Tesla Seeks Military Veterans For Gigafactory Jobs


Tesla Giga Factory Graphic

Tesla Giga Factory Graphic

It’s come to our attention (via Plug In America) that Tesla Motors is actively seeking military veterans to fill future jobs at its battery Gigafactory.

Heads up–job opportunities! Tesla Motors is looking to hire veterans for their Gigafactory. Email and flier follow:

From: Richard Fairbanks
Date:08/12/2015 8:36 AM (GMT-08:00)
Subject: TESLA Veteran’s Day

My Friends & Associates,

I am asking for your assistance in getting this information out to our Veteran Community in the Northern Nevada Area.

TESLA Corporation is wanting at least Six Percent of their work force to be Veterans, and they are willing to hold a Veterans Information Day for our Veterans to enlighten them, and discuss what they are looking for during the Hiring process.

This will include the Resumes, Cover letters, and Applications. They will cover what resume style they want to see, the particulars of the individuals’ Military Experience that should be highlighted, along with those things that should not be in the Resume and what some of the more common issues the see from applicants.

This is a great opportunity to get first-hand information on the way that TESLA would like to see in the applicants resume packages, and what the individuals can expect when they apply.

I have attached a couple of Flyer that show the Date, time and location of the event, please post these in as many highly visible locations as possible. And if at all possible please notify your clients to pass the word two their veterans friends.

Just imagine putting six hundred of our Veterans to work in a promising career, This could be the chance.

In the Mean time I want to thank each of you for your support and assistance with the event, and as always if you have any questions or issues please don’t hesitate contact me and I’ll do my best to help resolve it.

Ric Fairbanks
Veteran’s Representative
Fallon JobConnect
121 Industrial Way
Fallon, NV 89406
Office: 775-423-5115
Fax: 775-423-6116
Email: rdfairbanks@nvdetr.org

The flier from Tesla is posted below:

Tesla Flier

Tesla Flier

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A very strategic move… 🙂 It will be brilliant for Tesla (unless there is a PTSD shooting at the factory sometime in the future).

Lets be clear here. Tesla is smart with tax credits and with each Veteran they can get up to $9600 in Federal Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC).

Patriotic and Smart.
I don’t see Fox “news” doing this.

Everything this guy does Benefits AMERICA.

Better than silly race or gender based hiring policies that many companies are being forced to adopt these days.

I want the best candidate for the job and my experience has shown that all else being equal, veterans usually exhibit better workplace behavior.

Are you a rural citizen, let me tell you, in the big city, there are no problems picking up Qualified Candidates for Jobs who are minority and woman.

“Being forced to adopt” — is exactly the attitude of someone who can’t judge candidates for jobs impartially.

But, I have to agree with you on your second point. Veterans do know the discipline needed to get the tedious work done. Most people have to learn this “skill”.

Yup, no problems picking up minorities or women. If asked to give a preference, I’d rather the job go to the best qualified candidate.

So all else being equal, giving preference to minorities and women makes me (and plenty others) feel good. Giving preference to vets nets me a good chance I’m getting a trouble-free worker.

Makes sense. Personally I would not work for any company who would hire me.
In other Tesla related news they bumped up the share offer by .6 million shares to 2.7 million.

I’m getting very angry at these video advertisements – this is the 4th article I have tried to read today, and as a scroll down through the article and comments, I am RUDELY shifted back to wherever the video is and it starts over. Even when I hit “pause”, it will still scroll the page up or down to it’s location and starts over, as if it was never paused to begin with. STOP IT!!! I have to leave the site – I can’t finish a damn article + comments without being interrupted several times.

google seamonkey (for durability, firefox without the hourly updates) and NoScript, but your point is well made – advertisers wonder why we feel we Must employ these protections (not to mention malware).

NoScript is a pain at first (manually allow recognised sites), but well worth the effort, IMHO.

Veterans with honorable discharges are some of the most reliable workers out there. I would favor them over others.

Anybody can say “I appreciate your service” to a vet, but that doesn’t actually help them.

It’s great to see Tesla is actually doing something, not just giving lip service to honoring our veterans.


And now they can get health insurance finally.

Sound strategy. As a disruptive company Tesla needs all the goodwill it can get in its fight against oil and car industry that are lobbying behind the scenes to make its life miserable demonstrated by the fact that an increasing number of states makes it impossible for Tesla to create a retail model that fits electric cars forcing it to adopt the one that was build around the maintenance needs of gassers instead.

That will become a problem for selling Model 3 in large numbers!!

Musk definitely knows how to play the game. How about hiring the best qualified people for the job and if they are vets great.

In addition, Tesla needs to hire unemployed coal miners and oil/gas workers.

Blimey! Talk about poacher turned gamekeeper! MW

It is a awesome idea! Oil war veterans given a job in the get off oil industry.

Brilliant! Maybe Elon’s best idea yet!

What’s up with the grammar in the text? I’m German and my English is quite mediocre, but I had to shudder at some points. Don’t they have their texts proofread?