Tesla Sales Up Again In Norway, Nissan LEAF Remains In Charge

Tesla Model X

JUN 10 2018 BY MARK KANE 3

Plug-in electric car sales in Norway increased in May and now exceed a cumulative level of 200,000 new registrations since 2012.

The Number of registrations in May amounted to 5,512 passenger cars (up 27% year-over-year) at over 42% market share!

New plug-in passenger car registrations in Norway – May 2018

Here are the details:

  • BEVs 2,911 (+34%, 22.3% market share) + 1,027 ‘used’ + 100 vans (88 new and 12 used) + 1 FCV
  • PHEVs 2,604 (+20%, 20.0% market share)

New plug-in passenger car registrations in Norway – May 2018

Tesla Model S

The best selling car in Norway this year is the Nissan LEAF, which took the lead after a spectacular registration record of 2,172 in March. Since then, sales dialed back to three-digit numbers – 997 in April and 644 in May.

During the first five months of 2018, Tesla significantly increased its sales in Norway of both the Model S and Model X:

  • Tesla Model X: 247 in May (up 79%) and 1,548 YTD (up 72%)
  • Tesla Model S: 272 in May (up 209%) and 1,386 YTD (up 127%)

Model S is back to form, but it’s still below its results from 2014 and 2015 when in the first five months respectively some 2,598 and 2,108 were registered.

Volkswagen Golf (ICE, e-Golf BEV and Golf GTE PHEV) is the second best selling model, followed by the BMW i3.

New passenger car registrations in Norway – May 2018, source: Opplysningsrådet for Veitrafikken AS (OFV AS)

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Wow, you posted monthly sales ahead of the EV sales blog in both Norway and Japan (besides the traditional 1st on US sales)! Way to be early.
From the #s it seems like the eGolf took the monthly crown for May.
In the Japan post you mentioned 2800 European Leaf sales for May; is this based on country-level numbers, or on a Nissan report?

Thanks, Assaf

Adding registrations throughout the month.

Reporting the first (or sometimes second) day of the new month.

In civilized countries statistics like this is transparent, public and accessible.