Tesla Solar Roof Event Set For This Friday At Universal Studios Los Angeles (update)

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Tesla Solar Roof Event Details

Tesla Solar Roof Event Details

On November 17th, shareholders for Tesla and SolarCity will vote to either approve or deny the merger of the two semi-related companies.

Ahead of that, Tesla/SolarCity are planning the big “solar roof” reveal. The timing of the reveal is not coincidental, according to industry analysts.

UPDATE:  Tesla has changed event time – the launch timing has been bumped up to 5:30 PM (PT)

Solar Roof A Combined Tesla / SolarCity Effort

Solar Roof A Combined Tesla / SolarCity Effort

That reveal will happen this Friday October 28 at Universal Studios in Los Angeles, California. The event will be livestreamed starting at 7PM Pacific Time or 10 PM Eastern Time.  Of course we will have the livestream here if one wants to check it out and live blog along with the presentation.

What should we expect to see this Friday? Well, according to Elon Musk:

“It’s not a thing on a roof. It is the roof.”

The “solar roof” will be pitched to homeowners in need of replacement roofs. It’s an entire system that incorporates a roof with the required weatherproofing attributes of a standard roof, along with the solar panels (no, they aren’t really panels anymore with this new setup) into one custom-made product.

Musk added:

“When somebody orders a car from Tesla, they’ll pick from a wide array of options. That car will be custom-made to their preferences. You really want the roof to be custom-made to the individual customer as a kit and then sent to the delivery team to get installed.”

Solar Roof Mockup From Forward Labs

Solar Roof Mockup From Forward Labs

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44 responses to "Tesla Solar Roof Event Set For This Friday At Universal Studios Los Angeles (update)"

  1. jelloslug says:

    This is what I want, a real solar roof.

  2. Kdawg says:

    “Solar freaking rooftops”

    1. AlphaEdge says:

      In the spirit of Telsa himself. It will be presented by Elon, with a giant size Tesla coil over his head, throwing out millions of volts through the air, and Elon proclaiming “Solar freaking rooftops”, with a huge evil laugh.

  3. Mister G says:

    Fossil fuel industry and electricity producers are soiling their pants. GO TESLA GO

  4. Mister G says:

    Change is here LOL

  5. mr. M says:

    imagine this on a skyscraper. With some light going trough.

  6. Pushmi-Pullyu says:

    “It’s not a thing on a roof. It is the roof.”

    That’s great if your roof happens to face the right direction. Not so great if it doesn’t.

    Seems to me there ought to be a better solution. Solyndra’s cylindrical cells, which supposedly could gather light from many different directions, was an interesting idea in theory. But from reports I’ve seen, apparently in practice it didn’t work any better than flat cells.

    1. ItsNotAboutTheMoney says:

      If your roof faces the wrong way you’re screwed anyway.

      But thinking forward every new house should be built with the roof sloped and facing optimially. And I’m sure that Tesla Energy wants this to be a product purchased for new builds.

    2. jim stack says:

      My roo faces West. I put the panels on the West roof but tilted up at 20 degrees facing South. I get the South and West power for max output. A 4 kW system runs my entire efficient 1600 sq ft home that is all electric, we drive only electric cars and have no other power. We make 110% of what we use each year. It’s been in since 2001.

      1. Aaron says:

        My roof is ideal for solar power. I’m waiting on the Tesla announcement to help me make my decision.

        That, and I have to fight the illegal rule in my HOA that says we can’t have solar panels on our homes. (Texas law states that HOAs can’t block solar panels on the roof.)

  7. lithium fire says:

    keep dreaming solay boys. 😀 😀

    u seeing beautiful dreams that never become true… lol :V

    all tesla products for rich guys…even solar panels

    only few can spend huge amount of money for lithium electric cars and fancy powerwall packs

    come to real life..down to earth

    😀 😀 : D 😀

    1. Kdawg says:

      Computers, cell phones, flat-screen TVs…. all started out expensive. We are only about 5 years into the era of the modern EV. Give it time.

      1. lithium fire says:


        c’mon man..its lithium…

        what is lithium… a fire bomb

        and charging time….imgine u in crazy hurry just taking ur wife to hospital

        what if ur car show u battery is low and need a 30 min charging


        tesl model a super beautiful and tec car but sadly its useless electric

        tesla model s better with ICE than expencive electric moter and crazy amoun of battery

        same story for solar…solar drama is over when sun is sleeping

        use ur commen sence

        1. Kdawg says:

          Did you just discover EVs and solar panels existed? Because you just repeated every misconception from 2006. Take some time this weekend to educate yourself. Lots of good resources out there.

          1. Anon says:

            Don’t worry KDawg. Troll can’t even spell, let alone use facts. 😀

            Sign me, “GASOLINE_FIRES!!!” XD

          2. Rick Danger says:

            C’mon, Kdawg “use ur commen sence.” 😀

        2. Bacardi says:

          Cookie Monster, is that you?

        3. Martin Winlow says:

          Oh, and your comments are as backward as your English.

        4. Aaron says:


          C’mon man, it’s gasoline! 180,000 vehicle fires every year in the US!

          And refueling… imagine all the stolen credit cards from skimmers installed on gas pumps, and people robbing others at the gas station!

          The Dodge Hellcat is a super beautiful car, but sadly it pollutes the environment we live in, causing climate change and many health problems. Pollution is the #4 killer worldwide!

          The Dodge Hellcat is better with electric motors rather than the 500+ parts of the ICE and all the reliability and maintenance problems.

