Tesla Suburban Supercharger Revealed … Sort Of

Tesla Suburban Supercharger


What will these Tesla owners come up with next? A Suburban Supercharger …

We definitely have to give Tesla owners kudos for their ingenuity. Not long ago, we shared DÆrik’s Tesla gallery model and homemade “look-alike” Supercharger in his garage. We’re saying “look-alike” just to be abundantly clear about the fact that it doesn’t work quite like a Tesla Supercharger, although it certainly charges his car.

Tesla Suburban Supercharger

It doubles as a concealed storage area!

Well, this Suburban Supercharger is much the same. It’s meant to resemble the Silicon Valley automaker’s new Urban Superchargers, however, it’s just a makeshift storage area for the charging cable mess, and whatever else one might fit in there. Unlike Erik’s monstrosity of a project, this seems a little more doable, and at the same time, it’s practical.

The owner/builder mentions Erik’s home Supercharger and even says he considered following suit. However, this more boxy, hollow design made more sense. His creation doesn’t look exactly like the sleek, curved Urban Supercharger, but it’s close enough. Plus, it’s of the suburban variety anyhow.

The Tesla-branded supply cabinet looks nice, serves a very specific purpose, and surely wouldn’t take a ton of time or cost a lot of money. He told Teslarati it only cost him about $100 for supplies, and it didn’t take much time to build (although he is a furniture builder). If you want to make one, he’ll gladly send you the plans, or he’s even offered to build it for you. He’s also going to make a video, which outlines the process.

Video Description via i1Tesla on YouTube:

I built this small supercharger cabinet to hide the wire and to look just like the urban supercharger that Tesla built in Boston and Chicago. Had room in the middle to house my cleaning products too. I love the look of this thing.

Source: Teslarati

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(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

Man these dudes have too much time on their hands…….lol

True. Because of all the money they made from Tesla.
The Tesla Tuber channels have really been big winners getting free cars, tons of swag, and Tesla loves them. They are getting the word out and they are motivated, dedicated, people who love Tesla back.

That is a very cool way to tidy up the charging cable. Love it.

We just got 16 real Urban MINI Super chargers in the Scottsdale Arizona Quarter shopping garage. So fast and handy right in the city.

They are still twice as fast as other DC Fast Chargers in the USA. (Many get 60-100 kW rates of energy) No one can catch Tesla.

It’s true. Every pronouncement of a new ev from other companies fall flat as Tesla just moves the goalposts, and the newly announced vehicle is already superseded.

In my view too, contrary to the repeated cry that others will catch them, Tesla moves further ahead, creating a greater distance between themselves and their lagging competitors.

Maybe he could turn this into a business? Perhaps he could leave enough room to fit a powerwall…

Oh I think these things are WAY COOL. Especially when they put a bulb in the thing to make the ‘RED TESLA’ glow.

I don’t care for it. It actually takes up more space now than it did before. However, his original install was pretty ugly. There are certainly much better ways to make a charging station look nicer.

David Murray it saves space… Not only does it keep the cord and ‘evse’ organized, it stores all his ‘car care spray bottles’ in a nice medicine cabinet type storage area.

Purests think this kind of thing is silly, but the guy spent a fortune on his car. Let him accessorize his garage if it makes him feel good.

He left a fair amount of space around the evse to prevent it from overheating, so, especially if he throttles down the current a bit, I don’t see any problem with it. Its plugging into a proper receptacle, with substantial pvc protected wiring….

I’m just one opinion, but I wouldn’t mind having that kind of thing in my garage, and that kind of thing would also look great in a showroom/gallery for electric cars.