Tesla Spokesman Simon Sproule: Tesla Model S Has No Competitors


BMW i8

BMW i8

“Germany’s premium automakers feel Tesla’s rise more keenly because they’re expected to be the biggest innovators.  Tesla will be able to win over people who’d normally buy a BMW. Even in Germany, people are lining up to test drive [Model S].”

States Juergen Pieper, a Frankfurt-based analyst at Bankhaus Metzler, in a recent Bloomberg article.

The article’s focus is on whether or not either the BMW i3 or BMW i8 present competition to the Tesla Model S in Germany.  The answer, according to Tesla spokesperson Simon Sproule, is simple:

“For buyers looking for an all-electric premium sedan that seats up to seven, there is a choice of one — the Model S.  For buyers still wanting to put gas in a tank, the choices have never been broader.”

In terms of sales, analyst at IHS Automotive predict that global sales of the BMW i3 and i8 will combine for 23,000 units in 2014, compared to 31,200 for the Tesla Model S.  So, even with two plug-in models and thousands of dealerships around the globe, the prediction is that Tesla will still come out on top in terms of sales with just 1 model and one hundred or so stores.

Source: Bloomberg

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8 Comments on "Tesla Spokesman Simon Sproule: Tesla Model S Has No Competitors"

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31,200 sales for Model S???
Isn’t Tesla expecting to sell 35,000-36,000 this year?
Any recent change?
I think they spoke of sales, not production. Wasn’t it?

Goes to show you how much pessimism surrounds Tesla from industry analysis and Wall Street.

Exactly. Had better be above 35,000, or else the stock will take a bath. The guidance is for there to be over 35,000 deliveries. I think most people on Wall Street are expecting somewhere in the 36,000 – 39,000 range.

Kinda takes some of the bravado out of the phrase, “The Ultimate Driving Machine”, doesn’t it?

It kinda wears “There’s no substitute” well, too.

I would have phrased it somewhat differently than Mr.Sproule: for buyers that are looking for a long range BEV supported by systematically rolled out free to use fastcharge infrastructure there is a choice of just one.

In the American context a sales person could point out that there is many ways to get from A to B but only one to get from coast to coast for free.

The i3 is a competitor only in that it is an electric car and made by a premium car company. But the cars are very different and in different price ranges too. The i8 looks nice, but isn’t a serious EV. So again, not really a direct competitor although there may be some cross shopping.

The closest thing Tesla will have to a direct competitor will be when their Gen-3 comes out. It’s direct competitors will likely be the Gen-2 Volt and Gen-2 Leaf. The i3 may also be a competitor. But I see no direct competitor on the way for Model S or Model X.

The closest thing the Model S has to a direct competitor at the moment is the Panamera S E-Hybrid, and that’s only if you use a loose definition.