Tesla Roadster Test Drives To Start In Late 2019


Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s recent reply on Twitter reveals that Roadster 2.0 test drives will begin “towards the end of next year.”

Twitter user Isa Yeter did what many Tesla fans do. He Tweeted a message to Musk with hope for a reply. Interestingly, Yeter is from Turkey but happens to be currently in California trying to get a test drive of the new Roadster. Hopefully, he didn’t travel all the way to the U.S. thinking that this would be some easy task and with no prior contact or planning, however, this appears to be the case.

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After not have any luck (we can’t say we’re surprised), he asked Musk on Twitter when he might be able to “make a test drive for roadsters.” Apparently, he came to the U.S. with intention of driving one and becoming “one of the founders for the roadster.” Huh?

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Anyhow, despite the strange nature of the Tweet, the CEO replied fairly quickly (four minutes later, in fact). Musk praised Turkey and said he’d be visiting the country in person for the upcoming Tesla launch. He also said that Roadster test drives will be available towards the end of 2019.

Of course, Tesla owners from Turkey were happy to know that Tesla is planning a launch in the country soon. Teslarati pointed out that one reply showcased a banner promising Musk a complimentary kebab on arrival.

There’s been much talk about the fact that mentions of the Tesla Semi and Roadster have seemingly disappeared as of late. It seems both went off with a bang after the reveal event and then – aside from some Semi testing and Franz von Holzhausen taking a joyride in the Roadster (both of which were reportedly spotted broken down during their journeys) – further news and details have diminished significantly.

During the recent earnings call, neither vehicle was even mentioned by the CEO. However, the Roadster did make an appearance in the automaker’s recent “all-hands” video, with a first up-close look at the cockpit.

Perhaps Tesla is putting these two major projects on the backburner to focus on Model 3 production and the upcoming Model Y unveiling? It really does make perfect sense for the company to stop announcing one big project after another when the current situation has been very difficult. Additionally, while the Roadster and Semi are certainly “cool,” they aren’t going to be high-volume mass-market vehicles like the 3 and the Y.

Only time will tell. At least with Musk’s new Tweet, we can rest assured that there are still future plans for the Roadster and they aren’t very far off in the grand scheme of things.

Source: Teslarati


Elon Musk with the new Tesla Roadster at the electric semi reveal event.
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Another reason why Total Model S & Model X demand and Sales growth are not done yet! Plus, along with Turkey, South Africa is still waiting, too!

A lot larger and more important markets are waiting too like India, Russia and Brazil.

Then there are Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia Singapore and the Philippines.

Don’t leave out a trickle of Teslas for Taiwan!

…. Also if/when China lowers its car import tariffs (currently 25% which is 10X USA import tariff) Model S & X sales in China will go up significantly.

Tesla says S/X sales growth is over. They blame it on limited supply of 18650s.


So, this is yet another concept that is 2-3 years away?

Huh? Whatchew Talkin’ about, Willis?


This is Tesla, not VW

Are you saying it will be available for sales within two years?

For sale? Absolutely!

Though when it will be delivered, nobody knows… 😀

So where are the Model Y test drives, in late 2019?

Are the Model Y waiters, now considered “chopped liver”, compared to the Elite Roadster 2.0 $200k+ cash cows?

The Model Y, and its marginal profitability outlook, has probably ground almost to a screeching halt, and is stuck further, in a future yet to be determined, resembling a Tesla “Test Drive Hell”.

Elon has to focus on the Model 3 ramp up, and absolutely nothing else.
Tesla Must Demonstrate Free Cash Flow For Wall Street, all else be damned!

Wall street hates tesla and are owned by fossil fuel mafia LOL CONNECT THE DOTS ON CLEAN AIR WAKE UP FOLKS

The Roadster will not be a cash cow. Margins will be good, but volume too low to matter. Did you ever hear the term ‘halo car’?

Ok, the upcoming Tesla Roadster 2.0, is now The St. Elon ‘Halo Car’.

Yes, I do believe I recall hearing that ‘HC’ term used before, if I do so recollect!

The engineers they hire to design and refine a prototype are not the same engineers they hire to design and refine the factory lines. I’m pretty sure having the cleaning crew who mops up the cafeteria at night suddenly switch to “focusing on the Model 3 ramp-up” would make much sense, either.

“Perhaps Tesla is putting these two major projects on the backburner to focus on Model 3 production and the upcoming Model Y unveiling?”

And I still think these two do not share the same resources (apart from Musk and money). Engineers doing vehicle design/testing/prototyping have different skill sets/experience than those doing the the production line.

Maybe they sped up Model Y development at the expense of the Semi and Roadster (although I fail to see the logic in that), but not because of the Model 3 production hell. imho

From article: “Tesla Roadster Test Drives To Start In Late 2019”

Tesla provided “test drives” for of the concept Roadster during the Semi/Roaster unveil back in Nov 2017. At that unveil event Musk said that the final production-intent Roadster would have even better performance specs… so smackdown plus.


If the guy from Turkey gives me $250k, I’ll let him test drive my Roadster when I get it.