Tesla Signs Lease Deal For 500,000 Square Foot Ex-Solyndra Site



On top of Tesla’s gigafactory, Tesla Motors signs a lease deal for a 500,000 square foot building, that was a former Solyndra site.

Tesla Gigafactory current progress.

Tesla Gigafactory Current Progress.

What is it for? A Tesla spokeswoman stated:

“901 Page, located conveniently down the road from the Tesla Factory, gives us the space to expand our manufacturing and build more engineering labs as we build up production.”

The building is right down the road from the Tesla factory in Fremont, California.

Economic development manager for Fremont, Christina Briggs, adds:

“The absorption of 901 Page would not only mean normalization of the city’s vacancy rates, but also reaffirms Fremont’s strength in the region for advanced manufacturing with all the former Solyndra facilities now transitioned to other Silicon Valley advanced industry heavyweights.” 

No one is 100% sure on how much the lease is or on how many employees will work there, though we do know that the building comes with 325,000 square feet of space for manufacturing, supply & dispatching. The other 182,000 square feet will be for offices, labs, cafeteria, etc.

Source: Business Journal, Forbes

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Oh my god, conservatives are going to melt into a puddle over this. I hope it’s on a street called Benghazi Drive.

Time to short!

Good news for Fremont. Hopefully fills a need for Tesla. Maybe they will consolidate operations here and cut some of the travel time from facility to facility. Nice modern construction … gonna be fun from here on out. I hope the shorts take it in theirs!

Great news for Tesla! I wish them nothing but the best and can’t wait to hopefully own a Model 3 one day. Signed…a conservative

As a conservative who do you like for 2016?

As a liberal, I like Bernie…berniesanders.com

As a conservative / libertarian ran Paul or Ben Carson

Hmmmm, Tesla is taking over an abandoned factory that made solar cells. That will certainly fuel speculation, especially with Elon Musk’s involvement in SolarCity.

Is this just coincidence, or is Tesla planning on making its own solar panels to power the Gigafactory?

I thought the plant Solar City bought in Buffalo NY, was going to provide them?


That was my understanding also. The Solyndra site manufactured thin film laminates. I thought a Chinese company bought the company and equipment and moved it to China. Could be wrong.

Solyndra manufactured solar panels that resembled BBQ grills, they were more efficient than traditional solar panels but cost more to manufacture resulting in its demise at the hand of Chinese panels.

They were easier to install, not more efficient.

Likely this is a huge empty building. However I’ll add to the wild speculation. Next gen solid state batteries are manufactured with thin film techniques.

Interesting idea Lensman- I’ve been waiting to hear about the huge arrays planned for the Gigafactory, and why they’re not using that huge roof area. A related synergy could be the seemingly premature PowerWall announcements. Given the low C-rate discharge required, the PowerWall could provide an outlet for all the off-spec cells that the Gigafactory is bound to produce during it’s first year.

As I understand it, Tesla is planning to plate the roof of the Gigafactory with solar panels. It’s still too early in the construction for that to happen.

Except Solyndra didn’t make conventional solar cells. Their design had almost nothing in common with wafer-based cells. It had more in common with fluorescent light bulb manufacturing.

I certainly didn’t mean to suggest that Tesla might be planning on making the same type of solar cells which Solyndra did. Sorry if my post suggested otherwise.

Even if Tesla did want to make solar cells using Solyndra’s design, and from all the criticisms I’ve seen I think that unlikely, that design is probably still protected by patents.

Anyway, as Anon posted upstream, it seems more likely that Tesla plans to get its solar panels for the Gigafactory from SolarCity; Elon Musk is a member of the Board for that company.


But it’s still fun to speculate. 🙂

Great news! I would love to see the Tesla factory covered..Nissan is using wind and solar in Mexico to make their cars, as is VW.

Too bad Nissan and VW only produce a few BEVs.

As a conservative / libertarian ran Paul or Ben Carson

They’re going to set it up as a massive printing facility to print and distribute flyers proclaimimg “Model 3 WILL be out in 2017,dammit! Then release them during the next dragon launch. 😉