Tesla Supercharger Infographic – June 2014 Versus October 2014


“In October, Tesla Superchargers delivered 2 GWh of energy to Model S. All free.”

Tweets Tesla Motors, but along with that Tweet came this nifty infographic, which shows just how much growth the Supercharger network has experienced in both number of sites and usage from June 2014 compared to October 2014.

In most measures, the Supercharger network doubled in that short timeframe and, most importantly, the network is still growing at a rapid rate.

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245 installed 32 under construction 25 permits as of this morning. Not sure what rate they are coming online but it seems like one per day lately. At that rate the 250 mark may happen by the end of the week. There are already enough under construction and permits pulled to feasibly break 300 installed by the close of the year.

For and additional $2000 built into the price of your Tesla you get free access for life to all of them. Let’s see and ICE do that Mr Lexus!

They are behind what they have on their website for “2014”. I don’t see how they’ll get to their promised map by the end of the year (especially as the US holidays start – you lose half a week to Thanksgiving and the week between Christmas and New Years). Tesla seems likely to have their “Northwest Passage” open between Denver and Seattle done before the end of the year, and probably the Kansas City to Indianapolis done too. The Florida/Texas link is right on 50/50. The Texas/OKC/KS and OKC/NM links aren’t likely to be finished by the end of the year, along with the Tenn. and Kentucky stations. The NYS thruway stations don’t seem likely either. Lately I’ve been thinking about Supercharger construction as a proxy for Tesla’s internal performance. Tesla basically breaks even every quarter. At the beginning of the quarter they know (based on whats in process and where the pending orders stand) how many vehicles they will sell and how much revenue that will bring in, profit, etc. and they know how much other things will cost (R&D, etc.). What they can do to make sure they’re not losing too much money is turn up or down… Read more »

Interesting point about Tesla throttling Supercharger construction to achieve a target profit/loss on their financial statements.

Don’t just focus on N.America Supercharger network. eg: first 3 supercharger stations in China went live in June, now there are are 27.
Tesla has currently delayed some Model S deliveries in some regions of China until it has infrastructure in place. (per Q3 earning call, to ensure customers receive best experience from day of delivery)

Expect to see future deployments follow where Tesla is delivering new EVs. Deliveries in US were down first half of 2014, but expect to be strong in Q4. A good metric to look into is ratio of number of Model S’s to number of Supercharger stalls per country (or state). (~1500 now based on 245 SC @ average of 6 per station)

The number of supercharger stations openings has been fairly constant at one every ~20 hours, but there have been 1-2 week bursts in deployments. eg: Q4 2013 was almost double (a large part clustered deployments is slow prep-work for permits, siting etc)

Factoid: At 19 gallons of gas per barrel of oil (http://www.eia.gov/tools/faqs/faq.cfm?id=24&t=10) 2.3 million gallons is 120,000 barrels of oil.

Gulp! 🙂

Where are the solar PV canopies?

Right next to the battery swapping stations. 😀

I bet the solar canopies show up before the battery swapping! (By Tesla anyway.) BTW, who says it is Tesla’s responsibility to build the battery swapping “station”? Is Toyota going to build the hydrogen stations??? Every Model S has the ability to swap the battery.

I did see that Space X was seriously contemplating stringing the globe with WiFi satellites.

Well, since Tesla has already recieved a lot of CARB credits and money for the battery swapping that they promised then it’s probably up to them to provide them 😉

I believe the solar canopies will come later. They originally postponed building the canopies because it increased build time. Expansion of the network was more or a priority. Also the battery swapping stations are on there way. I believe they’re doing there first one now.

Phase II in a couple years. Without solar canopies, SC stations are less complex to get approved (local regulations) and installed.

Also, SolarCity just broke ground on a gigafactory for building solar PV panels in New York state. Expect Tesla is waiting to supply of these cheaper panels become available.

A couple years wait on deploying solar canopies allows Tesla to ramp up battery production from Nevada gigafactory that can be deployed as energy storage at supercharger stations in combination with the solar canopies.

Since current Model S owners only charge using superchargers ~5-6% of miles, the cost of grid energy will not be too significant until EV production ramps up in a couple years.

Yes, that makes sense with a vertical integration concept being the driving force behind when solar panels are installed, and the regulatory piece, as regards to where they get installed first.

In Scotland? What’s the point! 😉

The Supercharger network is really one of Tesla’s huge advantages over everyone else. It was an amazing crazy longshot to go it alone but they pulled it off with a very smart design that has the fastest chargers and not many superchargers are required because the Tesla cars have such larger batteries. But their plan absolutely depends on large batteries so they need that gigafactory to push down battery prices.

Pretty incredible almost everything doubling in 6 months.

Yep, our grandchildren will be hearing the story about how a few people in California decided to put several thousand double-A batteries in a Lotus and people Bought them, even though Most People thought they were all crazy. In only five years they had parlayed those profits into a well reviewed car with a network of charging to support them for long trips, in addition to most just filling up their cars at home.

“see, we had what we called filling stations back then.. people bought gallons of a stinky fuel called gasoline.. I know, I know, but Everybody did it then.. and there were days you could barely see the sun on a sunny day in cities like Los Angeles and London, because vehicles actually Burned the fuel to make them go down the road!”


I look forward to those better days.

What a strange idea indeed, why not making light by burning oil made from the fat of big whales that we would go chase in the Arctic on wooden ships! Never mind just joking.

Tesla superchargers are “icing on the cake” when you consider a Model S has the option of charging at 80 Amps in your garage!

I think Tesla is adding SC’s faster than we are seeing Level III stations around here(from any company, Nissan, or whomever). There are only a handful of Level III QC’s that I am aware of in Phila area, and Tesla installed 2 of them!!!