Tesla Sends Emails To Model 3 Reservation Holders Inviting Them To Try Model S 60


We’ve learned that Tesla Motors is now trying to actively recruit Model 3 reservation holder to come try out the new, less expensive Model S 60 and 60D.

Via Tesla Motors Club, we’ve obtained a copy of the email being sent out to select Model 3 reservation holders. The email is reproduced in its entirety below:

Hello xxx,

We are thrilled to have just launched the new Model S 60 and as a valued model 3 reservation holder I wanted to personally reach out to invite you to University Town Center Showroom to experience Model S 60 and 60D. It is a wonderful opportunity to get into a custom designed Tesla with payments starting at $667/mth before gas and tax incentive savings. Depending on your current vehicle trade-in value the monthly payment could be even lower.

We know how excited you are to receive your Model 3 and wanted to ensure you had the chance to work with myself and our team to explore the options of getting into a Tesla even sooner. Please let me know if I can arrange a test drive experience for you or answer any questions. We would also be happy to review your current trade-in options as well.

We are here to help you build your dream car and continue our mission to accelerate the transition to sustainable transport. Please feel free to reach our UTC Showroom Manager, xxx, at xxx or call 858.xxx.

With the base price of the 60 Model S at $66,000, it’s still a fair bit more expensive than the promised starting price ($35,000 before the federal tax credit) for the Model 3 and more costly than Musk’s estimated average Model 3 price of $42,000, but the S 60 is available now, whereas Model 3s likely won’t be delivered in volume until late next year. Oh, and we expect a fully optioned Model 3 to cost in the ballpark of the Model S 60, so there’s that to consider too.

Source: Tesla Motors Club

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Nope. Not going to happen for Ontario residents. Here’s why:

model S 60 RWD no options in CDN$
$86,000 + $11,180 tax + $1,300 delivery – $3,000 rebate = $95,480

model 3 base at $35K USD = $45K
$45,000 + $5850 tax + $1,300 delivery – $13,500 rebate = $38,650

The problem with your math is they are not equal cars. Add all the “options” to the Model 3 and I bet you get close to the Model S and you have a larger car to boot

What options do you believe the RWD S60 will have that the base MIII will be missing?

Yeah, we just went through this the other day. Essentially the Model S 60 still costs twice what the base Model 3 costs.

I don’t see too many people going to the 60, unless they are really impatient and their money is burning a hole in their pocket.

I actually want the smaller car that will be cheaper to repair. 😉 Big delays of the model 3 are all that could get me to switch. I’d buy the awd and the tech package. Bigger is not necessarily better.

Big delays to M3 would get me to switch as well. To LEAF 2.0, Ampera-e, or possibly a 2018 Passat BEV (though I doubt VWs modular platform will be ready in time for that). Not to an S60 (unless it’s price came down to the $35-40k region.

For me it’s simple – I can’t afford the S. But I really can’t imagine I’d want to spend that much on the car, when these cheaper alternatives (M3 in particular, but even the other 200-mile cars) meet my needs so well for so much less. I’d rather drive the M3 and give a bit more to Amnesty, Save the Children and the Red Cross… and still have some left for eating out and getting massages – consumption mainly of human labor, which has a seriously tiny environmental footprint!

if you put down a deposit on a model 3, it was on the basis that you didn’t know when you would actually be able to take delivery on the car. you’re kidding yourself if you are thinking that tesla is going to start delivering no-option $35,000 model 3 cars right out of the gate.

Spider-Dan asked:

“What options do you believe the RWD S60 will have that the base MIII will be missing?”

Rear hatch. Cavernous cargo capacity with the seats folded. Not available on the M≡ at any trim level.

There are no doubt other “convenience” features such as rain-sensing wipers and steering wheel climate controls that the base M≡ might well lack, but really I think we could stop with the liftgate. That alone would be a reason for many to strongly prefer the MS over the M≡.

The choice won’t be so stark when the Model Y comes out; that CUV version of the M≡ will surely have a rear liftgate.

For the umpteenth time: please stop with the moronic “M≡” designation.

“≡” – Unicode code point 2630 – is the Yijing trigram symbol for Heaven.

Unless you want to declare yourself Fanboi #1, consider referring to the car by its name, “Model 3”, rather than make up your own “Model Heaven”. ?

My source is Unicode.org, which *defines* the characters (actually “code points”, but for our purposes the error doesn’t matter so let’s pretend it’s just characters – it is mostly true; most code points correspond to characters):


Btw – forgot to mention: I don’t think you’re a moron at all, just that this practice is moronic! You often contribute lucid stuff, even if you’re among those a bit too blinded by the Musk Magic to look at things as objectively as some others (I.e. me) ??

