am frankly worried with Tesla’s future.
They’ll need tremendous success in all their models to sustain such a huge investment (and don’t forget that the electricity comes for free in superchargers)…Don’t know if this is sustainable in the long term.