Tesla Supercharger Count Now at 58 in US

Tesla Model s Supercharger


The Red Dots Are Invading Us

The Red Dots Are Invading Us

Tesla’s US Supercharger count now stands at 58.

58 and Counting

58 and Counting

Since we last reported on this total, 2 additional Superchargers have been electrified:

  • Somerset, Pennsylvania – 6 Charging Stalls
  • Flagstaff, Arizona – 4 Charging Stalls

Tesla seems to be adding Superchargers at a rate of approximately 4 per week now.

If that pace is sustained for all of 2014, then perhaps up to 250 Superchargers could be operational in the US by year’s end.

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I wonder what the lead-time is to get + prep the site and order + receive the equipment. Just getting that much electrical capacity could be a problem.

An SC takes about 16 weeks of planning and execution. Most of that is planning. Once ground is broken, it’s typically 4-5 weeks. They tend to pick locations that are close to power sources so it really doesn’t take much. A couple of locations have been slowed down because the power companies were slow.

I work for an MSO, and I’ve heard of the permits for our construction department taking up to six months.

Hi there,

East coast open!! Miami to Portland. EASY!!
If you use the max range (40 mph) from St Augustine (FL) and Sommerset (PA) , you travel from Miami to Vancouver for FREE!!!


Congrats Tesla!!!

how far is t from Somerset PA charger to the nearest charger west of it? must be 350 miles at least?

Well, you can overnight in the middle and in a place with L2 charging.

Using the method of setting the range at http://www.teslawiki.net/supercharger/ to half that of a P85, un-checking the “under construction” box and looking for the circles around two adjacent superchargers to touch or overlap, shows a significant gap west of Somerset.

Under that scenario going north of Florida is likely to introduce some range anxiety. I get the impression that the folks at Tesla are aiming to keep the distance between adjacent SCs at less than 135 miles or about two and a half hours at 55 (2hrs at 65). I guess the logic is that when you leave a SC with the full 260+ miles of range, you can reach two more SCs before running out and if you leave the SC with only 130 miles of range, you can still make it to the next SC. I don’t think Elon Musk wants to experience any range anxiety at all on his family road trip.

Now the network allows coast to coast drive in an 85kWh version?

Eric L – fun to check this out as you can even follow some recent history (multiple pages):

Good job Tesla! 58 down, 2942 to go. That is if the final goal is that people are never more than 50 miles away from the next charging opportunity without having to make detours from the highway route they are following.

Just to be picky, Eric…
Farmington, NM is also open.
Count is 58 anyway because Madison, WI, which you mentioned in a report of 5 days ago, has not yet been added to Tesla’s website list. (Sure it will soon be…)

(As I mentioned in a previous comment:)
Last week saw a record 7 SC openings in US.
Global weekly record is still with Week 2013 Dec 9-15:
3 in US, 1 in Switzerland, 4 in Germany.
Total: 8

The 7 are:
Est Greenwich, RI
La Crosse, WI
Gallup, NM
Farmington, NM
Somerset, PA
Flagstaff, AZ
Grand Junction, CO

In the last 5 weeks these many Superchargers were opened in US:
3, 5, 4, 2, 7.
Average: 4.2.


Now since you are counting how many of these have solar panels?