Tesla Software Update Enhances Falcon Wing Door Object Detection


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Tesla Model X

Tesla Model X

Tesla Model X

Tesla Model X owners have made it clear that the Falcon Wing doors don’t detect obstacles at times, sometimes causing impacts.

The doors have sensors to avoid such instances, and therefore should not hit objects, but apparently the center sensor allows for objects above the glass roof (like ceiling beams or garage door openers, etc.) to be contacted on occasion.

Elon Musk recently blamed himself at a shareholder’s meeting for some of the SUV’s flaws, admitting that the Model X has too much “whiz bang”. Tesla tried to add an overwhelming amount of technology to the vehicle, which ultimately led to Musk’s confession report of sleeping at the end of the assembly line to personally oversee production. He said:

“In retrospect, the right thing to do with the Model X would have been to take a lot of the really awesome cool things and table them for future versions… This was a case of overconfidence… but I think we’re almost there in making the doors useful. I think with the software release that’s going out shortly and then the other one that’s going out in a month or so… we’ll finally be at a point where the doors will be better than normal doors as opposed to worse.”


Tesla Firmware Update v7.1

Tesla has used its over-the-air updates to attempt to help with the problem.

Initially, the company added two options to combat the problem. One is “umbrella mode”, allowing the doors to open only halfway. The other update allows for more user control over the door function using the key fob. While the added options are helpful, the problem wasn’t addressed related to the center sensor.

This week Tesla updated the software once again. Model X update v7.1 (2.24.78) reportedly improves the sensors. Now the door and liftgate sensors will detect obstacles more readily. The update also opens the driver’s door when the car is unlocked with the key fob.

If the car senses a low ceiling or obstacles, the doors and liftgate will open partially (enough for easy access) and then a click of the fob will allow the user to open them further, until the object is detected. Once the user decides to open the doors fully (if it is realized that the area is safe and no impact will be made), the preset “Always open fully at this Location” can be saved.

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Amazing thing this tesla is.

I had thought, based on numerous complaints about the apparent failure of the door sensors to detect obstacles, that a hardware upgrade would be needed.

If Tesla can fix the problems (or at least reduce the frequency to something quite rare) with just another of their OTA software updates, then that’s fantastic!

Go Tesla!

I have the update. I think more sensors are still required. The update just runs the lone center roof sensor all the time and chooses the minimum height over the last X feet. Too conservative in many cases, but also doesn’t handle the case where you back into a spot and then open the hatch into an overhead obstacle. Both the FWDs and the lift hatch need more outward arc coverage. Additonally, the front doors and the bottom of the FWDs need sensors to avoid various and sundry poor outcomes.

It seems inadvisable to trust anything from a Tesla stock short-seller, one who posts anti-Tesla FUD on Seeking Alpha on a daily basis. Especially not his claim that he owns a Tesla car.

You have me confused with someone else. I’ve never sold TSLA shares short or posted anything to Seeking Alpha.

View post on imgur.com

Lol! Way to debunk Tesla fanboi Pushmi who happily assumes anyone who posts anything mildly critical of Tesla is a “short-seller” (as if it is really possible to affect share prices by commenting on seeking alpha)!


LOL indeed! 😀

You just got taken in by professional stock manipulator Mark B. Spiegel, a regular blogger on Seeking Alpha who gets paid a penny a click for his anti-Tesla FUD blog posts under the screen name “Logical Thought”.

“Four Electrics” seems to be his most frequently used sock puppet ID here at InsideEVs. He occasionally also posts as Mark B. Spiegel. He did once admit, under the name “Four Electrics”, that he is Mark B. Spiegel. Odd that he seems to be denying it now. Perhaps he forgot?

“Oh, what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive!”

there is the small problem that this site allows duplicate names, unless LT bought an X

The trick to successfully using a smart door, is to be smarter than the door.

Sadly these days, I am afraid that will not pass muster, as there are many people that are dumber than a box of rocks.
Been around the world and found that only…

That may be. What I wonder about is taking care to scope out the situation. So if a spot looks iffy to me, I won’t park my car there.

You seem to never be satisfied in most of your posts, as in you always find something that is not quite right, which could very well be true. Though it is also quite true that some people are never satisfied.

Personally I think the name choice is confusing as there was a Three Electrics here for quite a while who was known to be heavily anti-Tesla.

Guess what? It is apparently possible to get only PART of a software update! I got notified yesterday that a software update was available and I was surprised to be asked to do the update, because my DS told me I had to be hooked up to wifi to do an update. I was unsuccessful in getting my seasonal home’s router to have enough strength to hook up. And since cell service is not good in our little valley village, I was anxious about getting a download via the ordinary data link. Nonetheless, I accept and waited as the X updated. You see, I was especially excited about the key fob upgrade. Tesla did something very nonsensical regarding the key fob behavior. They gave us buttons to open FWDs and trunk…but NOT the doors we NORMALLY open. While I had read the manual, I hadn’t retained every word and assumed that SOMETHING on the key fob opened the NON spectacular REGULAR doors. This is a flaw, in part, because in pressing the expected button and the NEW behavior of a single click now SHUTTING ALL DOORS, the opened FWDs nearly decapitate the unsuspecting 2nd row occupants as they try to… Read more »

My FWDs were fine before. This latest update has them detecting “obstructions” that are not there and doors won’t close unless you push and hold override button. This happens EVERY time I use the doors. It’s embarrassing and exhausting to do this all day long.

This sounds so much like computers and smartphones in this age we live in. Don’t you just get frustrated when Google prompts you an “upgrade” is available for your OS?-Then you gleefully anticipate improvements only to find out all your favorite features are screwed up?

Hopefully, Tesla will work out these kinks in an otherwise amazing vehicle.