Tesla Supercharger Binge – 7 Superchargers, 7 Cities, 7 Days



Supercharger location count expanded to 715 locations worldwide by the end of Q3 2016

Tesla Supercharger location count expanded to 715 locations worldwide by the end of Q3 2016

We all know that Tesla is working diligently to forever expand its worldwide Supercharger network. One Reddit user recently noted that there are currently three new stations underway in Texas, and permits for another three. A Tesla owner out of Albany, NY responded, saying that he’s seen 8 new stations within 200 miles, just this year (Reddit thread on the subject here).

Further to that, Iowa-based grocery chain, Hy-Vee, recently partnered with Tesla to add up to 16 stations in the Midwest (8 in Iowa are already completed). QuickChek – 2016 Convenience Store Chain of the Year – has added a station in New York, with plans to add more if the station is successful.


Lucky Sevens!

While this is all positive information for Tesla owners, the more recent expansion shows even more promise.

The company is boasting a new record, with 7 new Tesla Supercharger stations implemented in 7 cities around the world in 7 days time. Lucky sevens no doubt. Another Reddit poster joked that the stations should all have 7 chargers each.

It wouldn’t come as a huge surprise if Tesla was utilizing all of its resources/deployment teams in one area, and completed 7 stations in California or New York, in a week’s time. But the fact that it’s happening simultaneously across the globe is quite impressive.

At the end of this month, Tesla EVs will no longer come with full unlimited Supercharger access. So, if you want to be a part of the “exclusive crowd”, you need to order a Tesla right now.

After the new year, Tesla Model S and X owners will get 400 kWh for free (about 1,000 miles) per year, and then will have to pay for additional usage. However, Tesla assures that the cost will be fair, and still cheaper than gas. Tesla promised that the company has no intention to profit from charging for Supercharger access. How the system will work has not been explained, but Tesla promises to do so, prior to the close of the year.

You can visit the lucky sevens Twitter thread by clicking below:

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There was a new Supercharger location that just opened up here in South Carolina last month and there is another under construction right now. Even in places that are not heavily populated are getting coverage.

SC resident as well, Greenville here.

I know that Columbia, SC opened recently.
Another under construction?

supercharge.info has Myrtle Beach, SC as an identified location but not under construction. If you know about a location in SC under construction, please send the information to supercharge.info. Contact information is in the site’s About tab.

Myrtle Beach & Charleston in SC and Boone & Wilmington in NC would be about all that’s left to completely cover the NC/SC area. I’m impressed that Tesla put in two different supercharger locations to cover the two main routes to NC beaches.

Getting ready for the flood of Model ≡.

What if you buy a used (2016 or earlier) S or X next year or later? Does the unlimited supercharging follow the car or only apply to the original owner?

If it’s a CPO, then no. You can get the unlimited supercharger by buying it from a private party.

Nobody knows yet. The general consensus is that Supercharging stays with the car, not with the person.

Impressive, but there’s no way they are going to hit their 2016 map predictions. (I wish they would update this. For a ‘silicon valley’ company, they sure are slow w/their website)


Yeah I really don’t get it… It is really strange that they don’t try to get that page more interesting…

Lack of service center rollout is more troubling. When Tesla starts building more service center, then the roll out of model 3 is getting closer.

A service center just opened in Jacksonville Florida two days ago

Tesla announced last summer that they had launched a new program to build out more service centers. They are on the way too.


If they don’t update it before January, it will look even more silly than it looks now.

I don’t think they have updated that map in at least a year. There are many stations that are open now or are being built that are not even on that map.

There’s also a station in VT that is present “today” but disappears on the “2016” view. That seems weird, though maybe it is accurate and being decommissioned soon…

It’s like they update the current map once in a while, but they never update the projected map.

I find https://supercharge.info/ much more useful though.

