Deliveries Now Officially Underway For Tesla Model S In South Korea

JUN 22 2017 BY MARK KANE 4

Tesla Model S

As of  Tuesday, deliveries of the Tesla Model S are now officially underway in South Korea.  Sales kicked off with the availability of the 90D version (of which was recently discontinued on June 8th).

Other versions (and the hopefully Tesla Model X) to be offered in the near future – the Model S 75D and 100D to arrive from late July.

Tesla Model S

The first two Tesla stores in the country were opened couple months ago (see video relation by Bjorn Nyland) in the Seoul area.

Tesla has also launched several Supercharging stations (14 to be available by the end of this year) and some 35 destination chargers (with 20 more to be installed by the end of this month).

Despite the company’s efforts, Tesla has not managed to catch on to state subsidies for green cars, failing to meet local requirements.

Pricing varies from 121 million won (around $106,000) to 161 million won (around $141,000).

source: The Korea Herald

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Well that’s good news for Tesla apparently they already have quite a few orders to fill. Also Shanghai an Tesla signed a deal to explore production. I wonder if China will then allow Tesla to sell in China while the exploration of a plant in China continues and while the manufacturing facility gets built. I would think so but I wonder what others think.

Tesla is allowed to sell in China now. So what is your question?

They will of course not be excepted for the import tax as long as a vehicles is imported. They are building the factory to avoid the import tax (and of course to grow in China) when finished.

I thought China is making a rule that all EV’s sold in the country must be manufacturer in the country and have a 50% China partner

No. But there is an 25% import tax. If you want to avoid the tax you have to manufacture the vehicle in China.

If you want to manufacture cars in China, then you have to do it in a joint venture with a chinese car manufacturer.

So there is no problem for Tesla to sell in China now. And for the S/X those 25% make little difference but for the Model 3 local manufacturing would make sense.