Tesla Sends Out Invites For Model X Launch On September 29 – Tesla To Livestream Event


Next Tuesday, Tesla Motors will hold a launch event for the Model X.

The event will take place at Tesla’s Fremont Factory at 7 PM Pacific Time.

The image seen above, which is part of an invite sent out to select (mostly Signature) Model X reservation holders and some members of the media, shows the front end of the X in some detail.

Here’s the rest of the invite:

Model X Launch Event Details

Model X Launch Event Details

Tesla has confirmed that the Model X launch event will be livestreamed on its website.

Livestream Confirmed Via TMC

Livestream Confirmed Via TMC

At this time, it’s unclear if deliveries of the Model X will take place on the 29th, although we tend to think you.  Elon Musk has stated that first Model X deliveries will occur in September, but not even one Model X reservation holder has come forward to confirm that they’re taking delivery at the event.

So it seems that just insider/”founder” series Model X vehicles will be handed out.

Elon Musk Tweet From Early September

Elon Musk Tweet From Early September

Tesla Model X P90D Range Estimate Now At 250 Miles

Tesla Model X P90D Range Estimate Now At 250 Miles

As for what to expect on the 29th, here’s video of the Model S launch event from way back in 2012:

Source: Tesla Motors Club

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Unclear? Elon’s tweet seems pretty clear on the issue…

Yes, but to who? I seem to remember Fisker doing some such event, but the car(s?) only went to someone on the board of directors, or some manager. Hopefully Tesla does better than that.

Right, it looks like only non-advertised Founder edition Model X’s will be handed over at the media event. Tesla board members and perhaps a very small number of “insiders” only. Nobody posting to the Tesla Motors Club forum has been told their car will be handed over at the event.

The same was true at the 2012 Model S event that is shown in the embedded video. The people were founders and insiders receiving cars. It took a month before Signatures were given out for the Model S. They ended up delivering 2500 in 2012, if I remember correctly. Unless there is some serious issues with final design tweaks or vendors forcing design tweaks.

Oops. No editing. …forcing design tweaks, I expect the Model X to ramp much more quickly.

how do you know it will be livestreamed?

Via source link

Wow, the Model X at long last.

It feels like ten Karmic reincarnation cycles have gone by since this thing was first announced.

Moreover, this means the Model III gets engineering project priority. . . provided no quality assurance issues draw their attention elsewhere.

JB Straubel said a couple of months ago that most of their engineering effort was already geared towards Model 3. (It doesn’t say _that_ much since a lot of the Model 3 engineering is about lowering cost.)


Perhaps this will answer the “seat” issue.

Also heard from a Sig. buyer that we don’t even know if the X will have dual 10 kw chargers like the S.

New higher powered single charger instead.

15kw is the rumour.

Thx Scott.
You were one of the best and nicest people on the Volt Forum…..enjoy your X!!

I don’t think the event is at the factory. It is very nearby, just south of the factory in a tesla building about a ¼ mile away.