Tesla Semi Spotted On Side Of The Highway – Why?

MAR 17 2018 BY MARK KANE 47

One Tesla Semi was on its journey back from Anheuser-Busch brewery in St. Louis, but it was spotted on the side of the highway I44 in Missouri.

Tesla Semi

Tesla Semi

The question is why was it stopped?

The Internet lit up with reports of Tesla Semi failure, but of course that wasn’t the case.

The big electric rig was pulled over to conduct a few tests and make some adjustments. Just as you’d expect of any early prototype out on the road.

The fact that the Semi is already capable of driving from the Gigafactory to Fremont, then presumably on St. Louis is impressive enough, considering it was revealed just a few months back.

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I can understand the shorts generating noise.
But, I can’t understand “right” wing bull about this.
Tesla is Hiring AMERICAN’s In AMERICA.

Tesla isn’t checking if you voted Democrat to work for them.

Ford is sending jobs to Mexico and China.
Another example of some right wing nut being on the wrong side of an issue.

If the noise machine, largely owned by fossil fuel interests, tells wing-nuts to hate Tesla, they’ll hate Tesla.


In the US we have this system where if 1 party picks on side, then the other party picks the other. Since the left picked environmentalism, the fossil fuel industry went to lobby with the right.

And the fossil fuel industry has done a good job spreading their propaganda to the right. Their favorite thing is obviously to target the subsidies (without disclosing the subsides they get)

A lot of the GOP leadership wanted to kill the entire GM lineup after the bailout and the Volt was the easiest target to pick on back in 2008 through 2011. You will notice that this is not entirely the case any more because the bailout is fading into the rear view mirror. Governor like Perry of Texas have been pretty vocal about liking wind power and electric cars and the GOP is getting dragged back to common sense on this issue.
What is not to like about Tesla and GM building some of the best electric cars in the world, and it is even better when they are fueled with All American electricity instead of Jihadi Juice.

The right wing hates EVs with a passion. They’re new, they’re different, and they’re progress, so of course the bitter old geezer party hates them.

GOP has many young brain washed Americans that believe anything President Tweet tweets lol

It might be because Tesla doesn’t directly support their halo industries of oil or coal.

Maybe a picture of a fleet of Tesla semis hauling megatons of coal across indigenous Peoples lands would get their hearts beating.

When Nature calls, you have a couple of options.
Looks like the Tesla Semi driver made the right call.

It would be hilarious if all this speculation really was generated due to the driver needing to take a piss.

LOL. Either he had to take a leak or the test/prototype equipment needed a few tweaks.

And you have to wonder, do the shorts Fund Right Wing Media?

I’m not a short, but a big Tesla critic, but I hate the Cheeto as much as anyone.

Bro I think everyone knows what a troll and fud you are. We also understand that when you have such a bland and boring car like the bolt that nobody wants to talk about so you have come over to try and put down Tesla because when you have an empty and miserable life, all you can do is to hate on the success of other people.

Why would an EV enthusiast hate the Bolt? It’s the only affordable long range EV, period. Unless you’re opposed to EV adoption, the Bolt is the best thing to happen to EVs since the Model S.

A $23K boxy car sold at $40K is not affordable!

Nobody pays $40K, and while the styling does indeed suck, the car still rocks. It has 250 mile range, clever hatchback packaging, exemplary instrumentation and electronics, and “hot hatch” driving dynamics.

and you think that Bolt beats M3?
What a joke.

Where the hell did I say I think the Bolt “beats” the Model 3?

are you a left wing bonehead?

If they were truly making adjustments why wouldn’t they pull off the highway where it is safer? It seems like any time a Tesla prototype is dead it is having adjustments made to it. Prototypes break down. It’s ok, not a biggie, just admit to it…

I agree. No way this was a planned stop. It would be much safer to pull off a highway.

If they were truly broken down why did they resume travel without aid of a service vehicle or tow truck? Are people suggesting the fix was an OTA SW update? If it was that is pretty cool.

Or maybe the pack overheated and just needed 10 or 12 minutes to cool off. We don’t know and it is early days so having the Tesla tractor pull over for a few minutes really isn’t much of an issue.

