Tesla Solar Roof Installations Behind Schedule?


JUL 1 2017 BY MARK KANE 12

Tesla Solar Roof

Tesla Solar Roof (Textured Glass shown/available now)

Tesla highly anticipated Solar Roof still awaits its first commercial installation as company confirmed that it did not start on June 30.

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Tesla opened orders for the solar product on May 10th (see details), and it was expected that Tesla will begin installations in June (the goal was tracked by Bloomberg), but that didn’t happen, and now there is no official specific date announced in its place.

Here is what Tesla’s US website says on installation timing today (July 1st, 2017):

Installations will start in June, beginning with California and rolling out to additional markets over time. When Solar Roof is rolled out in a particular market, Solar Roof customers will be installed based on when their order was placed. Installations performed by Tesla, Inc.’s wholly owned subsidiary SolarCity Corporation.”

Inverse, got in contact with Tesla on Wednesday (just before the deadline) to see if a Solar Roof was imminent:

“We do not have our first Solar Roof being installed on Friday,” a Tesla spokesperson told Inverse remarking on Bloomberg’s June 30th listing for the start of installs, “No, this is incorrect.”

Regardless of the missed deadline, the first solar roof installation should be ready anytime soon this summer.

source: Inverse

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Tesla behind schedule? What is the world coming to?

The date of the first installation doesn’t matter. The date of the 10,000th is important. I say 2020, if ever.

Ocean Railroader

I found a story they should look into at Inside EV’s it’s about charging station fees in Vancouver http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/vancouver-ev-charging-fees-1.4180752

Jay Cole

Hey OR,

We actually have a piece on that ready to go out…just a matter of finding an open slot, (=


Get SparkEV to write it. 😉

Ocean Railroader

In terms of the solar roof I expected something like it to take longer then they expected. But I wish Tesla would come clear with the price of it in that if I ever have to replace a garage or house roof I would deeply consider the Tesla roof if they could give me a clear cost pure foot or for a section of solar panels.

mik W.

Last I saw they were talking 22$ a square foot and only 1/3 of the roof has solar panels in it. Don’t have a link.


I’d be more surprised if they weren’t. Tesla typically optimistic on schedules and this is a very new product for them.

No reason to freak out.

Powerwall seemed to ship slowly and in small numbers, wasn’t a big deal. They just rolled right into Powerwall 2 without a hiccup.


I believe Doggydogworld is already freaking out. I’m thinking 2020 for first installs is a bit pessimistic.

John in AA

Shocked, I am shocked.


How many people have actually ordered Solar Roof? My roof is only 10 years old so I’m not in the market just yet…


They don’t lost the year in the statement so clearly they meant 2018…

Bill Howland
This was a topical discussion yesterday on Buffalo area financial shows. Apparently the Buffalo Billion program instituted by Andrew Cuomo (gov) had a major deal with Silevo, with the complaint being that it was quite secretive in its inception – commonplace in deals to not spill the beans on things like ‘trade secrets’ but here the “Top Hush” negotiations were on things like Corporate Responsibility and Guarantees. Ok you guys, don’t shoot the messenger here, I’m merely reporting what they said to add a bit of seasoning to this article. Apparently, there is a problem with the Silevo solar cells and they are either not practical or don’t work. In any case, when Solar City/Tesla took over Silevo a deal was made with Panasonic to actually make the Panasonic-designed and to be built cells. Litigation is ongoing with the Ciminnelli general contractor, who charged $800/sqft compared to $100-150/sqft which is typical for this type of facility. That is all well and good, but the Guarantees that were made concerning repayment of the state loans, and the number of employees to be hired do not apply AT ALL to Panasonic – who has (if these financial guys are to be believed)… Read more »