Tesla Actively Trying To Enter Indian Market, Seeks Special Exemption




Tesla’s flagship Model S

Tesla may be able to enter India soon after all.

A few weeks ago, we reported about what seemed to be some admitted confusion on Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s part, regarding Tesla’s upcoming entry into India. Musk said back in February that the goal for India was this summer. A Twitter follower recently asked Musk about the electric automaker’s India plans, and Musk replied with a reference to the ‘Make In India’ policy.

Tesla Model 3

Model 3

The information that we obtained, along with further replies on Twitter, went on to explain that cars are excluded from India’s policy, but details were still unclear. Regardless of what the actual issue was, Musk has now confirmed that Tesla is in talks with the Indian government to move forward.

If Tesla is given the go ahead to build a local factory in India, there is then no stipulation stating that 30 percent of the components must be locally sourced. In the meantime, Tesla is attempting to work out a deal in which it can import its vehicles without having to pay fees.

Approximately one-sixth of the global population resides in India. Though much of the nation is still developing, it should prove as a substantial market for Tesla. A local factory, along with local stores and service centers would also provide a multitude of jobs for Indian citizens, and the deal would work to stimulate India’s economy. Since it can be seen as a win for both sides, there is significant potential for the deal to come to fruition.

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I’m sure Musk can work with Modi to begin selling cars in India. India is going big on renewable energy and wants to go big on EV’s. I was surprised to read China has 200 million electric motorcycles on the road, I wonder if India also has that many.

No, India has barely started their electrification. Not even two-wheelers have started to become electrified in any meaningful numbers in India yet.

That would be the perfect start though.

Both India and China are going huge on renewable energy so it makes sense that Tesla are trying to establish markets in both of those. Also worth noting that both India and China are very likely to become world superpowers in the next decade, the rate of growth of both of these countries is phenomenal. Where as what Trump is doing in the US feels like it’s going backwards.

Tesla doing what it always does, seeks special treatment.

You’ll never get it if you don’t ask, I guess.

Hey Musk, Apple has railroaded into opening an Indian factory. Expect to get the same treatment.

Average Indian consumer, rich or poor, is budget conscious. it count in both initial and operating cost.
Four Wheeler segment is just started to expand. With most middle class families emerging from single 100 cc bike –> multiple bikes in home, –> single car(around 1000 cc).
Prices have to come down, market to take off.
Rich and Neo rich look for Brand Name,and luxury feature inside, Audi is fav right now. There is market there in India, but it will take few years for Tesla price point.

There is a funny Adv, A super rich guy with bald head, good looking in suite, with smoking hot side kick,goes to buy big Yatch and asks the sales man “KITNA DEGA” means “how much it will give” (milage mpg). No matter who you are, numbers come first.

Me, same Indian, who looks for mpge when i read about new EV. I leased Leaf for 3 years, right now own volt (used ) , booked model 3