          Same story for non-renewable sources of energy. Once we’re out, that’s it. If we don’t build up our infrastructure to use renewable sources of energy, we’re finished as a species.

          Use your common sense (and spell checker).

    2. MikeG says:

      Look who showed up, another anti-EV troll with poor English skills. Did Putin send you here to cause trouble?

      1. Anon says:

        Probably the now unemployeed Fisker SockPuppet, Re-hired by the Koch Bros. 😉

    3. DJ says:

      I got my Volt because overall the lease cost less than a comparably equipped car. Coupled with the ability to charge for free and it is even more affordable than an equivalent ICE 🙂

    4. Martin Winlow says:

      Have you *seen* the price of a 2 year old Nissan LEAF recently?

  8. jimijonjack says:

    Eventually with time and as history dictates , prices should fall , Just like the prices of cell phones have., with any Luck we’ll all be able to afford it in a few yrs to come..It is a Huge Transition ..

  9. Four Electrics says:

    I am becoming increasingly convinced that SolarCity will be unable to complete with renewable energy from conventional grids. Yes, you can install solar on your roof faster than a utility can finish a solar or wind mega project. In the long term, however, I don’t see why the grid cannot provide substantiality cheaper green power and storage. We’ve already seen a utility project in Nevada promise two cents per kWh by using solar combined with molten salt for storage. Try that at home.

    When your grid supples carbon free power better than you do, the only reason to have your own solar is for emergency preparedness and to generate your own hydrogen, such that you can refill your FCEV at home in only three minutes.

    1. ffbj says:

      Of course they own the legislatures which make anti-solar laws and charge you fees for the energy you create, ask for double digit increases when inflation is less than 2%.

      Only a small portion of your bill is the actual cost of the fuel used to produce it.
      Fuel prices NG, Coal, are down or flat, and yet your utility wants to charge you more in fees. It’s a big scam and they are running scared. Ask yourself this question, if the utilities are so unconcerned about their customers creating their own energy, then why are they fighting against it so hard?

      When you can write your own rules or influence/bribe the referees to see things your way of course you will win.

      1. jimijonjack says:

        This is so true!

  10. Carguy says:

    Ahh, but you miss the main point. The biggest cost of electricity on the grid is not generation but transmission and distribution. Solar with storage at home will be less than utilities pay for distribution/transmission. At that point home/business solar/storage will be a no brainer.

    1. jimijonjack says:

      Yes! All “BS”

  11. DJ says:

    It is admittedly hard to get excited about something that has already been around for years. A lot of the new homes around here already have this “solar roof”.

    It does look a lot nicer than panels bolted on I have to admit. Apart from a color difference when compared to the rest of the tiles you wouldn’t know they were there.

    I wonder if they have bumped up the efficiency or something.

    1. Kdawg says:

      I’m guessing this is not the same thing as whatever solar roofs you are seeing around you.

      1. DJ says:

        Ya because we all know Solar City is known for their innovative products 😆

          1. DJ says:


            1. Aaron says:

              Shush. The adults are talking.

    2. Sch says:

      The problem with solar roof is the working life of the solar cells. You will need to replace the solar cells after 20 years but you expect your roof to hold for 40 to 60 years. And the second thing is the orientation and angle of individual panels can be fine tuned to get more kwh s. In USA, these disadvantages might be less important than in Europe, so it might work better for you there. Actually solar is in USA much more interesting because of its latitude compared to Europe. New York city is on the same latitude as Rome, so you can get much more from the sun down there. And you are not expecting such longevity from your houses.

      1. David Murray says:

        I guess that depends on what you consider a “roof” Most people consider the shingles the roof. Those usually need replacing every 20 years or less.

        1. DJ says:

          Not out here on the southwest coast 🙂

      2. TimE says:

        Replace solar after 20 years??? Replace roof after 40 to 60 years???

        I think your stats are backwards!!! I have SunPower panels – they have a 20 year warranty and are estimated to still be producing 95% of their rated power at 20 years and will likely last 30 to 50 years.

        We have a new home built in 2014, new roof, solar panels were installed a month after we moved in. A hail storm hit our city hard 4 months ago – pretty much every roof in the area had to be replaced, including ours. Shingles were all pretty much trashed. My solar panels? Couldn’t tell anything happened to them at all – 0 damage.

        So, I would say shingles require replacing every 10 to 20 years, solar is good for 50 years assuming you don’t get nailed by baseball sized hail, and assuming you actually bought good panels.

        Can’t wait for Elon’s announcement tomorrow! He tweeted the time has been moved up to 5:30 pacific.

  12. Get Real says:

    SCH, solar cells keep working for 30 plus years with some degradation of output.

    Some cells have worked for almost 50 years so well designed cells will last as long as most roofs.

    In any case, these are certainly designed for potential replacement in case of failure, cracks, eventual replacement when necessary.

  13. none says:


    10 PM “Easter” time? Will Tesla have an Easter egg hunt at the event? Tesla does love their Easter eggs!

    Just wanted to point this out for you, but couldn’t resist on the rest 🙂

    1. Jay Cole says:

      Nice catch! Everyone loves Easter!

  14. SoILLBob says:

    Speaking for myself this is a very exciting time. Playing any small part in reducing reliance on fossil fuel is critical, not to mention time sensitive. Elon Musk seems to be legitimately devoted to moving this cause forward and I really wish that there were more wealthy individuals who had the motivation as well as the resources to do so. He certainly has my support.