Tesla Semi “Save The Date” Invites Sent Out For Oct. 26 Hawthorne Event

Tesla Semi


The original Tesla Semi event was recently pushed back and even the new date was specified by CEO Elon Musk as “tentatively scheduled”, but now it’s more official since “save the date” email reminders have been distributed.

The invite-only event is set for Thursday, October 26 at the Tesla Design Center in Hawthorne, California. The email went out to Tesla owners that won/qualified for that portion of the automaker’s referral program award. The event is specifically for people that accumulated five or more Model S or X referrals, which resulted in sales.

Musk has been touting the semi truck for some time and seems enamored with the team’s progress on it. According to the CEO, it’s “seriously next level”, a “beast”, and “unreal”. It will be interesting to see if the above picture really is the Tesla Semi or at least an accurate representation of the real thing. We will soon find out.

The official email reads (via Teslarati):

“You have qualified for a VIP invitation to our semi truck event on Thursday, October 26 in Hawthorne, CA. Please save the date. You will receive an email invitation closer to the event. We look forward to celebrating this exciting milestone with you!”

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I have no issues with Tesla and their announcements, but this seems like a distraction at this point. Especially if this isn’t going to be produced in the next year or even two.

They need to make up a reason for raising more money early next year.

Funniest thing I have read today. You have issues with literally every single tesla announcement.

All the other auto manufacturers are just plain stupid. They are pulling a Nokia. Seriously, how hard is it to make an electric semi-truck? Any number of other auto manufacturers could have produced a semi, but they didn’t, because they are quite literally stupid. I’m going to dance on their graves.

You need to watch the movie Office Space and you’ll understand everything 😉

Yep! We’ll all be using whale oil lamps long after Mr Edison is gone! Electric bulb indeed!

Next you’ll be telling me the power loom is going to catch on! I’ll be dancing on its grave!


Remember Tesla mission—basically to disrupt the unsustainable stagnant status-quo.

I’m hoping, on very feeble grounds, that the other new thing is next gen superchargers. With 350 kW chargers (that noone can exploit!) being built in Europe in 2018, Tesla is falling behind, and with semi trucks they’ll have cars that can make use of next gen charging power… Whatever it turns out to be I certainly hope it’s not some meaningless gimmick. They’ve created the expectation it’s something significant. Although the semi itself will of course be really interesting. Electric propulsion makes more, not less, sense for large, heavy, high-utilisation vehicles than smaller, lighter, less-used ones. Sure, battery packs are expensive, bulky and heavy. But they are still worth it. Fuel costs dominate the lifetime total cost of operating a truck – fuel costs significantly more than the driver’s salary every hour! So the savings with electricity as energy source are much more important for trucks than cars. But even in cars lifetime cost of BEVs are already reasonably competitive, so in trucks BEVs should come out far ahead. More than enough to compensate for slightly lower utilisation as a consequence of charging time. And since there’s less maintenance with an electric truck the overall, lifetime utilisation may not… Read more »