Tesla Stock Gets “Sell” Rating and “Outperform”


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Even the professional analysts don’t seem to have a clue as to what to make of Tesla’s stock valuation.

TSLA Stock at Over $180...Should You "Sell" or Hold Onto This "Outperform" ing Stock?

TSLA Stock at Over $180…Should You “Sell” or Hold Onto This “Outperform” ing Stock?

Standard & Poor’s just gave Tesla stock a “sell” rating, saying that its current stock price is too high.

S&P analyst, Efraim Levy, stated:

“We are positive on Tesla’s fundamental growth story, but are concerned by its valuation.”

“We believe there is execution risk for Tesla as well as opportunity. We expect these volatile shares to be impacted by news flow and investor sentiment shifts.”

Meanwhile, Wedbush Securities analyst Craig Irwin raised his Tesla rating for “neutral” to “outperform.

Furthermore, Irwin raised his target price from $180 to $240.

But Standard & Poor’s target price is only $150.

Tesla’s future outlook lies on Gen III (aka Model E).  Some analysts see Gen III selling in such high volumes that TSLA will skyrocket.  Other aren’t as optimistic.

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Maybe the “Sell” and “Outperform” ratings are due to the raters’ view of the latest episode of “South Park” featuring a “model S” !!!

There was an Oregon equity analyst, who put TSLA at $200 the same week Goldman came out with a $50-80 worst case scenario, or there abouts. The i-banks, with prospects in fossil fuels, can be argued to have impaired judgement. S&P? Well, one doesn’t know how they back their upgrades, or downgrades, up because it is practically their M.O. to do them before making the research available (Um, even to clients). My guess is this piece won’t reveal anything about batteries.

I’m in line to get a GEN III vehicle. Already own a LEAF. I want something faster with more batteries and ability to do cross country travel while leaving my wallet home (due to SuperChargers). Nothing compares to TESLA. After having my Leaf I can’t even drive regular GAS cars. They all seem antiquated, slow, nervous with the rattling and vibrations, gas drama queens asking to go once a week to a gas station. All other cars have left any part of my mindspace. There is only one name for my next car and it is TESLA, TESLA, TESLA!!! – funny thing, my tesla shares will pay for this new car as soon as it comes out., Maybe even 2.

“We expect these volatile shares to be impacted by news flow and investor sentiment shifts.”
As opposed to all other stocks.. :/

Today was the first time in my life that I saw a Tesla Model S in person it was a black model parked next to me in a public parking lot. It was cool in that it was almost as big as a Impala and I would say it is fairly large compared to the Nissan Leaf and I would defiantly want to own one now that I see that it’s a real electric car that has tons of room and range. The Black Model S also broke another record for me today in that it was the first true 100% pure EV that I saw that was owned by a citizen and not a government or car dealership and it was was driving around town under it’s own power.

If they can find away to make a version of the model S for $25,000 or $30,000 I would go running to get inline to get one in that the Tesla really is a nice looking car that doesn’t look weird or is tiny shoe box on wheels.