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Next week will be a busy one for Elon Musk and his futuristic adventures. SpaceX is scheduled to conduct its next text flight of the Falcon 9 rocket on March 29th, and now we learn that Tesla is going to finally release the 8.1 version of its electric vehicle software on either Tuesday or Wednesday. Musk Tweeted the news this afternoon.

The release of 8.1 is something Tesla drivers have been waiting for for many months. Originally scheduled to be released in December, then late January, software 8.1 kept needing to be pushed back because of issues with Autopilot 2.0. Earlier this month, Musk said that getting 8.1 ready has, “been a bear” because of difficulty with full speed autosteer performance. Apparently, those problems have been solved, and Model S and Model X owners will be able to see for themselves in just a few days.

The problems with Autopilot 2.0 have come from Tesla shifting to a new technology suite, which included a new radar, camera, and sensor architecture (the so-called “Tesla Vision” package).  This meant that owners of vehicles with the first-gen Autopilot tech had cars that could do more than the newer models. Tesla has slowly been adding 1.0 features back to the 2.0 software, but the transition hasn’t been smooth. Getting 2.0 to match 1.0’s features, and then upgrading the overall software package to 8.1 should mean that all of Tesla’s cars can be enhanced in the same manner going forward.

Software 8.1 is also supposed to bring drivers some UI improvements, including improved media and map apps, and a better in-dash Internet browser.

Source: Elon Musk on Twitter

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So, autonomous will be an option on the M3?

Yes. That was an integral part of the Autopilot Hardware 2.0 announcement last year.

I’m happy of the last update where they re-enabled recirculate fan speeds below 4. I also take credit for filing the bug with the help of my service center!

My A/C still does not allow recirc below level 4. I have version 8.0 (2.52.22). What version do you have?

I think all we know for sure is that it will be A Tuesday or Wednesday…I wouldn’t bet on it being NEXT Tuesday or Wednesday. Well played, Elon…well played.

My air conditioning still does not allow me to have recirculate on below level four.
What version do you have? I have 8.0 (2.52.22)

I believe that 17.9.3 added the 3 new low fan speeds.

Ditto – still waiting on this update. I think they push these out to a subset of folks and then just let the rest of the people get picked up in more significant updates. There have been several smaller patches that came out since 8.0 and I haven’t received any of them (note: pre-AP car). Hoping to pick it up with 8.1 of course…

Does a CEO tweet now constitute a scheduled “due” date?
What is meant by full speed autosteer?
The way that the car steers when traveling at its maximum speed?
Autosteering that is meant to produce the change in direction in the minimum possible time rather than an iterative or slow series of maneuvers?

Musk did the same thing at the end of the last quarter (end of 2016). He said software would be out by the end of the quarter and it wasn’t. I don’t have any more faith this time. Complex software releases are traditionally quite resistant to being tied to arbitrary dates.

By full speed autosteer, he means get autosteer actually working at highway speeds. Right now for HW2.0 cars it only works at all up to 45, 50 or 55 mph (depending on the software version you have).