Tesla Showroom Open In Ireland, Demand Far Exceeds Supply


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Tesla Model S and Model X


If Tesla were playing Risk, it would just have earned an additional five points. With the opening of a new showroom in Ireland, the company has consolidated its conquest of Western Europe. And it appears there’s been some pent up Tesla demand in Ireland. According to The Journal*: “Tesla has opened its first Irish showroom – but buyers may wait four months for cars… [as] it already has a long list of back orders to fulfill.”

Tesla’s new store will make it much easier for Irish car buyers to choose a Tesla. Previously, anyone living in Ireland who wanted to buy a Tesla had to take delivery in the UK, then arrange to bring the car across on the ferry. According to the web site EV Sales, a mere 7 Model S were registered in the country in 2016.

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Above: Western Europe director Georg Ell discusses the company’s plans for the Irish market (Source: The Journal*)

The new Tesla shop, which will house office space, a showroom, and a repair center, is located at a former industrial space called the Sandyford Industrial Estate in south Dublin. It is licensed for unrestricted sales.

Supercharging is also coming to the Emerald Isle. The first station is already online in Ballacolla, a strategically-located highway junction midway between Dublin and Limerick. Two more, in Limerick and Enfield, along the Dublin-Galway route, are expected to open before the end of the year. There are already 10 Tesla destination chargers in the Republic of Ireland, as well as 5 in Northern Ireland.

Tesla Model S refresh

Model S

One Irish Tesla owner just made news during his all-electric, long-distance road trip trekking “9,500km from Galway to Morocco – and back. In a drive that will forever banish fears of range anxiety in electric vehicles, Grattan Healy and his partner, Simona, travelled to Ouarzazate in Morocco (via Edinburgh) in his Tesla Model S… He said the ‘ease of living’ with the car led him to consider what might be possible.”

Tesla Model X

Model X

And with Tesla making it easier to drive electric, Ireland may be able to expedite EV sales goals set by the country’s Sustainable Energy Authority (SEA). Currently, the SEA has set a goal that 20% of cars be electric by 2020. However, EV sales in Ireland have been slow so far – 687 plug-in vehicles were sold in the country in 2016, 51% of them Nissan LEAFs (per EV Sales). In order to reach the SEA’s targets, 50,000 EVs will have to be sold by 2020.

Above: Ireland debut video

Local Irish media appears enthusiastic about Tesla noting that: “it could be the game changer for electric vehicles in Ireland. It may have a bigger impact in getting electric cars onto Irish roads than all the incentives, rebates and environmental concerns combined.” In Ireland, a base Model S costs €91,542 (around $100,000), and Model X starts at €113,031 ($124,000). Both are eligible for a grant from the SEA of up to €10,000.


*Source: The Journal

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They’re after me lucky chargers!


You sir, have won the thread.



And a genuine LOL moment.


” It is licensed for unrestricted sales.”

Hear that USA….

And Ireland is still democratic republic day after that event.

Mister G

The Irish are seeing sea level rise and want to burn less fossil fuels.


That’s hilarious, our government doesn’t provide feed in tariffs meaning domestic solar isn’t worth it. A large wind project was rejected due to it blighting the countryside and wind turbines causing cows and sheep to go crazy.

Our politicians don’t like public transport because it takes more than one election cycle to deliver projects.


146.6k cars registered in 2016, with 687 plug-ins. And the “goal” is 20% by 2020? Even if 2016 is an outlier at 140k+, and a more rational market is about 125k vehicles, the growth rate of plug-in registrations will need to be ~330%/ann. Not going to happen.


You’re right aboutthe goal being unrealistic, but one has to start somewhere. Otherwise, as an island country with a relatively small long-distance road network, Ireland makes a good EV country. There’s no good potential for solar or hydro electricity generation, unfortunately, but wind is pretty good (in 2015 27% of electricity was renewable sources).

Someone out there

Increasing fast is easy when you start at almost zero. The cars already exist, they just need to be sold and shipped to Ireland.


Erin go Bragh, and Go Tesla!