Well I thank you for the time you spent on that, but I still can’t type the proper “Trigram for Heave”” symbol on my ‘puter. 😥

As for the rest of your post: Dude, take a stress tab and chill out. Your attempts to suppress my freedom of speech are becoming annoying, and I am likely not the only reader here beginning to wonder about your obsession with minutiae.

Perhaps Terawatt would prefer M㆔. As ㆔ actually means “three”. 🙂

I asked about options, not form factor.

It is ridiculous to place a $30,000 premium on a liftgate and slightly more room.

For many, larger car is a negative. For me, S is too big to find decent street parking when I go places. 3 would be better, and if there’s even smaller 3, even better.

Yup. The Model 3 is still too big. Will be looking at the Bolt.

Bolt looks interesting – the type of vehicle is popular. Where the heck are you going to fast charge it? Last I checked, barely any SAE CCS fast-chargers exist…anywhere. GM says they won’t place CCS chargers at dealerships. This makes Model 3 look a whole lot more versatile. Basically, the Bolt EV (as GM wants us to call it because Bolt and Volt are so confusing) gets us 100 miles from home dependent upon variables like temperature, terrain, road type, traffic and driving style. 100 miles out and 100 miles back. Take a stop at a L2 charger if it’s not blocked, out of order or occupied (too many ifs for non-early-adopters) and you’ll be there for a long while to get back home where you plug in. Think it through, and Bolt EV is a great little mini crossover that lacks charging support from independents, governments and it’s own manufacturer. Just something to think about. We also have to trust that Musk builds out as many ( double ) Supercharger locations as there are today. Adding 1-300,000 Model 3s into the mix means long lines at some Superchargers. Still – I trust Musk to build out more SCs much… Read more »

The fast charger is OPTIONAL in Bolt EV. What does that tell you?

M3s won’t get free Supercharging, but surely it will be available as a one-time payment at purchase. The car does, however, come with a built-in Supercharging capability.

“Surely”? What has Elon told you that he hasn’t told the rest of us?

For all we know, it will be a one time charge for the equipment (of course) and then a monthly bill based on usage.

Same here, I love small car, they are a joy to ride and park.
Beside a S don’t fit in my garage.


Same boat. Love the size of our i3, just doesn’t have the range for long trips. It is particularly not happy in Phoenix at 115 degrees.

Yeah, I hate big cars. They make me feel like i am driving a truck.

I specifically picked base models for both as we don’t know what the options for the model 3 will cost. And whatever options you choose for the 3 you’d have to choose for the S.

FYI, Fully optioned S 60 except for the rear facing child seats is $138,759 CDN all in. $95k base model wasn’t reasonable and fully loaded is just as unreasonable for a car.

I’ll be driving my Leaf waiting for my model 3.

I assume they’ll let a person use the $1,000 down payment towards the Model S?

I thought you can get that money back at any time?


You can, but I think David is referring to a simple transaction where Tesla takes the money directly rather than you having to 1) cancel your reservation yourself and then 2) wait for the refund, before you finish the Model S deal.

Yeah, not gonna happen. $66k is a lot, and when I went on the configurator and added AWD, autopilot, blue paint and cold weather package, I was well into the $70s. No deal.

keep in mind that $66,000 is before incentives. after incentives the entry price of the model S60 is slightly more than an entry price for a benz-o e-class.

it’s still an expensive car, but my thinking is that tesla is trying to match benz and bmw price segment points.

Big difference between $35K base price and $60K base. What I’d like is a 40kW battery with capability to switch entire battery to 85kW for trips. Charge $40/day for the bigger battery. I’ve been really happy with the RAV4EV for in-town driving and have never felt like I needed another 20kW or 45kW for 95% of our driving.

I feel like it’s a huge waste of resources to make 2X as many batteries as most people actually need. What would be ideal is to have people drive an 85kW for 3 months, then have Tesla buy back the cell capacity people don’t use.

Consider the benefits of the larger capacity battery pack, even if you think you “don’t need” one:

1. Greater flexibility in taking side trips and 2nd trips on the same day

2. Less range anxiety, especially on very cold days

3. Less loss of range over time due to less frequent cycling

4. Faster recharge rate at Superchargers

5. Better resale value due to better retention of battery capacity

6. Less need for a gasmobile as a 2nd (or 1st) car to make longer trips

All in all, I think most of those who hold the opinion that they would get no benefit from a larger battery pack, need to re-think all the issues.

Since Model S 60 basically has no options and still costs $66k, I am wondering what kind of magic dust Tesla want to use to bring it down to $35k? Smaller cheaper battery $6k, supercharging $3k, cheaper body $5-$10k. That still leaves it in $45-50k range.

Instead of magic dust, Elon will use the Tesla Reality Distortion Field and set it to Ludicrous Mode. 😉

Oh, does your wit and humor know no mortal bounds???

