Tesla Stock Hits New High as Price Target Jumps to $200; Market Cap Now Nearing $22 Billion


Will the Surge Ever End?

Will the Surge Ever End?

On word that the target price for Tesla stock is now solidly at $200, TSLA shot up again today.

Deutsche Bank modified its price target for Tesla from $160 to $200.  Deutsche Bank says it increased its price target on Tesla because it expects the automaker to beat gross margins on its next quarterly report.

After opening at $170.80, TSLA stock prices hovered around $179 for most of the day, but hit an all-time high of $179.69 just prior to this article being published.

Tesla’s market cap is now approaching an astronomical $22 billion.

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Damn.. I was really thinking about buying some Tesla stock when it was at $30 per share. I could kick myself now.

Just be happy that if the pricing’s accurate Tesla will help make the world better.


Built into the share price is Tesla having success with Gen 3.

Successful Gen 3 means an affordable long range BEV selling at volume.

Selling at volume means lots of BEVs on the road, sales well past the end of US tax credits and lots more motor, inverter, cell and battery production, which should help lower the cost of electrification overall.

Lots of BEVs selling means lower petroleum consumption for transportation, less pollution, less noise, more livable cities, and a better more economical electricity grid (due to the increase in nighttime demand).

I think the world will be a much better and wealthier place if Tesla is successful.

Yup. Tesla will have to reach a volume of around 300,000 cars per year to justify this price.

+1, you are not alone… maybe it will decrease a little between now and Model X introduction. Nissan selling ZEV-Credits too could also hurt Q3 (maybe Q4) result.

The amount of money invested in the Tesla stock last October that would allow one to buy a Tesla car presently stands at…$12,000.

Is that before or after taxes?

Is there something crazier than Gary Busey valuation of a company?

Tesla is great but that market cap is just plain crazy. I think a lot of the buyers must just be buying the stock to feel good about supporting Tesla.

The question is how long can this go before that big hungry Bear breaks though Tesla’s defenses and smashes up the joint http://oceanrailroader.deviantart.com/art/Can-Tesla-Keep-Out-the-Bear-397660466

Ocean Railroader, I think I know what you are saying there on your OR page but that is some of the worst grammar I have ever read.

I had my $5K deposit returned in Feb. after the NYT/Broder report, but only because I wanted to see if battery technology improved (graphene?). I still believed in the company and put that $5K and another $6.4K (total $11.4K) to get 300 shares of Tesla @ $37.98/sh. Now, that $11.4K is worth $63K!!! That’s enough to buy a base 60 KW model with the Federal Tax Credit! Elon Musk is going to buy me a free Tesla Model S. I KNEW I loved this company!

I’m going to wait a few more months to see if I can get a free P85 edition! It’s going to be winter soon anyway, and I won’t want to drive it in the snow. Who knows…if I wait long enough, maybe Elon will buy me two! Woohoo!!!

I’ve seen 400+% and can’t exactly buy one with it, but at more than half the price, its funny what it does to thoughts of buying one.

I could see it getting gut punched for a third of its current price, but would see that as a buying opporutunity, so long as nothing else changes.

ZEVs add a curious dynamic. I see no shame in their being worth something, unlike scores of others. But, at 58mm in Q2, on 5,000 cars, that suggests $11,600 per car which I’d say seems high. Anyone know are ZEVs priced by battery storage quantity, or per zero emission vehicle?

Increased its price target, as it is expected to Tesla Motors beat its next quarterly report gross margin.