Their dribble is not supposed to make sense or be supported by facts. Just fall in line like a good patriot!
The other day I saw a “patriot” with his huge US flag in the back of his tiny TOYOTA “monster truck”.
Even if it was broken down, that’s ok, part of the process of working out problems and putting out a quality product.

From the perspective of an engineer this is great news for Tesla. They are already doing load testing indicating they are further along then expected.

We don’t know if it did or didn’t breakdown but if it did that is also a good thing. The main purpose of testing is to identify weaknesses and design flaws. Once identified they are usually easy to address.

Americans loyal to America can rejoice with Tesla’s success. Not so for Putin’s pals.

Maybe the drivers just pulled over and cracked open a couple of cold brewskis from the back to lighten the load 😉

Pulling on the side of the interstate does not appear to be a planned stop unless they were trying to avoid others for snooping around the Semi and asking questions. Still it wasn’t the safest thing to do.

Another Euro point of view

Very very dangerous place to stop to conduct tests…. Some years ago a Luxembourg school bus hit a truck that was similarly stopped on the side of an highway in north of France, there were casualties among the children.

I’d say the Bus Driver was not paying attention and may have driven off the road anyway.

Sad story regardless.

So Sad…, So sad , It’s sad , sad situation , and it’s getting more and More absurd…..rotflmao

Right up there with your post.

Super sad!

Don’t Like ? Don’t Read It ! ha ha ha …Btw …My posts go right Over your Head, But Yours are pretty Sad Depressing for the most part , So I just skip them … Cheers !


I guess you need help from a Elton John song to make your point. Still sad.

Yeay ! You Got ! But , It’s alright now ! …

The truck was probably carrying a Roadster, and it was the Roadster which needed to stop by the side of the road. They are prone to doing that.

All these assumptions crack me up.

A bunch of storytelling at best.

Who knows and cares.

Ugh.. Same nonsense as with the fires. If a gas car catches on fire, nobody cares. If a Tesla catches on fire, suddenly the whole brand is in jeopardy. Who cares if the semi broke down? It’s a friggin’ prototype.. What do you expect?

Pull over on the side of an express way to run tests?

Does anyone seriously believe that? There’s no better, less conspicuous place to pull over to run a test?

Bull. This was not a planned stop. Why would you plan to stop a vehicle on the shoulder of a highway to run tests? Kind of a stupid plan, right?

They are driving around running tests as they drive, and they want to stop and make a change and then go back to driving and see how it impacts their test results. And they want to repeat that as much as they want without waiting until there is a truck stop or a rest station for every single stop, so they pulled over briefly.

Doesn’t sound crazy to me. I’ve done that plenty of times just adjusting AFR ratios at different RPM’s on a custom supercharger install. Drive a while, take some readings off a AEM wideband UEGO, pull over and flash some new fuel mix targets to the piggyback module, and pull back on the road and drive and collect more data. Repeat.

Tuners have been doing this forever. Heck, when John DeLorean worked at GM, he used to go drag race on Detroit city streets while testing and tuning the Pontiac GTO, making adjustments right there on the street. I guess all the sudden when Tesla does something it suddenly becomes news.

Did that plenty of times with new mods to my car.
Too many dumbfuks thinking a prototype shouldn’t be doing this.

Grow a brain morons.


Pulled over to take a leak or make a small change or upload some data logging off a laptop 💻

People are ridiculous.

When was the last time anyine got cited for this?

I pulled over the freeway to tweak my mod and a trooper pulled behind me and asked if he could help. I told him I installed a new blah blah and fine tuning it. He said have a nice day and instructed me how I should merge back into the freeway.

I’ve heard of nobody getting cited ever.

U Serious has it completely correct.

Cool story bro.

I think you’re way to uptight and seriously have your panties in a bunch!

Only the early roadsters died. Fiskers did the same thing.

There IS a problem with the roadsters as they age – the PEM (Power Electronics Module) has a design flaw, in that some of the MOSFETS overheat due to their locations on the board and the insulators fail, or in extreme cases the MOSFETS themselves short out – the heat is not recognized soon enough by the thermometers.

I hear the roadster user’s group is trying to get a German Firm to manufacture a PEM look-alike so that the owners who continue to love their roadsters will not have to continually replace the PEM’s at $17,000 each – and that $17,000 buys you a USED PEM which will fail for the reasons listed above – you can’t buy a NEW one any longer and the price has not come down.