Tesla Stores Getting Revamped To Display Powerwall


Typical Tesla store showroom (October 2016)

Typical Tesla store showroom (October 2016)

Tesla isn’t just an automaker these days.

Tesla now is so much more and, as such, the automaker says it has revamped “dozens” of its stores to better reflect the company as a whole.

Tesla Powerwall 2.0

Tesla Powerwall 2.0

As part of the makeover, select stores will be getting Powerwall home energy displays.

This isn’t a big change, but it does signal a shift from being purely automotive. We suspect that at some point in the future, Tesla stores will have Solar Roof displays too.

Automotive News adds:

“The Powerwall home battery stores solar energy for use at night and in cases of power grid failure. The batteries were added to stores in California, Hawaii, the U.K. and Australia, among other locations in North America and Europe. Tesla customers can order the battery in-store or online.”

“Tesla’s inclusion of energy products takes it further away from the traditional dealership model.”

Tesla showroom showing off the refreshed Model S and a Supercharging station demo (October 2016)

Tesla showroom showing off the refreshed Model S and a Supercharging station demo (October 2016)

In late October, Tesla upgraded its original Powerwall product to “Powerwall 2.0” (watch launch of PW 2.0 and Tesla’s Solar roof  here) that features a new 14 kWh capacity (technically 13.5 kWh usable), a 7 kW output rating, and also a Tesla made (at the Gigafactory) inverter.

The unit retails for $5,500.

Tesla Powerwall 2.0 Specs (updated)

Tesla Powerwall 2.0 Specs (updated)

Right now, only “dozens” of stores have Tesla Energy products on display, but Tesla says more locations will be revamped in the future to include Powerwall products.

Source: Automotive News

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Anyone think they should include an integrated charging station OPTION to the Powerwall? One less item to install…

Absolutely – and done it as DC to DC power transfer from the PowerWall to the car to eliminate a round trip conversion of DC to AC back to DC again.

Very surprised that they didn’t do this yet, however the PowerWall 2 is still very much on my wish list with a reservation in for it. As it is already I direct consume a very significant portion of my solar power generation, the PowerWall 2 would put me at 100% direct consumption for about 9 months out of the year, the remaining would have a few days where the panels are covered by snow and drawing a bit of power from the grid.

Limon, thank you for your efforts and success in helping our planet! I hope you have a happy and prosperous life.
I agree on the direct DC charging solution. I’m curious how much more efficient this would be. If anyone can link to any info on this, it would be greatly appreciated.

Not until they have whole-house batteries.

Surely there will also be Solar Roof displays pretty soon?

..and once the car stores are transformed to sustainable energy stores that also happen to have cars in them as an integral part of sustainable energy solutions will Tesla have a way around the mandatory use of franchise dealerships in some states?

Lets hope so. Maybe a solar store with a secret back room for the cars.

Analysts were saying Musk was letting personal feelings get in the way of business on the solar city buyout but I’m sure this was the plan all along.

Once they have a compelling set of integrated energy products including the electric vehicle it will be difficult for the law to claim they have to sell their power products through a third-party auto franchise.

Forget the Powerwall . . . set up SolarCity displays in every Tesla store!

Most people get no economic benefit from a powerwall due the high cost and little benefit. But solar PV provides people with clean electricity.

Grid-tied with battery back up is crucial. Living off grid most of year in the city is is a worthwhile adventure, as well as sending surplus energy back into the grid.
And it’s downright fun to find out the power was off for 4 hours in your neighborhood by reading about the next day.

You forgot to give the President elect time to screw up the price of gas and start the next great depression because of gifts from the tax payers to the corporations who like him. Living off the grid may make more sense than that soon. Living out of the country might make more sense soon.

Please note on the Powerwall spec sheet that ~264lbs = 120kg.

Good catch on the math Marc! (should note that was a Tesla-produced spec sheet…not us, lol)

Updated/new sheet with proper conversion now up…the lbs were the accurate metric, so it is 120 kg.

GO TESLA GO…now we can see why the franchise dealership model will not work for Tesla Energy products.