Tesla Seeking Incentives For Model S in China


It seems that Tesla Motors is trying to find a loophole that will allow its Model S to qualify for China’s substantial EV subsidies.

Priced from $121,000 in China, the Model S could become some $17,000 cheaper if it were to qualify for the full EV incentive in China.

Problem is that only domestically-built EVs qualify for the incentive, which means that Tesla would have to begin building the Model S in China in order to take advantage of the subsidy.  Tesla understands that it doesn’t qualify for the incentive, but the automaker is hoping that some concessions can be made so that the Model S qualifies for some sort of discount.

Diarmuid O’Connell, Tesla’s vice president of business development, stated this in a phone interview:

“We understand we don’t qualify for direct subsidies.”

“We’re hoping the government will consider the role Tesla can have in catalyzing electric vehicle adoption in China and extend those incentives to Model S as well.”

Sales of the Model S in China will get underway next month.

It’s our belief that the Model S will not qualify for any form of incentive in China.  The nation has stood its ground on this and has never allowed a foreign-built EV to benefit from the country’s subsidies.

Tesla Model S Priced at  $121,000 USD in China

Tesla Model S Priced at $121,000 USD in China

Source: Detroit News

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They might get lucky if enough Chinese legislators fancy buying one! 😉

Thats a good idea! Bribes go a long way in China.

What if they have a “final assembly” plant like they do in Europe, will it qualify then?

Probably not. The chinese aren’t that easily fooled.

Unless they strike a behind the curtain deal wink wink.

They would not even need subsidies.
The incentive would just be that they would not by financially pummeled at the border.

These are punitive tariffs.

It is similar in Norway.
It is not like the S costs less; it is still as expensive as elsewhere in Europe.
The difference is that evs are not subjected to the same dis-incentives as ices.

The reason ices are treated that way is because of pollution.
And by that reason, the ev ‘incentives’ should per definition never be ended, as evs will continue not to pollute.