Tesla Software Version 9: New Versus Old


Some folks are still waiting for Tesla Software Version 9, but those who have it are beginning to share.

No matter which automaker’s touch-screen infotainment system you’re using — regardless of how intuitive it is — there’s always a bit of a learning curve. This is also true when Tesla moves to new software, via its over-the-air update process. So, the question is, how much better is Tesla Software Version 9? What are its pros and cons? Most importantly, how is it different from the previous version in terms of its interface?

We can’t think of a YouTuber that may be better suited to provide us with this detailed comparison of Tesla’s new Software Version 9. Erik Strait (DAErik) is heavily involved in all things Tesla and does great work when it comes to keeping owners and prospective buyers informed about the electric automaker’s advancements through the crafting of top-notch videos. In fact, he was one of the first to release a lengthy and detailed look at the Model 3 touch screen.

Have you received the Version 9 update? If so, what suggestions do you have for Tesla to take it to the next level? Leave us your thoughts in the comment section below.

Video Description via DAErik on YouTube:

Tesla Version 9 Settings. New vs. Old.

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Just got v9 this morning in the Model 3. Well actually think it was yesterday morning, but my wife took the car yesterday, an increasingly common occurrence.

No time to play with it yet, but love the new ‘clear a rear seatbelt warning as a car seat’, so it doesn’t continue alerting. That was my biggest annoyance with the car so far.

When a car seat is installed (and properly tightened down) on the latch connectors, the car thinks there is a person sitting in the seat but detects the seatbelt is not secured. I understand why, but the alert covered all the odometer and trip counters and would continue to reappear after clearing it.

Couldn’t you just also click the rear seat belt in behind the car seat?

That’s what I do, but it’s nice to have options.

Cool that they have a use HOV option for navigation. Wish google maps had that. And the ability to tell it how many people are in the car, as HOV lanes around here vary between 2+ and 3+ or open to all, depending on time of day and day of the week.

I don’t like it. Too many screen presses to do the same actions as before, the font is lower-sized, and I have less control over the display. Oh, and someone decided to drop “green” from road traffic status. Now I don’t know if there’s data on a road section or not. Very useful for road closures. I’m going to see if i can go back to version 8, this was a bad update. And I miss my blue lakes, come on, that was totally unnecessary!

My wife HATES hers.
She has jokingly (I hope) said she wanted to sell her Tesla and go with MB, once they come out with a decent EV.
She loved having camera and media up at same time. Now, it is one or the other.
I think that it was a mistake to get rid of the ability to put 2 frames up.

As to the buttons, it will take time to get used to these. However, I am glad that they have made the rear seat heaters accessible. Though I do think that it is better to NOT move between split/synced thermo. Far better to have a popup on that if split. The reason is that the buttons on the bottom bar should not move around.

This is truth down-voters need to respect, for Tesla’s sake. My wife, same thing. Myself? I stayed with V8, for its split screen functionality, selectable top/bottom views, and full screen function. I don’t rate Daerik as objective, as much as a youtuber looking to please Musk. Elon retweeted an Inside EVs story, with similarly few comments this week. If you are listening, Elon: -We get that blind spot and dash cam features are net pluses for AP2 customers -We get you’ll save some software $$ by unifying the UI -But you changed cars that are just 24 months old (AP1), in ways that not only do not access the newer features, but have left owners with something less. My view, a lot less. -It’s fine, if Daerik loves looking at the map all the time, in his Model 3. He and other owners knew what they were getting. By morphing the auto sector into a silicon valley world, where phones are throttled and upgrades happen faster, you are challenging loyalty. Readers need to know Model S owners will soon be drowned out, in number. What they need to appreciate is Tesla’s will to do things against the wishes of its… Read more »

I agree I am not happy luckily I have not updated and I will not Intel they fix these issues I always keep my rear view up top it was easy to see what was going on out off the corner off my eye now I don’t have the option
Maybe if enough people don’t update they will fix it

The rear camera view on the Model S or X with V9 software is stuck at the bottom of the screen (and needs two button presses to get to). A lot of S&X owners like keeping the rear view camera on the top of the screen so you can just glance over to double check what’s behind you. Now with the screen on the bottom, I have to move your head to check, and my right hand covers the blind spot on the left hand side of the screen. Tesla needs to re-add the ability to move it to the top for S&X.

Lots of us are pretty unhappy with the loss of the ability to keep the rear camera view on the top of the screen with the v9 update. You can no longer have anything other than the nav screen on top of the center screen and there is no way to turn off the nav screen other than putting the center display in “screen cleaning mode” which results in a blank screen. Tesla is also not letting people return to the previous version of the software so our only option is to try and convince Tesla to restore these lost abilities in a future software update.

There are multiple angry threads in the model S section at Tesla Motors Club (e.g. teslamotorsclub(dot)com/tmc/threads/petition-to-demand-camera-on-top-media-player-on-bottom-be-retained-in-ui.131016/) as well as the tesla forums and and someone even started a petition on change(dot)org (Tesla to bring back Dual Apps (specifically split screen top-camera view to Model S and X)).

I like it except for no more green Traffic lines on the map screen. I also think the seat heat cool controls are more cumbersome to use now.

what I miss is much more minor, but still a change, they took off the left/right arrows on the charging limit selector, so it’s harder to get exactly 80, 90, etc. you have to touch ‘close’ to the amount now.

Fortunately I saw it before I upgraded so was able to avoid this one. Biggest issue for me is not being able to have the rear view camera in the top. Second is being able to have what I want up on the display instead of what someone at Tesla thinks I should want. Maps auto popping up is exceptionally annoying, especially for frequent trips that require no nav or traffic info.

Typically I look forward to Tesla firmware updates but I’ll be sticking with v8 until the problems and downgrades in v9 are corrected.

Having to now look DOWN to the very bottom of the screen to change applications on the S is definitely less safe than the top row we had before. I’ve noticed a couple of bugs as well…probably why I have already gotten my first patch update post V9.

I just started the updated for my Model 3. Will let you know what I think. I think for Model 3 owners, there are only positives.

So far one nit-pic I have is on the old HVAC controls, I could set the passenger side to one combined point and aim it towards me, the driver. With the new setup, it is always set to split mode (unless i’m missing something). So I can only point half of the passenger’s air vent towards me.

And today I discovered the USB music has SHUFFLE! Finally! (and I played w/the dashcam vids)

I’m a model S owner of 7 months & 10k miles. I like most of the features EXCEPT I do not like the fact that I can’t run 2 apps! I like to run consumption & radio when doing local driving and sometimes on the long stretches of a trip. Pretty bummed out about it. On the other hand, I appreciate the clean-up and alignment to the Model3 as maybe someday I’ll get one of those too. 😉

I was just updated to V9 yesterday. Since I have a pre-Autopilot 2014 Model S I wasn’t expecting any big upgrades. The good:
after about a month of a non-functional browser I again have internet connectivity.
The not so good: I don’t like the change of the central screen layout. I miss the ability to stack the 2 app windows how they suit me and to quickly maximize or minimize any such window. The grab bars at the top of the windows are much more difficult to control, especially when driving. I would like a roll back option for that part of the update.

I used the rearview camera while driving, it appears function is gone. Rats!