I second that on supercharge.info. Even they don’t catch all the new ones though. The Columbia, South Carolina location that recently opened just appeared out of thin air one day. There is also one (supposedly) being built in Little Rock right now but nobody has been able to find it yet.

I hope eventually this becomes a major source of revenue for Tesla. It’s by making it an ongoing sustainable business, that will help the whole EV industry, to counter the oil industry.

We need higher charge rates. We need 450 kw charging!

Tesla has stated that their service and charging will not be used to generate revenue. The goal will be for each to be as revenue neutral as possible.

You could say these stations are responsible for a good percentage of overall vehicle sales.

The freedom to drive across the country is a powerful selling point.

That was one of the large factors in be buying my Model S.

Nick said:

“You could say these stations are responsible for a good percentage of overall vehicle sales.”

Yes, but that doesn’t mean Superchargers make a profit for Tesla.

I’ve seen arguments by Tesla “long” investors that the network does actually make a slight profit for Tesla, but I think that’s a rather thin argument. More likely, the Supercharger network is either profit neutral* or else what is called in retail sales a “loss leader”.

But even if it’s a loss leader, it’s still good for Tesla, because it’s more than worth the price in increased sales.

*if the supposed $2000 lifetime charge for using Superchargers, now described as “baked into” the price of a new Tesla car rather than a separate option, is considered real income rather than merely a useful accounting fiction

Nice. But more importantly, they are finally starting to crack down on people abusing the Superchargers by doing things like leaving the car there for hours or charging at Supercharger despite being close to home.

I felt guilty for leaving mine plugged in for 10 minuets after it was done once….

I think that makes you a pretty weak contender for the EV Charging Hall of Shame. 😉

Yup. I anticipated buying my Model X over a year ago. I watched the map as SC stations in NY (Utica, Binghamton, Buffalo, Syracuse) opened up. As time got closer to actual purchase and pick up in June, I noted that my last necessary SC arrived in Harrisburg, PA just before I needed it for the trip between my NY and FL homes. But these were all SCs that took me through DC, which I don’t like. With the Columbia, SC station that opened up just several weeks ago, my alternate route was completed. There is a third route available to me…which highlights the dearth of stations in WV- almost completely barren. What’s up with that?? Does every Tesla owner bypass WV??

West Virginia, with its rather low average income (#49 out of 50 States) and a State economy largely dependent on the coal industry, has the lowest per-capita rate of Tesla car ownership of any State in the Union.

Not a lot of love for Tesla in coal country!

I lived in WV for seven months in 1978/9. I had moved there from NY. It felt like I left civilization. From schools to public services, everything was behind. The population’s answer to EVERY complaint- “You think it’s bad now, you should have seen it ten years ago.” I guess WV is a constantly moving from behind target. So, given that perspective, I guess we have ten years until we see SC coverage in WV…and Wheeling doesn’t count in that tiny sliver that is almost in other states.

But then again, SC coverage is about those of us passing THROUGH to somewhere else. Here is to hoping for a SC in Beckley- at the convergence of I 77, I 64 and US 19. US 19 has a ton of federal money poured into it, turning it nearly into an Interstate. It is the home of the New River Gorge Bridge- for many years, the WORLD’s longest single span arch bridge.

In defense of West Virginia, I will say that we took a drive along a scenic highway in the State a few years back, and it was lovely.

Soon nobody can complain about the lack of charging infrastructure.
CCS and Chademo infrastructure is also getting stronger. The car makers will never agree on a charging standard though. That is the job of governments.

Superchargers are one of the best moves Tesla has ever made. You get longer distance travel, the car company IS the energy company and they are great 3D advertisement.

For a low uptake place like Australia, it seems strange to get 6-8 Tesla charge stations in Wendouree, Victoria, Australia. More power to Tesla if they can justify this, and if it is an indication of what they are doing across Australia, then it will be a no brainer to purchase a Tesla for my next EV, given the real lack of infrastructure for J1772,CCS or Chademo.