Tesla Reportedly Sold Over 1,000 Model 3 Performance In Past 2 Weeks

SEP 22 2018 BY MARK KANE 14

Tesla Model 3 Performance remains hot.

Around four months after opening the orders book for the Performance version of the , Tesla still receives a lot of orders for the top-of-the-line version, which is vital to making the company profitable.

According to Electrek’s sources, in the past two weeks, Tesla sold 1,124 Model 3 Performance cars. In August, the ratio of all-wheel drive versions (Long Range and Long Range Performance) was 50% of the total order volume.

The cause of the most recent high demand boost for the Performance versions could have been the ending promotion of free unlimited Supercharger access through the referral program.

1,124 Model 3 Performance translates to no less than $72 million in cash (at $64,000 starting MSRP), without options.

Of course, this figure pales in comparison to the 7,000 Model 3s expected in 7 days in the San Francisco Bay Are alone, but it all adds up to more Teslas on the roads.

Source: Electrek

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God bless you, Tesla Model 3 performance buyers! You are getting an awesome fun product and helping finance the EV revolution. Enjoy your cars safely!

Performance versions average price has got be well over $70000, just adding autopilot alone is over 70k including delivery charge. Most people I know spent close to $80000 for Model 3 performance.

Ten percent of Model 3 production over those two weeks? I would have expected a higher number, given three years of pent up demand.

Expect Tesla to happily take everyone’s money, but only deliver cars to Californians until the quarter is over. They seem to be focused entirely on the quick delivery at the moment.


Performance variant orders have been estimated to be ~10% of all Model 3 orders ever since Performance became available.

“…only deliver cars to Californians until the quarter is over.”

Well, given that the end of the quarter is now only 8 days away, I think it’s safe to say that Tesla is concentrating on deliveries to customers nearest to the Fremont assembly plant.

But your claim is still rather far removed from reality. I’m sure there are at least hundreds, if not thousands, of Model 3’s already in the delivery “pipeline” which will be delivered to delighted customers in States other than California over the coming 8 days!

We know this is going to be a blow-out quarter for Tesla deliveries. The question is just how big that blow-out is gonna be!

Go Tesla! Keep going Tesla!

I live in the midwest, and I’ve seen 3 Model 3s in my area in the last month or so. So they’re not just going to California!

Yet another leak from Tesla in advance of the quarterly numbers. This would signal a numbers miss, but the stock will likely soar anyway.

If all you care is the stock then why the hell are you wasting your time here and not on SA?

Just picked up mine today!!

In Canada with the 30%+ exchange rate a M3 performance is pretty much unobtanium to the average Canadian or in plain speak not the 1% of us. Hell even the a black base M3 when they come around will be $46,000.

The exchange rate is irrelevant, as it applies to every car (and very other product) equally. The Performance Model 3 is obviously expensive — but I have a hard time believing the the percentage of people who could afford it is smaller than in the US…

Probably somewhat smaller. The income distribution is less skewed toward the top in Canada and they pay a lot of taxes so everyone can have good health car, education, and basic needs met. Result: lower after tax income for things like premium cars, lower infant mortality and longer lifespan than US. Also a lot fewer nut jobs, gun nuts and right wing idiots, religious zealots, etc. Less left wing idiots too (education). They DO like all wheel drive though.

Please start selling the normal Model 3 instead in Europe! We still waiting…..

Are you seriously asking them to stop delivering the highest-margin model, making up some 10% of production, in the hope that it would bring the cars to Europe sooner?…