Tesla Semi Makes New Appearance


One of the Tesla Semi prototypes appears at the Fremont factory.

Aside from our recent share that revealed the inside of the Tesla Semi, there hasn’t been much news surrounding the behemoth. Additionally, sightings have been rare lately. Now, the larger silver semi truck showed up at the Fremont factory and onlookers were able to snap some shots.

Instagram user Ryan Lembitz (remblitz) shared a photo. He wrote:

“I swear it’s bigger in person” #teslasemi

“I swear it’s bigger in person” #teslasemi

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A few others also shared images and video of the Tesla Semi on Instagram, which we’ve included below:

Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced after some recent testing that the larger semi may have about 600 miles in its production configuration. Originally, when the vehicle debuted, the range was said to be about 500 miles.

It will be interesting to see when Tesla begins to move forward more aggressively with the electric semi trucks, although it appears the company has been testing the vehicles for some time. Tesla plans to begin production next year. However, at this point, the automaker’s primary focus is on Model 3 production and profitability. Along with the semi, the Model Y and new Roadster are set to arrive in the coming years.


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Can’t wait for the day when all semis on the road are electric.
Go Tesla!

I can’t wait for them having auto-pilot or the equivalent … it is unnerving when they are crossing the center lane or hitting the right lanes rumble strips.

Surprised they still have the large mirrors on. DOT recently approved cameras. Daimler, Volvo and Peterbilt have prototypes running with cameras

Daimler petitioned for cameras for years.

Have a source? Front page google doesn’t seem to agree that the DOT has approved cameras…

It looks nicely grubby, suggesting it’s been doing some hard work.

Maybe no budget to stop at a Blue Beacon once in awhile lol

The tires are Bridgestone M710 Ecopia, which is their “ultra-fuel-efficient” truck tire, their most efficient drive tire. A good choice for an electric truck. They have already worn through the top sipe lines, and while there is plenty of tread left, it certainly hasn’t been just sitting parked. They have put some mile on this set of tires already.

“I swear it’s bigger in person” — That’s what she said.

Those are good tires, they definitely show fuel savings on current trucks.
The tread depth when new is 26/32 “

I’ve had these, they are of interesting tire technology, they do excellent job of dispersing the little stones you pick up but they also are not the best in wet conditions.

No perfect world when it comes to tires but these definitely are top of class. The Tesla group made good choice.

wow. good knowledge.

Where are they making these? Stamping tools, battery packs, seats, etc. I also wonder if they are more complex or less complex than a model 3 to manufacture.

The question you should be asking is “Where are they going to make these?”

Despite Elon’s repeated claims that building a Semi truck is “easy” compared to the Model 3, I don’t see Tesla making a vehicle as large as the Semi Truck on the same production line as their cars. I still think Tesla would do better to partner with an existing truck manufacturer for production (not just for making the trucks, but also for servicing them), but we will have to wait and see what will happen.

They should just build them in China or Mexico, almost nonsensical to build them in the US.

wrong. Far better to build in America then elsewhere due to laws. In addition, as trump pushes the tariffs, it is only a matter of time before China and probably mexico, quit running horrible taxes against America.
As such, it will be a LOT easier to compete.

Yes, that is an interesting question. Perhaps Elon is planning to setup a new factory to build just semis.

I agree that partnering with an established car manufacturer would be wise, but this is not Elon’s way.

Especially when Elon says 100,000 a year. He’s has to be thinking globally because with their current design North American market isn’t that big.

Total North American production in class 8 trucks in the best of times is 14,000 a month for everybody combined. It’s not practical anytime soon thinking he’s taking 8,500 month of those sales with EV single seat day cabs with limited range. That’s just delusional.

Tesla has already shown two cabs. The day cab is just one of their designs, and there is no reason why they can’t add more cab configurations as needed.

yes, you and others continue to call Elon delusional. It was done with Paypal, SpaceX’s falcon 1, falcon 9, falcon heavy, landing the falcons, Tesla roadster, Tesla Model S, Tesla model X, and Tesla Model 3. He has been delusional on all of those.
And yet, he continues to succeed, while you and others simply call him names.

Elon has hinted multiple times that the Semi factory will be in Nevada. At least for a time.
The reason is that a semi-truck really is simpler to make compared to luxury sedans.

…It’s not clear yet where those electric trucks will be manufactured, but rumors put the production line at Tesla’s Gigafactory 1 in Nevada…

musk has hinted multiple times that it will be NV. THat is the only place with room for now.
However, in the future, it might be moved.

2 million semis on the road in the US. Wouldn’t take much manufacturing to make all new purchases electric.

Looks like 10% of the fleet gets replaced every year.

A 25% market share for tesla would only be 50,000 trucks. Heck, 10,000 trucks per year, 200 per week, would get them a 5% share. But that would be equivalent to a full Model S or X line.

Where would they get built?

That’s a good question. The short timeline suggests an existing facility. Does Fremont have the space for adding a truck production line?…

They assemble 1000 Model 3s a week in a 100 meter long tent. They won’t need a giant building for Semi.

I’m pretty sure the tent does not contain a complete production line. For example, are there paint rooms inside that tent? Very doubtful.

That’s why I said assemble, not produce.

The point is you don’t need much space for a low speed line. You do 10 things at each station instead of 2. Takes 5x as long but your line is 1/5 the length. The same principle applies to the body shop and paint line (which, as you note, are not in the tent).

I’ll be surprised if they ever make 1000 Semis per week in the US. Which means they need even less space.

Various pictures I have seen of bus manufacturing plants, suggest that low-volume manual assembly actually takes a lot more space (for all the bodies in various states of completion) than automated lines…

…It’s not clear yet where those electric trucks will be manufactured, but rumors put the production line at Tesla’s Gigafactory 1 in Nevada…

LOL at the young lady doing a “model pose” in front of the truck!

Nice to see Tesla fans having fun. 🙂

and liked their comment: “No rooftop garden, no laundry service, no spa water, but at least we have this”

Hopefully, they can get a few Megachargers running, before the release, then publish a map of them. That would make Semi operators want it even more…
Also, a good idea might be to put in charging stalls+solar+battery at truck stops, or rest areas. They could just be standard Supercharger V2 with the Megacharger plug, since they are legally required to stop a number of hours to sleep, an 8 hour charge is fine.

Sleep in a day cab? What slumped over the wheel? That’s not a healthy work environment. It’s one thing to take a rest 30 minute break in a day cab but seriously nobody should be or could be legally sleeping in one, you can’t legally go to line 2 in a day cab on your logs.

I didn’t read that as suggesting they sleep in the cab.

actually, my understanding is that the megachargers, initially, will be at business sites. For example, if you drive to say Denver, you might have to stop off at Kroger’s distribution warehouse to use their megacharger. Of course, that would depend on kroger cutting a deal with Tesla.

I would rather see tesla cut a deal with several of the large truck stops, but apparently, he does not want to do that. Not sure why.

We just saw the photo of all the model 3 on ICE truck car carriers; Tesla should build more semi’s for itself…

I suspect that they are building these for themselves.
BUT, you have to get the design right, first.

It would be easy to make the semi a sleeper cabin by putting a Murphy or other mattress in the large space above the cabin. If Tesla doesn’t do it, I bet some truckers will have it modified right away by aftermarket companies.

This takes resources from their core business.