Tesla Has Russian Expansion Plans


Tesla Model X

Tesla Model X

Just about every week or so, it seems we get more news of Tesla’s expansion efforts. Now, a local newspaper – Kommersant, in Russia points to the electric automaker not only moving forward with its planned Supercharger network, but also opening showrooms.

Supercharger Expansion Plans For Europe, With A Handful Of Russian Locations

As usual, Tesla has yet to officially verify the reports, but generally we see the company’s official news follow the local announcements. The first showroom in Russia are set for Moscow and St. Petersburg. Real estate vendors in the areas showed requests from the automaker for office space in both cities.

While only a couple hundred people in Russia own Model S or Model X vehicles, the group has already ganged up and set up their own “unofficial” service center in Moscow. The owners had to import the vehicles, which is a costly and complicated process, wrought with potential issues. Having no Superchargers, no official service centers, and possible lack of internet connectivity for the over-the-air updates, makes owning a Tesla in an area like Russia, a true commitment.

Soon, these hardcores will be rewarded for their commitment, and life as a Russian Tesla owner will become more simple. One can only assume that many others will also jump on the band wagon, once it’s much less of a hassle.

Tesla also just officially expanded into New Zealand, with the delivery of the first eight Model S vehicles, and an unveiling ceremony, during which attendees could test drive vehicles.

Source: Kommerstant

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Or possibly, Muscovites (Musk-ovites) have Tesla expansion plans?

I sincerely hope Elon is not considering expanding into Russia. Dealing with a murderous regime reflects very badly on the brand.

Then they should get out of the USA.

Love the moral equivalency s***…
If Trump keeps it on, maybe they will.

Think about that!

Does the pollution of Russian vehicles add to the air and water pollution in the Earth?

Does this pollution make Global Warming CO2 gases adding to the total that Elon spoke of in his Model 3 unveiling?

If you can’t answer to yourself, Yes, and Yes, you do not yet understand Elon’s Goal of Transitioning ALL Transportation to a more Sustainable Model!

He has mentioned expansion into Russia, via the Supercharger Map, since at least 2-3 years now, so he is still working his plan to clean up the Air, via Tesla EV’s, everywhere!

India, is recently been commented on for expansion, too, and they have their own problems with corruption, in business, too! They also have a large potential market for Model S, Model X, in the Very Wealthy, plus the nearly Wealthy, for the Model 3!

Elon could do large volumes of sales in both those countries, with both: cars, and Tesla Energy Product’s: Powerwalls & Powerpacks, for Grid Stability for Homes, and for Businesses!

Also, is this idea, maybe Elon can move Russia to clean up their cars, stabilize their grid, and clean up their power production, via Solar! Can’t be all that bad for the World!

Then Brands should get out of China.

And Whale killing/eating Norway too.

The pre-Model 3 rollout is starting to happen.
Portugal, Spain, UAE, New Zealand, Taiwan and South-Korea were added in just the last few months and now Russia?

The production constraint for the Models S & X are probably getting less tight.

And why not expand into Iran? Russian market will prove for Tesla more difficult than Chinese with sales nowhere even close.

Maybe those not so Wealthy in Russia, will form multiple partnerships, clubs, and co-ops, to buy a Tesla or Two, per Apartment Building?

Even in Canada and the USA, and many places in the World, many people get together to share ownership of light aircraft, and resorts (Time Shares), and Fractional Ownership Businesses sell 1/4, 1/8th, 1/16th, and so on, of Multi Million $ Business Jets, so it still amazes me no one has done anything to offer Expensive EV’s like Model S, Model X, Porshe Pamamera PHEV, Porsche 918, etc, in some form of muliple ownership plan!

They could sure use some data gathering in Russia for the Autopilot, though! That is a litmus test – avoiding hitting, AND getting hit, on Russian Roads!

Figuring out how to avoid crashes there, might greatly reduce the business that their Auto Body Shops get, on the other hand!

Imagine having a 1/12th ownership on a Model X for $10,000 to $15,000! You get use of it for 1 month (30 days) each year! All that is needed is a fair scheduling app, date exchanging tool, and a few other bits, like ability to sell your spot, to another buyer if you leave, etc. Since I met 1 guy flying a new Piper Warrior, who told me that 10 pilots got together, and bought a new plane, instead of a used plane, and they had no trouble with competing scheduling challenges, I thought people are just cheating themselves of opportunity, due to fear and selfishness, particularly after my home airport pilots refused adding me as a 5th owner to their old C-182 Cessna! And I had spent about 4 hours training in a C-182 in my just completed Privates Pilots Licence, and already had the training, knowledge, and money, to be a good addition! As it worked out, I flew more people in my home town, in a rented C-182, that I had to drive 2.5 hours to access, and fly another 1.0 Hours back, before I could share the flight! Picked up over 100 hours in that single… Read more »

Mr. Weekly has a great point. A used Tesla with Free (prepaid the car price) Supercharging would be wonderful to rent on a long road trip.

I would be happy to rent one on my next long trip from VA to Florida, if they become available. My local Enterprise car rent company can’t even find a good hybrid to rent to me. Asking my local rental guys, who rarely even finished high school, to learn a pure EV car like a Tesla would be like teaching a monkey to play chess: He doesn’t get it and you will just make the monkey mad.

Tesla and other startups have a golden opportunity here, as rental car companies (outside of California) are totally dropping the ball on EVs!

It is a very likely market for them to expand to. It’s the largest market that they don’t have presence in except India and Brazil (+Argentina while they are there). And those two markets do they have big plans for.

We should also expect them to move into some of the large asian markets that they are not currently in soon.
Like Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia and the Philippines.

Investing in terror supporting regimes does not do any good to any company.

I personally will throw Tesla out of my relevant set if they go into Russia.

I hope you boycott all supermarkets and throw away your computer, phones and TVs too – since they are all sold in Russia too! You should probably go live in a cave to be 100% sure though.

If you close your eyes to terror, it will not be long till terror comes to your home.

I am doing my best to spend my money in a sustainable way, no money for Russian murderers anyway.

President Trump loves Russia lol

Then you should throw away everything from the U.S. It’s the largest terrorist state, what do you think drone strikes are.

“Investing in terror supporting regimes does not do any good to any company.”

While I certainly agree that companies should avoid investments that directly benefit Vladimir Putin and the Russian gang of kleptocrat oligarchs, I don’t see that Tesla opening stores and service centers, and installing Supercharger stations, in Russia is equivalent to that.

Similarly, altho I have a very low opinion (to put it mildly) of El Trumpo and his oil-igarchy cabinet, I certainly wouldn’t suggest that any foreign company which wants to expand its market into the U.S. would be supporting El Trumpo’s administration.

In Russia, you do not charge electric car… electric car charges you!

Hmmm… needs work. 😉

To author. “possible lack of internet connectivity for the over-the-air updates” – mobile internet in Russia is better (and cheaper) than in US.

About Tesla in Russia. Of course, it won’t be easily, but after EV charging corridor from NY to SF, thay will obviosly need one more. Again from Pasific coast to Atlantic one, but in Eurasia.