Tesla Stock Hits All-Time Record High


TSLA Hits All-Time High of $199.30

TSLA Hits All-Time High of $199.30

Today, Tesla stock soared to a record high of $199.30.



IT is widely expected of course that TSLA will rocket past $200 for the first time ever before the end of this week.

From open to the closing bell today, Tesla stock increased by nearly $10 (4 cents shy of 10 bucks, to be exact).

What’s this mean for Tesla Motors?  For starters, those Model S fires that tanked the stock price now seem to be so far back in the past that they’re forgotten.

More importantly, Tesla’s market cap is once again nearing $25 billion.  We think the value of the company could (and will be) used by Tesla in the future to finish development of Gen III and get it to market.

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You would think with all this money they have from their stock that they would speed up development and production of the model S and the Generation 3 vs putting it off and off into the future. In that if they keep putting it off and off that big old stock market bear is going to come and raid the Tesla Beehive and eat all their honey.

Tesla doesn’t make a single penny when their stocks go up in price. They made their money on TSLA shares when each share was first sold, for whatever price each share sold for.

What the shares sell for after that is all 100% profit for the investor(s) who held them after Tesla originally sold them.

If you are referring to the cash they got from selling stocks, half of that was spent immediately to repay their DOE loan. So there isn’t as much left as some might think.

No, he’s referring to the act that when sock is sold on an exchange the company makes no money from it. The transaction is between third parties.

If they made a secondary offering to the public, then they would make money. I wouldn’t be surprised to see that.

sorry, Nix, replied to the wrong post. you are,of course, correct. It’s surprising how many people don’t understand stock market basics.

As much as I make fun about how it’s going to go crashing like a roller coaster I still wish I should have bought some during the main opening for $30 to $40 or even in the first month in that I would have done it to show my support. Also I could have had some good money. But the way you guys talked about the Tesla shares now it makes me even more worried about it’s unstable price being moved around by third parties.

Tesla was still in the 30s at the end of 2012 a full two years after its IPO ~$19. The stock didn’t explode until after Model S had been in production almost 9 months.

The factors behind this are a little difficult to explain if you are not experienced in investing. Google “Tesla Short Squeeze” and you should get some explination.

Please teach me oh stock guru. When a company goes public are they required to sell “ALL” their stock to the public? If not, do you know how many stocks Tesla kept if any?


IIRC, Tesla has about 25 million shares, with about 15 million traded in circulation. Part of that 15 million is Musk’s personal shares of about 8 million.

So in reality only about 7 million shares are being freely traded. That and the massive short selling combine to give TSLA its wild volitility.

I bet they are using some of that money to create the supercharger infrastructure. But, yeah. I wish they’d accelerate their plans on Gen 3. I suspect there are other things holding them back, though. I bet they haven’t found the right battery to use yet.

To use the money for blue star would dilute the shares, before battery costs had dropped enough to make blue star profitable. Tesla seems to be managing this very well. There need to be lower costs and more battery capacity before blue star can be launched profitably. I doubt tesla even has firm plans on whether to buy the batteries or make them in its own factory or joint venture.

I’m pretty sure the plan is to build a Giga Battery Factory in New Mexico before building the Model E.



They are playing this masterfully. They basically spend all of their current gross profit from Model S sales to develop Model X, expand production, expand retail, and expand SuperChargers.

Once Model X is built and infrastructure buildout slows, all gross profit (from both models) will go into developing Model E. What remains to be seen is how the “Giga factory” will be financed. If Tesla has to put up significant cash for it, they may have to dip into their stock piggy bank and do another secondary offering.

well deserved

Time for some profit taking. What goes up does come down.