Tesla Releases Photos Of Solar/Battery Project At Puerto Rico Hospital




A children’s hospital in Puerto Rico is one of Tesla’s primary focuses at this point.

Tesla Tweeted out the first photos of its ongoing solar and battery installations in Puerto Rico.

We reported just after the devastation caused by Hurrican Maria that Tesla was donating and sending Powerwalls to Puerto Rico, as well as dispatching workers from the company to help in the efforts. Later, CEO Elon Musk spoke about working with local officials to begin plans for long-term solutions for the island.

Apparently, Tesla is already underway in areas of Puerto Rico that need it most. The company shared the first photos of work at a children’s hospital in San Juan. It’s the first of many such projects that are now going live.

We haven’t heard anything further about Tesla’s proposal of a monumental solar/battery project to get the island off the grid and prepare for the future. Though Musk said that it’s surely doable, it will take a great deal of time and money to restore power to even a portion of Puerto Rico. In the meantime, focusing on smaller, more immediate projects like this children’s hospital, is surely a step in the right direction.

About 85 percent of the U.S. territory is still without power, and supplies are limited. It may be six months or more before the island begins to see notable progress.

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It is great that they are doing this, it will help save lives by restoring critical infrastructure. And it will help reduce their dependence on fossil fuels. May the whole island and someday the whole world run entirely on renewable energy.

P.S Anyone who is wondering, that may be the reason for Model 3 production issues, they have devoted a lot of resources and time to getting solar panels and batteries to PR, so that is why they have ~2200 Model 3’s which have not been delivered, they do not have the batteries yet.

It is not rational to believe that Tesla is delaying its Model 3 production for hurricane relief. Tesla has its “A” team working hard on that. Tesla isn’t going to shoot itself in the foot financially, as well as shooting its own reputation, for what amounts to a combination good will and good public relations (that other “PR” 🙂 ) project.

What is believable, and there is pretty good evidence it has happened, is that Tesla has some of its “B” teams pulled off other projects to work on Puerto Rico restoration. The delay of Tesla’s BEV semi tractor “reveal” seems to be rather strong evidence of that.

Oh C’mon, this is one of the rare times I agree with pushi – You mean to tell me they can’t release the model 3 because they have 1 parking lot of solar panels in PR? !!!!

Actually the big story in PR belongs to HONDA – their impressively reliable, yet very expensive emergency generators are powering 10% of the Island as of a few weeks ago, and I’m sure that number is sure to increase, as more become available, since if the alternative is nothing, the Honda’s are a godsend.

But you would think at least in the more remote locations, people and/or local companies would at least come up with a few solar panels per house so that people could at least have some juice to run a refrigerator for a fraction of the day.

Yes… a whole bunch of small-ish trailers with fold-out ‘wings’ covered with PV, an on-board inverter and 5kW of battery storage. Park ’em up where needed, open the wings and off you go.

And just where will Puerto Rico’s patients park their Teslas?

Sorry PJ. That was NOT funny.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

What a dumb statement.
Didn’t you read “a children’s hospital in San Juan”. Unless you had an even dumber assumption that the “children” drove there…..

Uh….children have parents/guardians/elder siblings, etc.

The average Puerto Rican lives well below the poverty line. Perhaps Pjwood1 didn’t intend it, but his comment comes across as a rather snide commentary on how poor the islanders are.

Was the first thing I noticed. You are a douche for not looking at the whole picture. Don’t. Need electricity if there can be no patients

That goes to my question, which was is this temporary? I assume it is, since they will presumably need the parking lot at some time in the future.

As tragic as the hurricane was, wise leadership would recognize this as an opportunity to build a more resilient, sustainable grid for PR. I think Musk gets it, the Fed govt no so much.

More on Musks solar array:


Good to see someone getting something done.

“That goes to my question, which was is this temporary? I assume it is, since they will presumably need the parking lot at some time in the future.”

Yes, that photo does fairly scream “Temporary installation!”

Sounds like one of those good news/bad news jokes: “The good news is that now the hospital has sufficient power to open up all the rooms for patients. The bad news is that we can’t possibly attract that many patients, because there’s almost no place for anybody to park.”

Of course they can “build” another parking lot in an adjacent space, but why not just put the solar panels in that space instead?

Call me crazy but parking is pretty low on the PR priority list right now. Plus nobody has a clue what the hospital’s complete parking situation is, even if anyone gave a crap about that at this moment.

“Plus nobody has a clue what the hospital’s complete parking situation is…”

When it comes to not having a clue, I think you’re speaking for yourself.

Generally speaking, the size of a parking lot is a pretty good indication of the number of cars expected to park there on the busiest days.

Now that’s not always true, but it certainly is a clue.

Tesla and other solar battery companies will build many micro grids eliminating the need for a central power source. Trump needs to get water and food and medicine. Build housing or relocate some to Mar A Lago.

Wait for it from the haters: “There goes Tesla, trying to capitalize and look good in the midst of a disaster”

You called it. See post from “md” below.

Some people just can’t resist being a jerk.

