Tesla Stock Zips Past $170 as Market Cap Shoots Over $20 Billion


Over $20 Billion!!!

Over $20 Billion!!!

The day has finally come when we can say that Tesla Motors has a market capitalization of over $20 billion.

Model S Delivery Celebrations in Europe Leads to Rise in Stock Value

Model S Delivery Celebrations in Europe Leads to Rise in Stock Value?

Yes, that’s right.  One of the world’s smallest automakers is basically valued at over $20 billion.

With that kind of money to work with, it wouldn’t surprise us if Tesla makes one more bold move soon.

As for share values, TSLA has hovered around $170 for most of the day.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has been largely responsible for keeping investors interested in Tesla Motors.  Musk keeps under promising and then overachieving.  For example, Tesla says it’ll deliver 21,000 Model S sedans this year.  We’re certain it’ll end up being higher than that when 2013 comes to an end.

Alan Baum, auto analyst at Baum & Associates, is quoting by Automotive News as saying:

“Tesla’s the Apple of automotive — it’s managed to cross the automotive and technology fields to become this hot commodity.  Justified or not, the expectations for this company are now very high.”

At $20 billion, where does Tesla stand in the grand scheme of things?  Well, as Automotive News points out:

“General Motors Co., the biggest U.S. automaker by sales, has a $49 billion market capitalization. Ford’s market value of $65 billion is the largest among U.S.-based carmakers.”

Source: Automotive News

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I guess I can’t complain at the profit I made, but I am still kicking myself for selling this stock! 🙂

I’m kicking myself for not buying enough… lol



Clarkson, you won’t be kicking yourself when the fluff gets kicked out of this stock. In fact, you’ll be considering yourself a genius!

I wouldn’t have thought it would get this high. But I am glad they have all this money to work with. That pretty much means they definitely have the capital to roll out the supercharging stations and bring the 3rd generation car to market. As a result, every other car manufacturer has to follow in their footsteps whether they like it or not.

The valuation of Tesla on per unit of production is insane. Simply no reasonable justification for it. [disclosure I am NOT shorting Tesla stock, or have any investment in Tesla or another car company]

CA dealers report says S sold 1097 in CA alone in June.


The monthly estimates for S needs to be revisited- it now says 1050 for entire US (or NA).

Indeedie. (although odd the CA dealers peg Tesla’s numbers like that)

Our estimate was actually about 200 units light for the 3 month period. Tesla estimated 4,500 for April-June, we pegged them at 4,950 – well above their guidance…but Tesla still ended up at 5,510 for the quarter when they announced the figure in August.

We added on those extra units earlier in the quarter (just so that the number was 100% accurate overall for the 3 months), looks like we should move them to the back end of the quarter now.

Thanks evnow – will adjust the breakdown now to paint a more accurate monthly picture, (=

I’m a huge fan of Tesla. But that’s just bubble crazy.

Tesla is now being treated like a dot com….the good thing is though even when their stock drops, they’ll be in good financial shape due to a low debt load.