Tesla Supercharger Network In Germany Expands By 2



“The Supercharger network in Germany continues to grow.”

“We’ve opened two more Supercharger stations in Hohenwarsleben and Münchberg, connecting Munich with Leipzig and Berlin with Hannover, covering two very frequently traveled routes.”

States Tesla Motors.

That brings the Supercharger tally in Germany to 6.

Meanwhile, Europe now has 19 Supercharger stations and in the US there are now 94 operational Superchargers.

The worldwide total for the number of Superchargers is 116.

Ribbon Cutting

Ribbon Cutting

Europe Supercharger Map

Europe Supercharger Map

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The Tesla website has shown this supercharger already for more than 2 weeks now.

Three more are coming soon. That will mean 9 supercharger to the end of June/July 🙂

Need to modify my ZOE for 135kw DC …

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater

The Zoe battery’s too small to really take advantage of that, and it would probably melt and catch fire.. ~6C recharge rate?

Zoe then talks “I just want 50kw”, where is the problem ? With the next battery generation it requests 75kw and so on.

First in Great Britain – and first inside a big city outside of China (Beijing and Shanghai already have one) now online: London!

Total in Europe: 20 🙂

When inaugurating British deliveries Elon mentioned New York, in addition to the 3 cities just named.

The one “in” London isn’t even inside the M25. That’s further out from the city than the one at JFK or the one near LAX.

Still need a few stations in France and Sweden!

Oh, right…
I forgot NY had its own already.
But the one in London is well within M25.
6 miles from Buckingham palace…

Maybe you’re referring to a Tesla store?

Oh wow, that is very central! I was looking at http://supercharge.info/, which needs to be updated, apparently.

Well, If I were Tesla would be trying to keep the superchargers far away from the cities. The cars in the cities can charge up on their home chargers and conventional public chargers.

The superchargers are for long distance drives BETWEEN cities. That is where you locate them.

3 more coming soon in Great Britain (in addition to the 3 coming soon in Germany mentioned by Mr M.).
128 (total in Europe) planned for Winter 2014-2015.

And when will we see the gap between Randers and the coming Lutterberg close? 659km crying out for at least one or maybe two SC opening the world for sunny Scandinavia!

Just a few more in France & Spain and they’ve got Europe pretty well covered.

Pretty well covered? Have you ever even seen a map or Europe? 😛

Uh . . . yeah, just scroll up. That map omits the UK chargers they already installed. I’m not counting Eastern Europe . . . the cars are not sold there and I doubt there is much of a market there.

I guess that Tesla really wants to sell in Germany, despite it doesn’t seems to be a great success like with Norway. Why 0 supercharger in Sweden and France?

Sweden is soon on its way. Negotiations are being made and some energy companies are crunching the numbers as we speak.

As mentioned above, there are a total of 128 locations marked on the “Winter 2014-15 planned Superchargers map of Europe”.
Very inspiring map, recently uploaded, I think.

Useless. Tesla will not hit close to 1000 sales in Germany this year.

2 Superchargers added yesterday (11 June) to the US map. Now 96 open in US.
(20 in Europe, 3 in China)