Is he a wit, or just half of one?


“Since Model S 60 basically has no options and still costs $66k, I am wondering what kind of magic dust Tesla want to use to bring it down to $35k? Smaller cheaper battery $6k, supercharging $3k, cheaper body $5-$10k. That still leaves it in $45-50k range.”

Yes, that is the Billion dollar question that has been argued here on inside EV many times.

The biggest reasons that most people agree is the fact that battery will be cheaper and smaller. Using less Al parts and cheaper/easier/simpler to build.

But I have my doubts since Model 3 won’t be launched with Gigafactory at full capacity which means that the saving from battery cell cost won’t be there at launch so it will take couple years before that saving is realized.

Even with that if a P90D get 20% margin at $90K, with $190/kWh cell price (75kWh pack cost $3K less on battery), the S60 at $66K is potentially sold at a loss or very little profit.

Let us say that it cost $60K to build S60, then Tesla has to cut a lot of cost out to achieve the $35K price mark.

I’m amazed at how many people seem to think auto makers design a new car that’s half the price of another by subtraction. They don’t, they use addition.

A design team creating a totally new model starts with a clean sheet, and adds in everything they think the budget will allow. Then they design a car to fit that budget.

If the Model ≡ was merely a slightly shrunken version of the Model S, then it would have things like an instrument panel and a rear liftgate.

what you describe is the way that things used to be done. these days, auto makers develop platforms and that platform can be used for multiple auto models. the reason being that they do not want to have to start each auto model from a clean sheet.

Things haven’t change that much, “no comment”. No auto maker would use the same platform for a car that cost half what an earlier model did. There is waaaaay too much difference there.

Addition, subtraction, these are pretty words but they eventually result in the same thing during manufacturing (Nobody thinks they start building Model 3 by extracting components from a completed Model S). As a matter of fact I think the cheapest way to build Model 3 is to use a modified Model S platform with cheaper components, rather than a clean sheet design. Comparing with a BMW as a benchmark, they are off by $15k. A 328 starts at $38k, a similarly configured 5 series starts at about $51k. Model S starts at $66k, which makes me believe a Model 3 won’t be possible below $45k, unless the shareholders continue to subsidize it.

agzand said:

“(Nobody thinks they start building Model 3 by extracting components from a completed Model S).”


‘Cuz multiple comments in this very comment thread clearly use that as a premise. And that clearly fallacious assumption has appeared in every discussion on InsideEVs about this subject.

Go to a Tesla showroom and have look at the Model S chassis. It is essentially a garage-style product designed for small scale manufacturing. They could cut $15k on the body alone. But I agree with you that $35k price is a fantasy. Add to availability in ’19-20 and suddenly S60 price doesn’t look bad.

Another Euro point of view

…I don’t know and likely nobody really knows, least of it Tesla but for sure it was a very useful exercise for car electrification as things seems to change faster since the 400K reservation number that this $35K price point has triggered. For example:


no thanks it’s too big for many garages. A smaller S like the 3 is much better. It’s not about cost or features. It’s the parking size and weight.

are you serious??? the tesla model S is not much longer than a honda accord. i used to own an accord and had no difficulty getting the car into my garage.

Obviously you have a long garage. The Model S is a big sedan, which is why the EPA classifies it as “large”. As an example, it’s a couple of feet longer than a mid-sized Chevy Volt or Nissan Leaf.

tesla lists the length of the model S as being 196″. that’s only a couple of inches longer than a honda accord.

196″ is nearly a foot longer than an Audi A4…which is already considered a rather big car here in the Boston area.

DonC said:

“…a mid-sized Chevy Volt”

There’s no such thing. The Volt, or at least the Volt 1.0, is tiny. I was amazed at how small it is when I first saw one.

I see the overall length of the Volt 1.0 is only 3 inches shorter than the Leaf, but that’s because of the Volt’s extra long nose. It’s the passenger cabin of the Volt that is surprisingly small. The Leaf devotes far more of its length to giving passengers more room.

some of use like the small size of the volt. i previously owned a honda accord, which is a bigger car. i still like the benz-o s-class but that’s only because it’s an s-class, i don’t like the fact that the benz-o is over 2 feet longer than the volt.

You can find early model S on ebay for less than $40k. I guess Tesla keeps CPO prices high to avoid undercutting new car sales.
Search sold listings with clear title for S60 or S85, ordered by price:

link here

You may want to keep another $40k though for repairs and maintenance as warranty doesn’t last forever and nobody else will fix it but Tesla service center for its hefty price :/ But if you firmly believe in Tesla, it doesn’t cost that much to get one now and upfront price is less than real usable Model 3 will be some years later including charger access. You wont get any Model 3 for 35k the same way you can’t get Model S for $50k or Roadster for $89k.

