Tesla Service Centers Get New “Fast Lane” To Address Minor Car Issues Quickly


Tesla Model X

Tesla Model X

Due to over-the-air update capabilities, Tesla can lessen the amount of cars that need to stop into Tesla service centers for quick, minor issues. Added to this is the simple fact that EVs tend to require less maintenance. However, with the Tesla Model X hitting the roads at a regular pace now, centers are getting backed up and some owners are complaining.

Tesla's President Of Global Sales, Jon McNeil

Tesla’s President Of Global Sales, Jon McNeil

Tesla has publicly announced, via the Tesla Motors Club forum (via Electrek), that it has a solution to the problem. Minor car issues will be dealt with through a new “Fast lane” service.

The forum post leading to the announcement, was posted by Gizmotoy last week in the Model S discussion board. He asked:

“Anyone else extremely frustrated with getting Model S in for service?”

Within a few short days, JonMc, responded with a message, seemingly from a Tesla employee. The “poster” even offered for owners to private message him for assistance. It reads:

“We are listening. The Bay Area has been challenged and we are increasing capacity with centers, technicians and a better process to minimize wait times. We’ve also increased loaner availability. Each service center now has a ‘fast lane’ to address minor issues in an expedited way. If you are experiencing an issue that you feel needs to be escalated, please private message me here and my team work to resolve it for you. We want you to be completely happy with your service experience.”

Some responses seemed to insist that the increased need for more service centers has been noted and is not yet being met. However, it was also posted that Tesla is likely reading the forums and beginning to address the issue. Others commended the increased quality of the vehicles, thus the lessened needs for service. JonMc agreed:

“Precisely. Higher reliability has made a huge difference in capacity need.”

Electrek confirmed again that JonMc is, as we’ve known for quite some time now, Tesla’s president of Global Sales and Service, Jon McNeil.

Sources: Tesla Motors Club Forum, Electrek

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For the seat belt anchor recall, I just walked in while supercharging in Burbank and asked if they could look at them. Took 10 minutes. Other than that after a year and 20K miles, no service has been required.

Wow, lots of unhappy Tesla owners in that
TMC thread, not only unhappy about the long wait times for an appointment, but also with the quality of service and repairs they received at Tesla’s Service Centers.

With all the Model X coming off the production line with fit an finish issues, Tesla has no choice but to prioritize the Model X for repair at Service Centers, otherwise Tesla would open itself up to an avalanche of Lemon Law buyback requests for not fixing issues on the affected Model X cars in a timely matter as perscribed by the California Lemon Law.

So the end result is that Tesla is actively listening to their customers and making changes to the way they handle problems.

Unhappy really?

Sure they complain about the wait or the reliability issue or not getting an S loner, but I haven’t read much about not liking the car anyhow.
So, I would say they would prefer a faster service as much as a more reliable car, but few seems to be unhappy about the car they bought.
It’s fascinating!

I never said they were unhappy with the car, but did say that they were unhappy with the quality of service and quality of repairs they received in addition to the long wait times for an appointment.

Now I get it. Sven has actually never owned a car. I read through that thread. That has to be one of the mildest complaint threads I’ve ever seen on any automotive website. Sure, some folks wanted to see faster turn-around times, and better loaner cars. But they were also saying stuff like this: “I have to say the service at Fremont is phenomenal and I so appreciated the “can do” attitude” “I was fine with having the repairs pushed out…but I think it’s something Tesla needs to work on.” “I’ve had my Model S serviced twice and have been very impressed…Best car service experience both times, compared to my BMW and Audi.” “I told the rep it was no big deal, we were glad to have the S85 loaner and we could wait as long as it took to get everything done and done right. ” “I see that the title is whether anyone else is extremely frustrated…I was not extremely frustrated.” “The Raleigh SC has been nothing but awesome…I’m the opposite of frustrated” “The earliest [appointment] I could get was for 23 August…I think it is OK.” “They had the gauge cluster replaced and firmware updated same day…I’m… Read more »
Cherry pick much? I said Model S owners were unhappy about the quality of service and quality of repairs they received in addition to the long wait times for an appointment. Owners, including the OP, waited a very long time for an appointment and when they got their cars back their issues were not fixed by Tesla. The owners had to make another appointment to get these same issues fixed, which required yet another long wait. COMMENT #21: “. . . what really chaps my ass is when they give me back the car not fixed.” “This past appointment was the worst by far. It went in to have the tire pressure monitoring system fixed for the third time, to fix the “replace battery in key fob” error, to fix a rattling speaker and to install a new pano-roof seal because the original was coming apart at the seems. “When I got the car back the first thing I noticed was that not only was the pano-roof seal still detached in the same place as before but whoever had installed it had pulled down my headliner to do so and put a kink in it on both sides as well… Read more »

The dealer I have to use for my BMW i3 is atrocious. I don’t even bother taking it in for minor things anymore because even the smallest thing is a long drawn out ordeal that takes weeks and weeks with me standing over them for every step of the process. I have the dealers service manager’s personal cell phone number because that’s what it takes to get anything done.

