Tesla Stock Hits $206 One Day Before 2013 Earnings Call



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Tomorrow, Tesla Motors will hold its highly anticipated 2013 earnings call (look for our in-depth coverage to appear in the EST afternoon hours immediately following Tesla’s announcement), but ahead of that call, Tesla stock broke past one more milestone.

Tesla Stock Goes Above $205

Tesla Stock Goes Above $205

Today, TSLA briefly hit $206 per share  A record-setting $206, that is.

After opening at $205.24, TSLA has held relatively steady throughout the day, topping $206 and closing out at 203.70 – up $5.47 or 2.76%

Tomorrow’s announcement will surely impact Tesla’s stock price, but the question is, will TSLA go up or down?  Many feel most of the good news has already been priced into the stock given its recent run-up to all time highs – but with Tesla, you never know quite for sure.




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A: It will do both. 😉

I agree. It is a volatile stock, much like most newly IPO’s stocks are while they are still releasing new product lines. As a volatile stock, I would expect the price to continue to be volatile. It might be down for a week, then up after another week. Or month, or year…

The only thing that is for certain, is that the price won’t remain exactly the same as it is now.

The only way for it to go up from here is if Tesla beats Wall Street estimates by a lot. Having followed Apple for so long, its hard to get the stock to go up a lot on earnings, but its easy to have it go down.

And considering how open Tesla is about sharing information (infinitely more than Apple), a lot of information regarding the timing of their future earnings (e.g. mass production of Model X in April 2015), a lot of that information is priced into the stock already. At this point I’m just waiting for the Gigafactory announcement.

This earnings call will probably be just as controversial as previous ones. I predict that the non-GAAP accounting will again show profits when excluding one-time charges like market expansion costs, and lease related income shifting. It is unlikely that the GAAP numbers will show a profitable quarter, just due to how the timing of booking of profits are handled with Tesla’s “lease”/guaranteed buyback program

Unfortunately, very few folks who have an axe to grind against Tesla will understand that neither the GAAP nor the non-GAAP numbers are the “real” or “correct” numbers. They both are what they both are — different ways of measuring different factors. Both are valid numbers for what they both validly measure.

When folks inevitably say one number or the other isn’t valid, hopefully all of us will be more financially savoy than that, and realize that both numbers are valid, and both are real and correct measures of what they each measure.

Will the share price ever be split? If so, when? Looking forward to my 3 shares turning into 6. lol..


Buy the rumor, sell the news.