Tesla Roadster, Model S & X Account For 62% Of Registered Electric Cars In Connecticut



Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S

Tesla Model X

Tesla Model X

According to Connecticut state date brought forth by the Hartford Courant (via ValueWalk), the state’s electric car makeup is dominated by Teslas.

The report says that of all the registered electric cars in Connecticut, some 62% have a Tesla badge (Roadster, Model S and Model X).

Tesla is facing a direct-sale battle in Connecticut (similar to the battles it’s facing in other states) and hopes that the state will allow Tesla’s direct-sales model so that it can meet its 2020 reduced emissions goals.

A rundown of the green vehicle sales figures in the state shows that Tesla has been wildly successful in dominating the pure electric car segment in Connecticut. As ValueWalk reports:

“Tesla cars account for around 24% of all types of green energy vehicles in the region, including hybrids and EVs, said Connecticut energy officials. By May 5, there were 3,556 green energy vehicles in the state, according to data from the Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). Of those, 1,386 vehicles were pure electric, including 868 Tesla EVs. Overall, there were 3.1 million vehicles registered overall.”

Will Nicholas, Tesla’s Northeast Regional Sales Manager, chimed in on the situation in Connecticut by saying that it’s vital that the state allows Tesla sales model, as its 2020 emissions target will likely be unreachable without Tesla being able to sell direct statewide.

Source: ValueWalk

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Do the states where the Teslas are bought get all the taxes from the sale? Seems pretty stupid if the states blocking Tesla sales are just hurting themselves by not benifiting from taxes and jobs.

You pay taxes in the state you register the car in.

I think it is time for a federal law prohibiting states from collecting taxes where sales are not permitted. That would clear this whole dealer association interference up pretty quick.

That’s a good idea! The states will turn around and call it a registration or a use tax.

Both sales tax and property tax?

Time to rename this website insidetesla.com. It’s Tesla, Tesla, Tesla 24-7-365.

Hey, Zim, can’t handle talking about, or stories about, the obvious market leader? Is MB leading in EV’s? Is Audi? Ford? Hardly! GM, not doing so bad, and Nissan – keeping back any real improvement, or even solid upgrades and then teasing what the future brings, without any hard dates for bringing it – not even which quarter it might come out! Leadership – fading!

Nah, would rather read about Tesla, thanks!

Zim, Not to be dismissive of your suggestion, but we’ve published 8 stories in the past 24 hours/on the front page atm that are not Tesla based (and 5 Tesla ones too). I would add that is on a Sunday as well, when all the other sites are either not working at all (weekend) and/or are just mailing it in. That said, Tesla is the most popular brand by a wide margin, and as such the stories are also the most read (believe it or not, everyone doesn’t read our update on Renault in Europe, or Team APEV recap for Pike’s Peak). …so in essence the Tesla stories you find here are not only the most popular, but help to keep the lights on so that we can better cover the other EVs in the space. No Tesla – no InsideEVs (at least certainly not as it appears now). We think we have the right balance now. All the major (and mid-grade) Tesla news that most want…plus enough timely coverage of the rest of the EV industry at large (and not just in US) so that any daily readers would/can come away with a nice well-rounded background on what is… Read more »

i’ve been wrong in the past when i accused insideevs of posting “click bait”, so i hesitate to do so here. but i don’t think that it is unreasonable to posit that insideevs does have a strong tesla bias.

with regard to this article. it’s one thing to post a headline that states that tesla accounts for 62% of *bev* sales in connecticut (and what this article calls “registered electric vehicles” appears to just include bev’s), but bev’s account for less than 1/20th of 1% of vehicle registrations in connecticut. with such a minuscule number of cars, the 62% figure is little more than statistical noise.

i’m not stating that the information contained within this article isn’t good, but i think it would be better to wrap this information into an overall/nationwide market summary rather than to present it as a standalone article.

If insideevs wrapped all the little stories in large national or global ones we would have a couple of stories per week.

That would be awfully boring. Instead of coming here twice a day I would check the site once per week.

Keep insideevs exactly the way it is now.

no comment,

Appreciate your well-articulated opinion.

Again we try our best to not control/direct the narrative of the discussion at all, everyone is entitled to their opinion of the news and how we present it (good or bad)…we just tend to step to respond to the direct “zingers” that don’t have any context/constructive thought

even if i were to view this article in the most negative light that is reasonably possible, this article is FAR better than the seemingly endless loop of “drag racing” articles that keep get posted.

Name another company 100% dedicated to offering real good EVs, not faking it with overpriced compliance weak ones?

Faraday Future. 😉

Good One sven.
+1 to the House of Slytherin.

Please feel free to create your own website where you report on plug-in EVs, and encourage readers to post comments, but you discourage or ban reports and discussion of the market leader, Tesla Motors.

You might, however, be disappointed by the lack of interest in such a website.

Tesla Motors has earned our admiration and respect for their achievements and their vision. If and when other EV makers do something similar, then they’ll get our respect and admiration too.

Apparently, you fail to see anything that’s not Tesla. Confirmation bias much? Insideevs had a very interesting recent post about Nissan Leaf drag racing Dodge Charger R/T.

+1 Robert Weekley

Yeah, that’s Connecticut for you.

Right. I was wondering why nobody mentioned that. They got the big bucks. At least that is what I suspect you were referencing.

I must confess to being surprised that Tesla cars outsell all other BEVs in the State, including the Leaf and the BMW i3 (without REx).

I’d be interested to learn the various factors contributing to that.

Roadster, S and X account for 62%? So S accounts for 61% then!