Tesla Seeking Interior And Exterior Designer For “Future Tesla Vehicles”


Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3

Tesla recently posted at least two job openings that would seem to indicate that design work beyond the Model 3 will begin soon.

The two roles, senior exterior designer and senior interior designer, specifically mention “design development of future Tesla vehicles.” Considering that pencils down” on the Model 3 occurred back in late Summer, these two high-level design positions must be for vehicles beyond the 3, perhaps the crossover Model Y based on the 3’s platform, or maybe even other offerings such as the Tesla minibus or the Tesla semi truck.

Here are the two job postings, with “future Tesla vehicles” highlighted via Teslarati:


Senior Exterior Designer (via Teslarati)



Senior Interior Designer (via Teslarati)

Tesla needs to be designing out in advance now if it wants to keep to its goal of launching several new models by 2020, so it will certainly have to beef up its design (and development) teams. No longer is Tesla able to focus only on getting one car ready at a time.

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I think that they should make it look exactly like a Ford focus electric but give it 200 miles range and fast charging up to 120 kW, or maybe make it look exactly like a Mercedes E class with the same options as above for $10k less than the E class.

I think what I am after is something that shows that the other car makes are unnecessarily dragging their feet in a very, very obvious way.

Dragging their feet?? Are you implying the FFE, Volt and BoltEV aren’t stunning eye catching vehicles?? LOL sarcasm intended

If you’d think that the BOLT & VOLT are eye Catching Vehicles ., I’d Hate to see your Dates……. l m a o……………..

Don’t worry, the Chinese are on it.

You laugh, but China may well end up the Shining Bastion of Climate Sanity and Progress for the next Four Years…

Sounds like maybe this person would be reporting to Franz Von Holzhausen. At first I was worried maybe Franz was leaving Tesla which would certainly be bad. He sure can design nice looking cars!!

The other Car makers are Stuck Frozen On “ICE” for very obvious reasons & to fulfill their hidden Agendas ….All their excuses are a Load of “BS”…&..”HUNGAWA”

The model s need to be updated.

It just was / is?

The car they’re producing NOW, has so little left untouched since the first models rolled off the assembly line, way back in 2012.

The Front, Roof, Battery Pack, Seats, Motors, AI Computer, AutoPilot Hardware, GUI / Firmware, etc., etc., and hundreds of other little tweaks no one sees– have evolved an amazing vehicle, and made it even better.

About the only thing the current design team hasn’t done is turn the drivers seat around.

That may change in a year or so. 😉

Telsa model three will cost over 50,000 when it launches. Telsa is nothing more than a company for a niche market. It’s trying to be something more than it is which will bankrupt this company in under 5 years.

Geez, Who licked the stipes off your lollipop?

Hey look, new trolls with new usernames have appeared.

I wonder which existing username/anti-Tesla Troll is posting under these new usernamess?

Keep your Tesla short position, I will keep supporting St. Elon on his EV Cruzesade through the Oilers filthy and mucky swamp. Oil, in the very near future, will be too valuable and expensive to burn for the majority, when it comes to personal automotive transport. The next 100 years will be nothing like the last hundred years, when you look at a valuable finite resource like petroleum.


Finally a new designer, they need someone Aston, Jaguar style.

The exteriors are somewhat Euro-bland, but tolerable. The interiors need the most work IMO. I’m just glad they finally got rid of that nose cone.

Some of us prefer the nosecone. I’m slowly getting used to the new look, but still prefer the old one.

At first I was on the fence of the nose on the Model 3. But now I have grown accustomed to it, and it’s unique. The nose-cone always seemed like a cheap 80’s plastic version of a front grill.

I hope nobody from Toyota or Nissan is hired.

Some of the Infiniti and Lexus models are pretty nice looking. Perhaps that is why Lexus is one of the best selling luxury brands this year with the highest customer satisfaction. And the interiors are light years ahead of the Teslas. I just sat in a Lexus last night. Very impressie details. Awesome heated/cooled seats, comprehensive safety suite, etc. Even the interior light doesn’t have buttons, they are capacitive touch sensors.All for under $50k.

Maybe they should reach out to Heinrich. I’m pretty sure Mr. Fisker is available and probably in need of a new project 😉

No. That bridge can no longer be crossed, due to the severity of the carbonization of its structure…

Hopefully the new interior designer will think it’s important enough to include grab handles above the doors, coat hooks, cup holders, decent armrests, and other amenities common in normal cars but MISSING from Model S+X.