Tesla Seeking Manufacturing Engineers For Gigafactory


Tesla Gigafactory

Tesla Seeking Manufacturing Engineers at Gigafactory

Are you looking for a job? How about a job at Tesla? As anticipated, the company will be hiring many and often over the course of the next several years. Tesla VP for Engineering, Drive Systems & Vehicle NVH, Michael Schwekutsch posted current hiring information on LinkedIn this week.

Workers inside the Tesla Gigafactory

Workers inside the Tesla Gigafactory

If you are honestly interested, in addition to the application process, we suggest that you “follow” Schwekutsch, as more information is coming soon, and Tesla will be continually involved in this process.

All pertinent info is included in this post, per LinkedIn, in case you don’t have an account. If you aren’t ” Linked In”, and intend to secure a job at Tesla, we suggest that you get yourself an account.

The current available jobs are at the Tesla Gigafactory in Sparks, Nevada (Reno), and are specified as manufacturing jobs. However, the post reveals that positions for production associates, as well as supervisors, will be added soon. All current and future Gigafactory job application-related correspondence will go to:


The initial application process simply requires you to send your Curriculum Vitae (CV) to the above email address, and include “why you think you are the right one.”

The LinkedIn posting includes every job currently available and specifics about the scope of the positions. Schwekutsch made a point to emphasize that these jobs will challenge you “every single day” and that experience in the area is expected. Jobs are listed below:

  • Senior Manufacturing Engineer – Assembly
  • Associate Manufacturing Engineer – Assembly
  • Manufacturing Engineer – Sub Assembly Production
  • Senior Controls Engineer (Manufacturing Engineering)
  • Controls Engineer (Manufacturing Engineering)

Follow the link below to check out the official information, and see a more detailed list of available jobs.

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To Trump: Here are some great high paying manufacturing jobs!

It would be great if coal mining engineers apply and get hired by Tesla.

Hmm, leave Southern California for Sparks, NV. Decision, decision.

Yes, Hmmm. hours of endless traffic jams, smog, and overpriced housing, or living where one can be at great ski resorts in 30 minutes, mountainbike out your back door, and explore public lands um, now. Have fun down there!

Yes, public lands soon to be auctioned off in rigged bids to the lowest bidders so the can be covered with franking rigs and strip mines with no pollution controls or clean up!

Plus you can just wander out into the desert and never be heard from again. Of course you can do that in CA too, but you would have to drive out to the desert first, and someone would see you or your car.

“Living where one can be at great ski resorts in 30 minutes”

Hmm… Which one? Northstar? Not really. Squaw/Alpine, yes, that is nice but certainly more than 30 minutes away. Heavenly? Decent, but more than 30 minutes away.

But, hey, Bunny Ranch is less than 30 minutes away!

We got like 4 ski resort within 35 miles from work and I live less than 20 miles from the beach. Today was 65 degree. I guess millions are missing out.

I wonder what the Controls Engineering positions pay.

Enough to keep you in kibbles & bits for a life time.

$105,061 + $12,500 stock bonus.

The real business opportunity is a coffe shop/microbrewery. I am still amazed at how there seems to be no limit to the number of breweries our town can support. It would probably work very well in Sparks.

Every engineering position at the Fremont site received about 100 applications per job. As an applicant, I found that discouraging. I would also need to relocate a great distance, and I’m sure they favor local talent.

‘these jobs will challenge you “every single day”’ = only young people without families should apply.

Tesla’s contract with the State of Nevada does require them to give preference to Nevada residents seeking jobs.

So anyone serious about applying for one of these jobs should consider at least a temporary move to Nevada, to establish residency there before applying.