I see zzzzzzzzzz has had another attack of TES (Tesla Envy Syndrome).

But wait! There is s cure for this debilitating chronic condition. Just dump that “short position” stock margin position, and you’ll get instant relief!

“Tesla envy happens when other people have, ahem, long positions and yours is too short.” –Jim Whitehead

Go away troll

What they could try is a conditional lease… you may have a special rate on a 60… Base model… to use until the model III ships… at which time it goes into the used pool… and you trade to your Model III. Tesla gets a rental while you wait. But give those folks a really great deal since they are then bound in tightly to your products. Seems logical.

I put a deposit down in person on the first morning US Eastern Time. I haven’t gotten any email from Tesla.

I wonder if there is any rhyme or reason to who they email.

If you run a business, you know about pacing your promotions. You do not send everyone probing emails like this. You test it out within various cities and for select consumers. Their Zip Codes can be probed for “average incomes”. The email would be sent first to those in McLean Virginia, West Palm Beach, NYC area, LA area, SF area. Those living in wealthy areas are good candidates for the “new thing”.

Just how do you sell “well, you were going to spend about $35,000 – let’s try to talk you into spending $66,000”

What I believe will happen is Tesla will build 1000s of Model S 60s and send them worldwide over this summer. This will blanket the world and discounting during active tire-kicking will occur to sell units. But the real future of Tesla now hinges on how well they execute Model 3.

If you own or run a business, you can understand that this email is a sign of some levels of desperation.

You write as if an e-mail advertising campaign was like a traditional snail mailing ad campaign.

The cost for mass e-mailing is essentially zero. There’s no point in doing trial runs in limited areas; there’s every good reason to just e-mail everyone on the list. If you find that writing the ad differently produces a better response, you can always follow up the 1st with another.

And somehow I think that if I did run a business, large or small, that this fact wouldn’t somehow change.

but the model s60 was not being rolled out in test markets; and given that the model s is not really a new product, it would make little sense to do a staged roll out. so it would, to me, make little sense for tesla to stage email notices encouraging people to test drive the model s. personally, i think this promotion makes a lot of sense. tesla got a lot of customer contacts through the model 3 reservation plan, so it makes a lot of sense to mine that list to get additional and immediate sales of the model s. for those of us who are not fanboys, there are a lot of reasons to be skeptical about tesla. but one thing is undeniable: they are a brilliant marketing organization. first, the model 3 reservation scheme gives tesla free capital from depositors. the list of depositors constitutes a list of highly qualified customer prospects. then they attempt to mine those customer prospects for shorter term sales. it was already the case that tesla was going to roll out higher priced model 3’s first. when a company fixes a price for a product, that price potentially captures all customers willing… Read more »

I have 2 reservations from before the reveal and I did not get the e-mail either… I feel left out.

You are off your rocker if you think a MS will be anywhere as nice as a MS.. and you’re not gonna get any $1000.00 off discounts. .AND the way the MS is selling.. there likely won’t be any $7500 federal rebate left either…


Why that first note didn’t come out M3 is beyond me…

This was easily predictable the moment the MS60 was introduced.

The writing is on the wall. The Model 3 is nice-looking. It is cheap. It is “almost a Model S”. Why the heck would people want to spend twice as much now when they can just wait a few months more and get them from the factory. Musk said the factory should be able to do 1 Million cars a year. What would someone want to spend twice the money now for something primised in only a little over a year?

Sustainable transportation is also economical transportation. It is supposed to be weighted toward the MORE economic choices in life and sustainability, not spending too much in order for Tesla to meet their too-high 2016 sales guidance.

the model 3 is going to be priced like a benz c-series car. while the c-series is a lot more affordable than a benz-o s-class, the c-series is hardly “economical transportation”.

When Tesla introduced the Model S in 2012 they calculated the price at a max production of 20,000 cars a year. The car price had to have enough margin to finance Tesla’s future expansion. Model S40 started at $60k, but when demand is bigger than your production capacity, and the hole in your wallet resembles a bottomless pit, it is tempting to add options and increase the price bit by bit. But when the market starts to show signs of saturation at 70,000 cars a year, your bottom price is up to $75k. You are competing with the MB S-class and BMW 7-series. And while your new Model3 is going to attack the MB C-class and BMW 3-series in one and a half year, there is that luring market with the MB E-class and BMW 5-series and those Audi’s and Porsches. These last four years Tesla did not only improve the Model S and its price, it also did improve its margin. Battery prices are way down and 2000 cars a week is a lot better utilization of your investments than 400 cars a week. I bet the margin on the 2016 Model S is still better than the margin… Read more »

Quite simply: Osborne Effect at work…