Tesla Supercharger Network Animation – Video


Watch as Tesla’s Supercharger network comes to life before your eyes.

This animated video is based off of the Supercharger information found here.

Tesla Supercharger Network

Tesla Supercharger Network

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9 responses to "Tesla Supercharger Network Animation – Video"
  1. ArkansasVolt says:

    I sure wish they would put one near Little Rock, AR… or in Arkansas at all… maybe even one in Memphis, TN. I cannot justify buying a Tesla until one is close enough for me to try to make a road trip. Right now, there is not one within 350 miles of me.

    1. Doug (dhanson865) says:

      Arkansas is a 2016 state. Memphis, TN will also be in 2016.

      http://www.teslamotorsclub.com/showthread.php/8590-Tesla-Supercharger-network/page323?p=1051171&viewfull=1#post1051171 is a good post for some stats on chargers per state

    2. Doug (dhanson865) says:

      there will be superchargers in reach of you in northern Louisiana and northeastern Texas (near the LA border) by end of 2015.

      You might want to check http://supercharge.info/ every so often for a blue dot or an orange traffic cone to show up near you, once you do have one nearby you’ll know superchargers are only a few months away.

      1. ArkansasVolt says:

        I figure when they get Monroe, LA and Texarkana, TX, I can get most places that I travel. to make my eastern journeys, I will have to use chademo chargers at Nissan dealerships while they are open in Memphis. I am getting close, but I do travel quite a bit: at least twice a month.

        That is why I have a Volt. Though, it is < 100 MPG lifetime. This month, I have driven over 2k miles on 7.1 gallons. This is nice for now.

  2. Speculawyer says:

    Poor southern hemisphere is almost totally shut out. Only near the end do a few fall into Australia. And even they are lucky to have any since Australia does not have an EV incentive program.

    1. LusTuCCC says:

      Wayyy better than any other network, and just wait, they cannot cover the world at once!

    2. Mikael says:

      Where in the southern hemisphere would you suggest that they should build superchargers? 😛

      It’s not like there are a lot of civilized places there and even less that are going for EVs. 🙂

      1. Speculawyer says:

        Well . . . I certainly expect South Africa to get a few Superchargers at the very least.

  3. Anon says:

    Nice. 🙂

    Time for other automakers to join the Tesla Super Charger Alliance. 😉