Tesla Says Second Generation Powerwall Will Launch In A Few Weeks

MAY 17 2016 BY MARK KANE 34

Tesla Energy Powerwall

Tesla Energy Powerwall

About three months ago, Elon Musk mentioned that Tesla will introduce Powerwall version 2.0 this summer.

Now, it seems the gen 2 introduction would only be a few weeks away according to some sources.

Generation 1…we hardly knew you.

The first question on everyone’s minds ahead of the launch is whether or not the new version will be better and/or more affordable than the current 6.4 kWh version (from $3,000)?

Just over 2,500 Powerwalls were delivered in the first quarter of 2016, so it is still the very early days of the Tesla Energy business.   And over the Powerwall’s short lifespan, Tesla has already modified both its original 7 kW and 10 kW products fairly significantly – including discontinuing the 10 kW “back-up” unit altogether.

According to GAS2, Powerwall 2.0 will be compatible with inverters manufactured by SMA (the largest inverter manufacturer in the world by revenues, and second largest by volume), so it seems like there may be some efforts on the part of Tesla Energy to ease pricing/installation costs on the unit.

SMA compatibility is mentioned as “the most significant change“.

“When it was first introduced, the Powerwall was designed to work with inverters from Solar Edge. Its SE7600A-USS Powerwall compatible 7.6 kilowatt StorEdge inverter currently retails on WholesaleSolar.com for $2,944. By comparison, the Powerwall compatible SMA Sunny Boy Storage 2.5  retails in the European market for $1,240.”

Other changes expected:

  • simplified handling and wiring requirements for quicker and less expensive installation
  • quieter operation of built-in cooling system compared to at least some copies of first generation

source: GAS2

Tesla Powerwall spec - March 2016

Tesla Powerwall spec – March 2016

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A homeowner would never place a Powerwall in the spot depicted in that photo.

Don’t nitpick, the shot is beautiful. Who cares it doesn’t make sense.

Don’t get me wrong – I really love the idea of the Powerwall, but I think there should at least be a choice of enclosures. They can still have the one shown in the picture for people who want to install the Powerwall on their living room wall.

But if I were to install one of those in the garage, it would clash with my Craftsmen tool chest, furnace, and fusebox.

I’d rather just have a boring rectangular box.

Maybe you could get a wrap for it!

or may have a choice to order it without these fancy enclosers. I’d drop it into a plywood box lol

You don’t want the power wall in the living room. The fan noise will drive you crazy.

Unless the homeowner wants to show off his Powerwall to arriving guests. It’s the latest thing in home bling.

Likely to get stolen is more like it.
But until they get the price under $2k/kwhr retail it will only be viable in high cost electric markets above about $.22/kwhr.
Vs US average is more like
Until then EV used packs are a far better deal.

california may start at $0.12 but real world usage will put you in tier 3 with $0.30 or higher. I used to pay $200-$250/month before I put a solar pv system on the roof, and I know some people that pay much more than that even.


Use lead that last time yrs and by then lithium will be reasonably priced and electronics mature.

Why not?

– Outside
– In the shade.
In a warm, sunny climate that would likely be a good location.

The shot’s by a lake so it probably isn’t depicting anywhere with extreme heat.

As long as it never rains or gets cold, it’s a great place to put it !

Why not?

Why not? People put tacky Apple Stickers on their car back windows. Same thing here. Brand names and logos have cachet, and Tesla is a hot brand name right now. The units are clean, sculptural and lend a high-tech, sustainable gestalt to any home.

Who wouldn’t want to place a powerwall (or two) in a prominent place of honor, at one’s home? Along with your solar panels and wind generator…

It would be too embarrasing, since the distinction between ‘early adopter’ and ‘sucker’ has narrowed.

I agree. To place it there makes it look like a Star Trek tombstone, of a former owner. 😉

Once Lady GaGs pops out of the Powerwall and starts singing Bad Romance, you’ll forget all about it looking like a Star Trek tombstone. 😉


Great placement in photo. Not a real world location install, hopefully! Good advertizing for Tesla!