With all the storage containers apparently available it surprises me that a company like Winnebago doesn’t convert storage containers into homes. These would be hurricane proof and could have solar panels and batteries ready to be installed on a foundation. After power begins to be restored Winnebago could add capacity in PR and hire and train PR workers to build more homes from containers

I crewed aboard the tall ship Golden Hinde back in the 90’s and when the weather got too cold to sleep on the gun deck the owner of the ship bought a couple 8’x 8’x 40′ shipping containers and had his handyman turn one of them into a 3 bedroom mobile housing unit with a kitchen/dining area with room for 6 of us to live in it fairly comfortably and for all 10 of us to dine and hang out. The other one had 2 more bedrooms and a shower area.
It wasn’t bad, the handyman was pretty skillful and had the containers ready for us in just a couple weeks.
I also saw a hotel in Thailand that was built out of much fancier containers, and it looked pretty nice.
Prepare the shipping container/mobile living units in advance and deliver them via container ship and semi trucks.

Question 1 – Is the slight angle so that water/stuff rolls off?

Question 2 – How much would it take to raise those up so cars could park under them?

To answer your second question, it wouldn’t require much more than building footings and erecting steel that can support the panels.

I’m sure this will be done later when the immediate need for electrical power isn’t critical.

In SoCal, IE area most of the schools have solar. Every school i pass by going to work in Chino Hills area have them…similar structures to the ones in the photo.

The school gets solar power, the cars get to park in the shade. That’s what I call a win-win situation!

Angled for efficiency to equal the angle of the sun.

Also to wash so water runs off, easier to squeegee, as you suggest, and angled so that you get morning then afternoon sun with steady power, throughout the day.

It’s not matching the angle of the sun at all.

It’s an east/west setup with very low angle.
The small angle is just enough for rain water run off.

The setup trades panel efficiency for faster/cheaper construction time and maximizes production per area of land.

PR does not have the luxury of being able to spend weeks studying the exact sun and weather forecast, digging the foundations, building supports etc… for the more efficient angled (or tracked) panels.
They need that power fast and they only have a limited amount of space in the carpark.

This panel arrangement isn’t restricted to PR.
The massive solar farm in Cestas France uses the same arrangement.

A simple cheap small 100kW diesel generator a month earlier would have been much better in my opinion. Windproof, works with bio fuel, if renewable energy is really needed for an emergency power supply. Most solar modules got damaged when the last storm hit.

A 100kw diesel generator can provide power for between 5 to 33 homes. The largest solar farm on PR only suffered about 5% damage more than likely that solar farm has already been repaired. The solar panels on the ground may have the tracking mechanism installed. Diesel fuel needs to be imported and costs about double what it costs on the mainland. There’s also a giant fusion reactor in the sky that is very dependable on the e energy is free.

A 100kW generator does produce more power a day than these solar modules.
This is a hospital, which in my opinion needs 100% reliable energy supply. When there is a storm, there is not much sun. These batteries will be empty within 1-2 days. Any loss of power because of even a small amount of solar modules will be a problem, as a damage of a module might bring much more modules to shut down (a.e. short circuit or modules in series). In Germany every hospital has emergency generators, i do not understand why this is different in the US? Solar is a good power source, don’t get me wrong, just not for emergency power supply for hospitals.

It is when you run out of diesel, plus they have power-walls.

It’s designed and built for 24/7 power with solar panels and batteries


Can’t argue with your logic, however PR is apparently in enough of a bind that they need (in lieu of repaired electricity distribution) MORE Solar, and MORE generators. They just need more of everything right now, and this parking lot of solar panels is constructive.

But Honda’s products are powering the majority of the island at the moment, and will continue to do so.

Ben, when there’s a storm the output of the panels will be cut by 2/3 so you will still get 33%. The batteries should not run out if this project is sized correctly as bad storms don’t last more than a few days there.

Ben, who said the Hospitals, and this one, have no Generators? Fuel is the problem, between cost, and frequency of resupply, if replacing the Grid!

Even Caterpillar is Mixing Solar + Battery Energy Storage, to reduce Fuel Consumption!

“The largest solar farm on PR only suffered about 5% damage more than likely that solar farm has already been repaired.”

Thanks for pointing that out.

It’s at least misleading, if not downright FUD, to blame solar panels for an installation not using sufficiently robust frames to hold those panels.

As the proverb puts it: It’s a poor workman who blames his tools.

The next hurricane is going to rip those solar panels to shreds, even once they’re off the parking lot.

Someone needs to tell the folks here in South Florida that because they are approved for 180MPH wind speeds. I think your speaking from your lower region.

If Four Electrics says it, we can be sure it’s wrong.

be stolen and gone by next morning…

Yup. Happened in Haiti to with those solar powered street lights.

The hospital needed some diesel and a backup to their back up diesel generator. See hospital’s facebook posting on Oct 1st.

The headlines that “Tesla restored power” is exaggerated. Ricardo and Elon made it a PR stunt with a temp install. Likely will be taken back if the free donation doesn’t materialize.

No this is the first competed project combining solar and power there are many more projects currently under construction .

Can’t imagine those solar panels able to even support an MRI

“Ricardo and Elon made it a PR stunt with a temp install.”

Gosh, how terrible it is that Tesla has sent people and material to Puerto Rico to help with hurricane relief. It would have been so much better if they just ignored the problem. Please do tell us about all the wonderful things you yourself are contributing to hurricane relief. /sarcasm^2

Sometimes the jealousy of Elon Musk which people display is downright disgusting.