Let’s Look At Tesla Sales Against Rivals: BMW & Mercedes

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OCT 3 2018 BY MARK KANE 30

Tesla outsold BMW, Mercedes in passenger cars with ease.

Those automotive dinosaurs don’t have it easy these days as the push to drive electric is taking over.

Let’s check out how Tesla sales results in the U.S. compared to two German brands – BMW and Mercedes-Benz – that are typically seen as Tesla’s closest competitors as brands (despite the fact that neither offers direct competitive BEV models to Tesla Model S, X or 3).

Third quarter results:

Passenger cars:

  • Tesla (Model S + Model 3) – 61,875
  • BMW – 45,452
  • Mercedes-Benz – 29,442


  • Mercedes-Benz (excludes commercial vans) – 37,100
  • BMW – 26,227
  • Tesla (Model X) – 8,050

All passenger cars and SUVs:

  • BMW – 71,679
  • Tesla (Model S, X & 3) – 69,925
  • Mercedes-Benz (excludes commercial vans) – 66,542

As you can see, Tesla’s advantage in the passenger car segment is already huge and it could further increase with Model 3 sales expected to rise even more.

In the case of SUVs, Tesla’s portfolio is currently too narrow with just the single Model X at very high-end. Everything could change when the Model Y is introduced. That could be a major hit to the BMW X3, the automaker’s best-selling vehicle right now.

Anyways, in the Q4, Tesla will easily outsell both BMW and Mercedes-Benz in the U.S. – a good sign ahead of the Model 3 invasion of Europe.

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I hope that Elon brings Model Y much earlier, like Q1 or Q2 of 2019. This will make Tesla super strong

I’d like to see TMY as soon as possible, but realistically it is not going to happen in 2019. My hopes are for early 2020.

I reckon 2020 might be early enough for TMY to help park the so called “European Luxury cars” on the periphery of the US market, in the Miscellaneous Oddities niche 🙂

I agree with the sentiment, but the TMY hasn’t even been revealed yet. My guess would be the deliveries will start in 2020. Which suits me well, as my Bolt lease expires then 🙂

Late 2020 at the earliest, probably later 2021 for the start of deliveries.

They need to build somewhere to manufacture them first and that’s going to take 3 years unless they cannibalize the Model 3 lines in the current factory – which could indicate sustained sales of <10,000 Model 3's worldwide. Unless they ramped down Model 3 production for a while before ramping it up in their China factory in 2021/22.

Given the huge sales of the model 3 I suspect many states would bend over backwards to land a model Y plant and would probably even be willing to help fund building it. Of course they still need to be able to source the batteries. If that requires another GigaFactory that could be the determining factor.

Texas and Michigan will be off that list

I am hoping that THIS TIME, that Tesla is not introducing the MY, until they have a line set-up.

Yeah ,the Lineup starts there, behind me,and there is already half a million in front of me

Great results for Tesla, they are positioned to do even better in Q4. Hope this trend continues throughout 2019.

It would be nice to see what BMW and Mercedes sales numbers in the US were prior to the TM3 for comparison. The assumption here is, TM3 sales are conquest sales from these manufacturers. Are they? Some no doubt are, but how many?

I would imagine globally Tesla is not anywhere in the top 5?

Give them a couple years. Once the Model 3 starts selling worldwide I would expect similar sales performance.

Tesla are currently an American car manufacturer primarily. BMW sell around 500,000 3 series worldwide each year alone.

And model 3 selling just in America should hit over 500K before 2019Q2. and possibly 2018Q4.

Probably you said the same about Apple when they entered the phone market.

No, he said the same about BlackBerry

why modded down? He is correct.

What are the annual total sales numbers (in the first 9 months of 2018) in the US of:

– Mercedes Benz C-Class
– The BMW 3-Series
– Audi A4
– Lexus IS

They already posted this as a story today (latest post as of this writing), the Model 3 easily outsells them.

The only issue with this story is it’s comparing a newly released vehicle – model 3 that has a backlog with vehicles that have in some cases has been available for decades. Until Tesla gets into steady state sales and not working through a preorder backlog we don’t know how it will compare.

I have the feeling that the Model 3 sales in the US are still far from steady state. But not in a way that sales will decline after a while. I expect sales to rise a good deal further and then level out way above current numbers, always limited by how many cars Tesla can make.
Just look at what happend with Model S sales, in a far smaller market for large luxury sedan, every shorter said sales would be declining after an initial peak. They were proven incorrect, only the average sales price increased.

That’s assuming there is no competition over then next few years, which is doubtful. If that’s correct then overall EV sales are going to be pretty awful.

Takes about 4 to 6 years to design and build a car, so have to figure in when they started. Also, vehicles like the ETron, EQC, IPace don’t really seem competitive to me yet. They are less efficient and more expensive with less features that buyers of Tesla cars want.

My how the goalposts have changed. People said EVs would never sell. People said EVs would never sell in large quantities. Now we are down to “Well, they are selling well but you can’t compare a brand new product with a backlog to a steady state product.”

OK. Whatever.

The German Big 3s offerings are like yesterdays leftovers. kind of stink.

Tesla is now out selling the Mercedes in the us and bringing in more revenue. Maybe this is why their head just quit.

Model 3 outselling Corolla.

Can Tesla produce the M3 and the Y in the same line? I see other car makers doing two different models at the same time, it will help if the Y has the same platform as the M3 and use a good percentage of parts. Just a thought.

Musk has said that he wants the MY to be the next iteration of frame.
In particular, all of the cars have MILES of wiring. Notice the fusebox? You have homeruns on just about everything for power AND control. And 12 V is way too low.

Now, he wants to design it so that he has 2 levels of electric (high voltage and either 48 or 96V). I am guessing that they run a parallel set-up on the ‘low’ voltage, but with circuit breakers that are connected to CAN or perhaps a new network. And with the exception of CPU/monitors, all will be accessed through monitor ‘Controls/settings’.
So, what will the difference be? The wiring will change from 2-4 km / car. to less than 500 m. What does that translate to? Lower assembly costs, faster assembly, ease/low-costs of maintenance, etc. Ideally, they will create plug-ins at seats for power AND CAN. IOW, ability to do add-ons.

don’know the price of electricity in Europe but it is cheaper than gasoline consider Fossil cars DEAD