If Tesla gives the Powerwall v2 more capacity and the ability to fast-charge Tesla vehicles, then the mounting location they show probably makes sense. And it would also make it more appealing to some potential buyers.

If the Powerwall were to fast charge a Tesla, wouldn’t you need quite a few of those 6.4kWh batteries !

Yep. And the cost of the wear & tear on two large Li-Ion batteries would be pretty expensive.

We need the grid to balance loads & generation. Trying to go completely off-grid is a bad idea (unless you have no choice).

At about $.15/kwhr going off grid is viable and for me under $.08/kwhr because I’m really good.
Just 1 day of lead battery and a dc generator to fast charge them the few times needed solves the problem and in many places the money charge pays for that.
Until lithium prices get reasonable.

I’m more interested in seeing better electronics for charging, islanding, controlling, bidirectional inverter, etc.

The SMA inverter is only 2.5kW compared to the 7.6kW SolarEdge. Of course the SMA is cheaper. It also reduces the the maximum power draw from the PowerWall. Previously, it made sense to put more than one PowerWall on each inverter. Now it would make more sense to use one PowerWall per SMA inverter. The question is whether they have that kind of communication in place so that they would coordinate together.

The SolarEdge product also handles a PV system whereas the SMA system is just an AC coupling system for a battery.

Things are improving but we still need much better support electronics for these batteries. Once we have better turn-key support electronics and the battery prices drop due to the Gigafactory being up & running, I think these PowerWall systems will start making more sense to a lot of people. Right now they are a niche product for the few areas where they make sense.

How many of those 40,000 pre orders of last year are delivered??

They were not preorders, they were emails collected to be notified when product becomes available. No money put down, no commitment to buy. I put myself on the list too just in case but when it was clear that it would not work with the existing inverters I already own I decided to wait for better options. Will reevaluate when next version comes out. That being said, they did sell more of the commercial systems like http://www.mercurynews.com/business/ci_29898716/marin-college-gets-tesla-batteries-solar-power-storage

“Tesla will receive $5.3 million in state and utility incentives and rebates covering the cost of site preparation, installation of the lithium-ion battery packs, a liquid thermal control system and software commanded by a solar inverter.”

That is the ONLY reason why it was installed.

Today, financially speaking, the PowerWall just doesn’t make any sense in overall cost in most locations.

“How many of those 40,000 pre orders of last year are delivered??”

Don’t ask about it. It was sold out, all you need to know… LOL.

It suits a lot of homeowners who just want to have the powerwall, but I am , as a Volt owner, interested in a more general , used EV battery enclosure that was as efficient as an SMA inverter ( I have an SMA 10kw inverter, goes well).
I think a lot of EV owners want to have a use for their old ev battery when it eventually loses say 20% of its capacity.
Not sure Jay if you know of any developments in an enclosure that would store a Volt or Leaf or any battery, at this time? I know I am waiting for one, and I believe it would be a better bang for the buck proposition than the Tesla Powerwall, and deliver a usable outcome for recycling the used EV batteries, and give a “happy outcome” for EV owners who wish to swap out their used EV battery, and then re- purpose it, it an economically sensible way

I am on the list to purchase a Powerwall, yet I have never heard from Tesla. When I attempt to find out there is no way in which to do so. Tesla, call me?

Check your spam folder. I did get an email with a link that lead me to a survey where they asked me all about my PV system or intent to get a PV system. I didn’t respond because I would need an AC coupling system which they didn’t have at the time.

I’m going to wait until the batteries are cheaper and the support electronics are better. Right not it is first generation stuff that needs to be improved, IMHO.

The inverter costs were one of the biggest issue with the powerwall announcement (when it became clear the unit doesn’t include the inverter). So have having it be compatible with a significantly less expensive inverter definitely is a step in the right direction.

To this day, my 3 emails to Tesla as to when I can expect delivery, remain unanswered. I responded with my order, before Musk finished his intro on the powerwall.