Tesla Supercharger Network Brings Home “Technology Of The Year” Award From AOL (video)

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Last month, the Tesla Supercharging Network made the final 6 for AOL’s 2013 Automotive Technology of the Year Award – and by making the final six, the public got a vote in who ultimately won.

Tesla's Supercharging Network Brings Home AOL's Technology Of The Year

Tesla’s Supercharging Network Brings Home AOL’s Technology Of The Year

Which made today’s announcement not all that surprising – that the Tesla fast charging network won the award.

AOL Autos’ Multimedia Director Adam Morath:

“With the Supercharger, Tesla is tackling the tired arguments against the electrification of the automobile head on by addressing range, charge times, charger accessibility and clean energy production (the Supercharger is powered by solar energy, not coal) all in one stroke.”

The award group notes that of the 40 submissions from readers, the following were finalists:

  • Chevrolet MyLink Valet Mode
  • Infiniti Backup Collision Intervention
  • Tesla Supercharger Network
  • Volvo Pedestrian and Cyclist Detection with Full Auto Brake
  • Mopar In-Vehicle Wireless Charging for Portable Devices
  • Mercedes-Ben Intelligent Drive

Check the above video for a primer on the Supercharging Network by Tesla CEO Elon Musk

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When other companies get on board and as the numbers of EVs on the roads rise, how long before we sees clusters of high speed chargers at every highway exit like we see fuel stations now?

One of the BIG advantages of EVs over fuel cell vehicles is that the hign speed charger network needed is much, much smaller than the infrastruture needed for fuel cells. When the high speed charger network is in place, people will still do most of their charging at home. The Fuel cell infrastruture basicly needs to replace all of our current gas stations because all of your fueling happens there just like ICE cars.

Bingo! And don’t forget cost. You can add an L2 public access charger to just about any building or parking lot for a few thousand dollars. A hydrogen fueling station costs in the millions.

This is why we’re seeing Tesla fund these superchargers while the companies pushing hydrogen are looking to governments and the oil companies to build hydrogen stations.

Ten years from now, when someone makes the inevitable “Who killed the hydrogen car” documentary, the answer will be (1) Musk and (2) everyone who bought an EV now and refused to go back to liquid OR gaseous refueling at higher cost and lower convenience.

Mostly true. I do think certain conditions, i.e. Iceland’s hydrogen infrastructure, will still keep hydrogen fuel cells in the game, mostly though they will be on the bench. In addition for an ev you have your home charger if you own a home. I would like to see some statistics on percentage of tesla owners who do own their own homes, as some complaints I read say well not everyone owns a home. True, but many do and it is by far the easiest and most logical way to charge your ev. Though supercharger is cheaper and undoubtedly faster.


I own a Tesla Model S and regularly use the Tesla Supercharger Network to travel to/from Phoenix to the San Francisco Bay Area. The supercharger network is easy to use and stop times are minimal. Usually about thirty minutes every two plus hours or so. Perfect for a small break and a stretch. I just can’t imagine why anyone who is buying a new car would even consider a car where you have to pay to use it to travel. It just doesn’t make sense any more. On top of that, paying for regular repairs, tune ups etc. “Come on man!” I like new cars but most have tail pipes, fouling up the air we breathe,messing up the planet and costing $60-70+ dollars ever time we need some gas. The Tesla Superchargers truly deserve to be “Technology of the Year.” Tesla has brought the future to the marketplace. It is here now in the west and the supercharging network is being built throughout the country with a new supercharger opening every few days or so. It’s a very huge paradigm shift to say the least. The beginning of something this dynamically new and disruptive is often hard to see and… Read more »

Your first sentence says it all. You are round tripping between Phoenix and San Francisco for free. As much as you want! Tesla is really making strides with range improvement and quicker charge times.

6-mo+ old interview. Lazy.