See Tesla Semi In Mad Max Mode … Say What?

Tesla Semi


Hmm … Tesla Semi and Mad Max mode? What you say?

We’ll be honest to say at InsideEVs that we don’t really get it. What/who/huh? Mad Max say what? Not even sure we can divulge much here really. Driving in a dystopian future, umm ….

This is some sort of lane-change, blindspot threshold setting that Tesla is testing? Of course, it is Elon!

In addition, Tesla CEO Elon Musk posted this about the Tesla Semi in Mad Max mode:

He went on to say that these features shown above may or may not be available to owners at some point in the future.

Keep in mind that after this Twitter user shared the crazy Tweet with a sketch of a Tesla Semi in a Mad Max scene, Musk pointed out that such a thing is actually REAL in development mode. This is not something that any Tesla owners can see or use with regards to the current Autopilot, but it may be something that is in the works in the future of Tesla’s Full Self-Driving technology. Who knows, right? This stuff is getting crazier every day, to say the least.

We’ll leave it up to our fantastic InsideEVs community to attempt to decipher these Musk Tweets and replies. What do you think is going on here?

Please add your wisdom in the comments below and/or start a thread on our Forum. We honestly need all the insight we can muster.

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9 Comments on "See Tesla Semi In Mad Max Mode … Say What?"

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They will be accompanied by Zombies with the Tesla flamethrowers if things get much worse quickly?


That Semi settings screenshot reveals a bunch of stuff beyond Mad Max mode… it gives the traditional semi truck makers a clue of what they are up against with Tesla Semi… example:

Feature Settings: Augmented Vision

The commercial semi industry is in for a radical technological upgrade.


Feature Settings: Vision Stops

I wonder if this is a feature that turns off all cameras used for when Tesla Semi is entering a restricted area that does not allow video recording such as a secured military base?


And people say Tesla doesn’t advertise.

Magnus H

This is so childish. Only reason is to cater to the young and rich nerds, for life style PR. Just like the flamethrower and zoombie apocalypse thing.

Mister G

What’s wrong with a little fun and entertainment in your vehicle of the near future? Connect the dots on clean air wake up folks


What precious, homicide inducing cargo does the future semi hold …… the latest iPhone, I presume?

Rafael Sabatini

It’s another issue with the way AP is conceived– as he says, it will always yield. And, per the LA freeway comment, if you maintain safe following distances you will ALWAYS have cars filling even the smallest void in front of your front bumper.

It must drive truckers crazy to be on the freeways in LA.

LA by far is not the worst when it comes to cars vs semi interactions. I’m much better with cars constantly filling my front space distance ( can always back off to create new space) than cars using the fartherest right lane as a high speed lane. A lot of people do not realize the true rear blind spot on a semi is a 75 feet long triangle to a point behind the trailer. So even a good driver doing mirror scans every 5 seconds can easily miss a car tucking in behind the trailer in that blind spot and then if they pull around on the right side, it truly is a dangerous way to drive your car. That spot on the right side of a semi right before the mirror by the right door is a really bad place to keep your car. My Volvo has 7 mirrors to be scanned, even if you change all that to digital displays it’s constantly a lot of info to constantly digest as it changes by the second. My biggest pet peeves are drivers on cell phones and people who forget that when you are coming down the on ramp it’s… Read more »