Tesla Semi Spotted Supercharging In Oklahoma


Real-world testing for the Tesla Semi continues

The long-awaited Tesla Semi seems to be hitting its final testing stages. The long-hauler was recently spotted nearly 2,000 miles (3,200 kilometers) away from the Fremont factory. It was spotted by a Model 3 reservation holder u/JohnFitzgeraldSnow, and subsequently shared on the r/TeslaMotors subreddit.

John caught the truck at the Catoosa, Oklahoma Supercharger station, off of Interstate 44. This new sighting comes only about a day after the vehicle was spotted on a highway in New Mexico, cruising down the I-40 – some 600 miles away.

Judging by how the vehicle was covered all over with bugs from the freeway, we can safely assume that the carmaker is giving its upcoming Semi all-electric truck a lengthy long-haul test drive beating. After all, the Semi is supposed to enter serial production next year. This means that we can probably expect the first commercial delivery to follow shortly after that.

Right now at the Supercharger in Catoosa, OK. Same one spotted in New Mexico yesterday.

The Tesla Semi is slated to disrupt the long-haul commercial truck market. The vehicle will use four independent electric motors, allowing for impressive load hauling capabilities. It’s set to offer either 300 miles (482 kilometers) or 500 miles (805 kilometers) of range – depending on the battery pack (although CEO Musk says it may reach 600 miles). Tesla claims an acceleration from 0-60mph (0-97km/h) in about 20 seconds with a full load or five seconds empty. According to the manufacturer, with less than 2 kWh of energy consumption per mile, the Semi would be one of the most fuel-efficient long-haulers ever.

Hopefully, sightings so far away from the Fremont facility – where the first Tesla Semis were allegedly built – means we might be nearing to the time where the actual pre-production units will hit the streets.

The vehicle shares a lot of components with the Tesla Model 3, and the sheer quantity needed to break even from the get-go is a lot smaller than of that with the company’s personal electric vehicles.

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Maybe they are doing the cross country trip I suggested to Elon on Twitter before he blocked me ? But I said the weight had to be measured each day at every charging stop.

Why did Elon block you? Or were you just surmising?

I think he blocks most people that ask tough questions, or are skeptical. I read this morning he blocked Grimes now, I guess another GF down, Maybe?

Cool, thanks.

Or people who spread lies.

He was probably blocked due to the fact that Musk prefers quality, not quantity, when it comes to posts.

Superchargers are not Truck Scale stops, but such do exist, and a weigh in could be done, frequently, if really needed, for record keeping, proof, etc.

I thought it would be cool to have a documented trip with trucking experts going along so they could monitor the actual charge times, GVW, Payload, etc.

If they are actually hauling cargo they have to stop and weigh the vehicle and submit to an inspection. What they actually *inspect* varies as to state. Not sure if it factors into their taxes but it still might in some places.

Why worry the weight? Were you going to weigh the electrons? ;-).

My guess is that the vast majority of the energy requirement is overcoming aerodynamic drag, so a 20,000 or 60,000 lbs payload doesn’t make a huge difference unless you are consistently climbing a sustained grade.

The interesting question would be how much regen you can expect on the downhills.

Anyone have any information on *where* the semi will be built? No speculation please.

Well it’s definitely still speculation, but it makes sense that they’d build the Semi and the Model Y at the Gigafactory in Nevada. They’re out of room to build more vehicles at the Fremont location.

Nobody knows where the Semi Truck will be built. That’s why it seems very questionable to claim it will go into production next year.

Not to say that it’s impossible that the Semi Truck could be manufactured at Gigafactory 1, but they would certainly have to install a lot of new equipment there. So far, Tesla has only one set of the huge (three story!) body panel stamping machines, and those are located at the Fremont assembly plant.


Personally, I keep hoping that Tesla will contract with an existing semi truck maker, both for manufacturing of the gliders and for servicing the trucks. If Tesla has to build its own semi truck assembly factory and its own network of truck service shops, then it’s probably going to be a long time before we see this roll off the assembly line.

All just my speculation. 🙂

First, it’s Fremont, not Freemont.

Second, the article notes 0 to 60 in 20 sec. with 9k lbs. 9k lbs. would be less than 25% of the cargo capacity of an 80k lb. truck so not very meaningful though I think it may be the article that is wrong and the 20 sec. is supposed to be at max. weight.

I believe the battery is 9k lbs. not the vehicle weight


It is usually the driver when he is trying to merge into traffic or accelerate around another truck.

Truck drivers do not try to aggressively merge typically. I do not drive truck every day, but I do if we have a driver out sick, and driving truck especially our dump trucks when loaded to 105K lbs is a methodical process when accelerating/merging, visibility is not great, and the last thing you want to do is run over a small car with the trailer. One thing that scares me is people trying to cut me off in the truck, if they had any idea the consequences if they cut it too close, maybe they would not try that. I think a semi with massive acceleration might actually be more dangerous on the road, as I never use even the power we have available until I am in the higher gears and over 40 mph unless it is climbing a hill.

Yup, new writer, it seems? Has not got his sources right, on range, as well!

Adjusted. Thank you.

Per “It’s set to offer either 300 miles (482 kilometers) or 600 miles (965 kilometers) of range”, actually, the website is advertising 300 & 500 mile choices!

Only Elon, on Twitter, suggested – “It might well go 600 miles on a charge!”, but that is only a potential Bonus, not a product performance spec, yet!

Fixed. Thank you.

He actually said that it will likely be *closer* to 600 miles, not that it might actually reach that value…

“Final testing stages”? I’m pretty sure driving around the original prototype is nowhere close to “final testing”…

Yeah, that stuck out as an odd claim for me, too. Elon or some other Tesla spokesman said they’re going to be redesigning the Semi Truck, after some feedback from potential customers. I think the idea that Tesla is only a year or so away from production of the Semi Truck is far too optimistic.

No hint as to just what that redesign will entail, but I’d be surprised to see the single central seat and the lack of ability to roll down the windows in the production vehicle.

Give them credit it’s under it’s own power and not on a dropped flat bed to get it across the country this time. It’s called progress! Go Tesla!