Tesla Stock Shoots Past $200


Passing $200, Even If Just For A Little While

Passing $200, Even If Just For A Little While

We foreshadowed this event yesterday and now today it’s become reality.

Tesla Stock Goes Above $200

Tesla Stock Goes Above $200

Tesla Motors stock (very) briefly topped $200 earlier today, hitting an all-time high of $202.20.

TSLA has since fallen off a bit, but that magic $200 number was achieved.  (Check out a real-time quote here)

Congrats to Tesla on surpassing yet another milestone.

When will $300 be exceeded?  Or will it not be?


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Yes it will reach 300’s once the batteries giga-factory plans get started.

It could get knocked down $60 to $80 dollars if Nissan tells everyone they are going to double the range of the leaf to a 150 miles next year which could harm Tesla a great deal in that they already have the mass produced car on the ground and waiting for the extra range.

I don’t think is the case is like if reducing the price of Nissan Sentra will hurt the sales of Mercedes S class. Totally different league. If Leaf go up to 150 miles way more people will replace the ICEs and buy a Leaf. I don’t see a person choosing between Leaf and Tesla, totally different league.

Time for some profit taking before Tesla reports earnings on Monday, Feb. 17.