Sven — did you even read my post? I acknowledged that Tesla had service problems. But I also showed the OTHER SIDE OF THE STORY which you ignored. Your post pretended that the 5 people who were unhappy was the end of the story. But it wasn’t. That was a false narrative. I was simply posting the 8 other people’s positive posts, and the OP’s post where he was satisfied with the end results, which contradicted your characterization. Funny how even in your second attempt, you STILL LEFT OUT that the OP on that thread was more than satisfied with both the work and the service!!! And you still left out that Tesla actually posted on the thread, with REAL FIXES to what they recognize is a problem. Like I said, for an automotive bitch-fest post, this is absolutely the mildest I’ve ever seen. People who were not unhappy outnumbered those who were unhappy, and in the end, Tesla dealt directly with the issue, and the OP of the thread was happy in record time! You seem to be completely clueless about cars in general if you think this was bad. What do you drive, a Schwinn? Power Wheels Barbie… Read more »
LOL! You spoke too soon; the OP is not that happy anymore. I guess you haven’t read the OP’s latest comment which said “bad news” and ended with a FROWNING UNHAPPY FACE EMOJI and the OP sighing. The OP made this unhappy comment after getting his Model S back from yet another visit to Tesla’s Service Center. Apparently, the prior repair Tesla did to eliminate the grinding noise in his steering/suspension system was a faulty repair that did NOT fix the problem and actually DAMAGED his suspension control arm, which now now needed to be replaced! Tesla put in a suspension bolt that was too long causing it to impact the control arm and put a gouge in the control arm. But wait, there’s more! Tesla also damaged his wheels while the car was being serviced. The wheels were curbed while at the Service Center, and it’s the SECOND TIME Tesla damaged his car while in for service! 🙁 COMMENT #66: “Well, good news and bad news…” “Good news is they think they fixed it. A suspension bolt was too long and impacting the control arm. It was wearing a nice little gouge out of the control arm, so it’s… Read more »

Sven, you wrote “Wow, lots of unhappy Tesla owners in that”
I’m just pointing that isn’t what the thread show, period.
They are not unhappy owners although they complain about delays and services.
Some see the glass half full, some see it half empty, other say you just use too big a glass.
I don’t care I’ll drink whatever is left in it, because I’m thirsty.
Hopefully it’s a fresh beer!
That’s how I like it anyway.

Sven — wow! Your glee at somebody else’s misfortune is sad and telling.

No, this additional misfortune (that can and does happen at service centers everywhere regardless of the brand of car), does NOT nullify my point.

It is unfortunate that the thread took a turn for the worse for this one individual. Damage to cars is bad, and I would expect Tesla to rectify the situation.

But yet again you go on about the “bad news” in the OP’s post that was clearly titled both “good news” and “bad news”, while ignoring the “good news”. This simply proves my original post to be more relevant each time you post.

My post pointing out your lack of balance is just more and more justified with every one of your subsequent post. It is sad that I have to point out your lack of balance SO MANY TIMES in a ROW, and yet you still don’t get it — and never will get it.

My family has 3 Teslas: 2013 Model S 85, 2014 Model S P85D, 2017 Model S 100D. The 2013 was an early Tesla and it did have some issues, all of which were promptly fixed by Tesla under warranty. It has done almost 100,000 miles with no issues other than the initial issues fixed under warranty. Neither the 2014 nor the 2017 have had any significant issues, or has had to be taken in for an unscheduled service. The 2017 S 100D had increased wind noise from the leading edge of the dreiver’s side window, which Tesla fixed promptly by sending a service van to my home (hear that Mercedes, BMW, Audi, and Porsche?) We have had no problems or delays in scheduling routine annual service on any of the three vehicles. Each family member acknowledges that their Tesla is the best car they have ever owned. In my own case (2017 S 100D) I have owned many mid- and high-end cars, including cars from all the German marques, and my Tesla is by far the best car I’ve ever owned. I make three long trips of ~1,200 miles each per year, and I have never had range anxiety. I… Read more »

Looks like in the Bay Area, the growth of Tesla customers is outpacing Tesla opening new service centers.

Just one more “growing pains” sign that Tesla’s business is expanding!

I don’t know any new service area in SF Bay Area.

I do think they need few more of them in SF Bay Area alone, especially with Model 3 coming.

Maybe. But those growing pains can be very, well, painful for customers.

I’m frankly a bit appalled by these stories. I realize it may be difficult to time everything perfectly, but it really doesn’t take much to avoid cars sitting idly in a queue for weeks – they could easily be in the queue while in their owners possession.

Hopefully most customers aren’t experiencing these problems, but even so, if you risk this kind of thing now, what is it going to be like if Model 3 becomes the swift success we hope for?!?

Terawatt — “Appalled”? Clearly you have never repaired anything in your life. Whether it is cars or computers or toasters, when you repair stuff the process is the same:

1) Get item and complaint from the owner.
2) Diagnose what the failure is.
3) Acquire replacement parts.
4) Install parts and test.

There is no getting around step #3, and nobody anywhere who repairs stuff carries absolutely every part they need to complete a repair. Downtime to acquire parts is common everywhere.

Don’t believe me? Go get your Takata airbag replaced in a recall. Some people will have to wait until the year 2019 to get their recalled airbags replaced.


This is for something that can actually KILL YOU in an accident.

Clearly Tesla needs to get their service dates in control.


What part of the fact that they are actively correcting this problem did you not get from reading the story?

So sick of the worthless anti-Tesla posters who contribute nothing to this site.

I’d rather be engineering the parachute on the way down, than have this guy’s job.