Tesla Supercharger Network – April’s Top 10 Most Utilized Stations Are In U.S., China, Hong Kong, Norway & The Netherlands


While Tesla didn’t list the exact sites, the automaker did make it known that, in April, the Top 10 most utilized Superchargers are located in several countries.

Among the Top 10 in usage, you’ll find Supercharger stations in the U.S., Norway and the Netherlands (no surprises here). But at least one of the Top 10 most used Superchargers is located in China, despite slow sales, and there’s even one in Hong Kong where Model S sales are still in their infancy, having just begun 10 months ago.

We suspect that Superchargers are popular in both China and Hong Kong due to lack of at-home charging, which means that Model S owners in both locations probably seek out Superchargers on a daily basis.  At least that’s our guess.  Perhaps there’s some other reason that explains the Supercharger popularity?

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Some more info, per http://supercharge.info/

There are 437 active Superchargers in the world. 21 under construction and 25 that have permits.

In the USA, 190 active, 13 under construction, and 15 with permits.

You know that Hong Kong is a part of China?
So at least two of the most utilized ones are in China.

Americans are bad in geography… Pardon our ignorance.

BTW, a study that came out few years ago shows that 1/3 of the Gen Y in the US can’t find the state of Louisana on the US map (without the labels) and they can’t find Afghanistan on the world map either…

So, I did a quick survey at my work place on Gen Y and it was true. 1 out of the 3 people I asked couldn’t find the State of LA on the map.

But his answer was that “why would I need to know that, I have Google map if I need it”…

I was dumbfounded and said why would you need to learn 1+1 = 2 when you have a calculator or learn a new language when you have dictionary/Google translate.

Thankfully, the other 2/3 of new Generation are still okay…

Hong Kong still operates under a separate set of laws and a separate regulatory system from the rest of China, a holdover from the British rule days which ended in 1999. As the Chinese say (or rather, the English translation of that): “One country, two systems”. So for purposes of exports and regulatory compliance, it’s certainly appropriate to consider Hong Kong separate from the rest of China.

Oops… make that 1997, not 1999.

Still part of China even though it is operated under different system.

Guam and Purto Rico are still US territories even though they don’t qualify as states…

I am willing to bet that most Gen Y can’t even find HK on the map…

We need one in Asheville NC.Come on Tesla:)

Looks like there will be one near Spartanburg SC this year, and that’s not toooo far away.

Top 10 list

1 Fremont, CA, US
2 Culver City, CA, US
3 Amsterdam, Netherlands
4 San Juan Capistrano, CA, US
5 Hopewell Center, Hong Kong
6 Lier South, Norway
7 Vacaville, CA, US
8 Solli, Norway
9 Lier North, Norway
10 Redondo Beach, CA, US

I saw that list on TMC. That is one particular recent 24 hour period from a screen in the Amsterdam Service Center. Tesla’s tweet is regarding the month of April. Likely a different list or at least a different order.

Yes, the list I posted is cumulative usage for all time and China hasn’t broken into the top 10 yet.

The tweet was about using in May 2015 so it will be a different list.

I just thought it might be close enough to the May list to be useful for those wanting more detail.

So the charger in front of the factory is the most used? I guess that makes sense. Perhaps some people pick up their cars at the factory, charge up, and drive home?

It is also near one of the major hwys in the SF Bay Area…

Lots of people suck up the “free juices” there so they don’t have to charge at home…

And still not a damn trace of Tesla in Ireland… Not even a shop.

And none in New Zealand, yet Hawaii and Australia have them.

Why should they put up a shop in Ireland? It’s a very poor and low populated country. Tesla has limited resources and there are lots of countries and places that they should prioritize way above Ireland.

Not to mention that it can’t be very hard to get one from UK if you want a Tesla.

According to registration data, only 6 Model S vehicles have been registered in New Zealand and 3 in Ireland. Mikael is dead on that it’s best if Tesla focuses on other areas right now that yield a better return.

Got that reversed: 6 – Ireland and 3 – New Zealand


You are correct Jason, however the 3 are for this year only, so we now have a total of 9 or 10 and they don’t sell the brand here. Long term I think NZ would be about 15 to 20% of Australian sales which stand at about 200 and increasing. The market in NZ should be the same or greater than Hawaii. Both NZ and Ireland would get away with just one Tesla Store, service centre and a few super charges. Did enjoy travelling Ireland some years ago, very friendly people and lovely country.

“..poor and low populated…” – with reference to Ireland and potentially New Zealand.

I just don’t know where to start or if I’d stop, so I’ll just leave it.

In Ireland last year I was astounded by all the newer very upscale homes. I would suggest our older stereotypes may need revision.

Indeed. With 16 ferries a day running between England and Ireland, it’s not going to be hard for any of the Irish to import a Model S if they want to.

I have more sympathy for my New Zealand friend who wants access! As I understand it, importing from Australia is a bit pricey.

Updated sales for New Zealand:
and this year new imports:

Hong Kong demand for Model S is pretty much the same as the U.S. Of course the population is much smaller than that of a country but if you walk along the road but the people here are forward thinkers and willing to try new products and tech, you’ll always see a tesla passing by and that says a lot about the brand and HKs lust for electric mobility. In China, the demand is much lower as people there are more about famous and luxury brands more so than their worry about charging infrastructure. If Tesla builds up its reputation further and even the average joe on the street corner knows you’re in a tesla and its an expensive car, then they will all flock to buy it.