Official Tesla Semi Reveal Event Details Now Available

Tesla Semi


Tesla Semi

Tesla Semi Invite – complete with new teaser image

It may be safe to say that the Tesla Semi unveil event won’t be pushed back yet again.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has pushed the Hawthorne event back twice now. Originally, the party was unofficially set for September 28. However, it was tentatively re-scheduled for October 26. Finally, “Save the Date” invites were delivered for the new date. At that time, we thought it was set in stone, however, that wasn’t the case.

The soirée was then moved to November 16th (and this was not specified as “tentative”). According to Musk, it was delayed due to Model 3 production bottlenecks and increased battery production to aid in the hurricane-related devastation in Puerto Rico. Now that official email invitations with accommodations and specific details have been delivered, the event will likely proceed as “re-planned”.

Tesla has even gone so far as to say it will cover and travel/accommodation expenses incurred because of the schedule change. Teslarati was able to secure a copy of the official email. Details are as follows:

Tesla Truck Unveil on Thursday, November 16 at the Jet Center Los Angeles in Hawthorne, CA.
Doors open at 7 PM
Food and drinks will be served beginning at 7 PM
Remarks will begin at approximately 8 PM

The automaker also mentions that the event will take place indoors and outdoors, and you can’t give someone else your invitation. It goes on to detail the parking situation (attendees will park at a local Lowe’s and take a shuttle to the event). There will not be vehicle charging available on site.

Guests must cover the cost of their own travel, however, Tesla has secured reduced rates at select area hotels.

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Can’t wait to see the Tesla semi pulling an equivalent ICE semi in a tug of war uphill.

I wonder what happens when those Tsemi need servicing. Can’t except semi owners to wait for weeks like model S/X owners.

How do you know that it takes weeks to service? Can you give some examples to back this up? I understand these need a fraction of the maintainence of their ICE counterparts. I’m interested to know some facts.

I think he’s referring to the early S and X days when parts weren’t readily available for service work. People complained of waiting days to weeks to get their cars fixed. I don’t know if that has been a problem as of recent, though M3 may give an indication in the coming months.


I think this ‘parts’ issue will not be the major trouble…..

I see the main hurdle is PROVING to prospective buyers (something which was unnecessary with the Roadster, S, or X) that the upcoming “T”Semi is both RELIABLE, and a GOOD VALUE, by committing to revealing the types of parts, AND THEIR SERVICEABILITY, amoungst ALL the major subsystems.

These trucks in general will *NOT* be purchased on Emotion, but on the TRUE VALUE a purchaser will gleen. Its actually quite high a bar to meet.

I would hope that Tesla gets a mini fleet of them running from GF up in Sparks, NV, to Fremont, CA, of 10-20+ trucks, by next Spring or Summer, for early work and road testing!

Then, get another fleet of them working on bringing other suppliers parts to Fremont from all other US &/or Canadian & Mexico Suppliers, for Tesla’s own Experience and Benefits, as well as their suppliers!

Then get a few Dozen in the hands of the other consulting Freight Companies that they said helped them design it, all before actual volume production starts, to get reviews from 3rd parties out even before Production ‘Sales’ begin!

That could be a big challenge to do, since they say they are already ‘Bursting at the Seams’ in Fremont, unless that is in part already because of the Semi build going on there!

These reveals about reveal’s reveal are getting old & tired. Can’t this company put something material on road, like Daimler, BYD or Toyota?

Oh yeah stock sale is more pressing matter now than getting real products into production. Visions, renderings and prototypes for dog & pony shows are so much easier.

Maybe you should Apply for the CE0 Position and see if you can Bump Musk out and make things work better , more to your expectations…..rotflmao

This is standard Tesla procedure, there will be a reveal for the Model Y, pickup truck, “people mover” and roadster in the near future…

But zzzzzzzzzzz relax. That’s the way Musk has always done it.

“I’m going to make an announcement in two weeks”, which ends up being another announcement. It has always worked well for him so why stop now?

Keeps Tesla in the news and “Relevant”.

zzzzzzzzzzzzz said:

“Oh yeah stock sale is more pressing matter now…”

Why don’t you take your obsession with Tesla’s stock price elsewhere? I can certainly understand why you’re upset over all the money you’re losing on shorting Tesla stock, but this is a forum for discussion of EVs… not a platform for Tesla bashing short sellers.

The jury is still out on that one.

Exciting Trip ahead, we’ll combine the Truck Unveil Event with a Gigafactory Tour. I’ll post whatever I can to my Instagram account, though with all the secrecy this likely won’t be much.

So Tesla is unable to set up a production line for the model 3 and now they are supposed to start manufacturing a truck? No, not a chance. This is a diversionary tactic, a stock pump.

I worked really hard to get 5 referrals so that I could go to this “reveal” but with such late notice the airline prices are out of reach (at least for me) round trip from home nearly $1000 +lodging + meals. I really wanted to go, as it may have been my only chance.

Drive and let the supercharge network pay for your travel and use camper mode for your lodging.