UPDATE: Tesla Roadster Is Indeed Headed For Outer Space – Images Released

Tesla Roadster


It’s looking to be true after all.

*UPDATE: Additional images added showing Roadster onboard.

It all started with a Tweet from Tesla CEO Elon Musk:

Musk’s Original Tweet On Roadster Going Into Outer Space

That Tweet, though seeming a bit out of this world, was apparently true and now an image of the midnight cherry Tesla Roadster owned by Musk has surfaced on a NASA forum:

Tesla Roadster Ready For Takeoff

The launch will take place next month and if the Roadster is on board, it’ll surely be an electrifying moment.

The launch will happen in January at the Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Florida. Falcon Heavy will be launched from the Apollo 11 pad. Musk said it:

“Will have double thrust of next largest rocket. Guaranteed to be exciting, one way or another.”

There’s a definite chance for failure, which would destroy the Roadster. But apparently Musk is willing to take that chance.

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I applaud Musk’s sense of humor.

Yes, but what a waste.

Advertising is a waste now?…good to know.

Musk needs production. He has far more advertising than he needs, and it’s not like the Falcon Heavy launch would go unnoticed anyway.

It’s a terribly wasteful gesture: that roadster is worth tens of millions at least.

If it’s Roadster production #1, then yes it’s worth a lot of money and should go into a museum somewhere.

But I have seen no claim that it is indeed the first production car Tesla ever made. If it’s not, if Elon had more than one Roadster and he’s just getting rid of one of the extra ones, then… well, again, it’s his money and he can do what he wants with it, even if it’s conspicuous consumption.

It definitely is NOT Elon’s P1 first delivery car. The very first Roadster ever built was black.


Paint is cheap. And he has unlimited access to a certain Fremont paint shop…

A Red car for a Red planet.

It isn’t just the paint. It is an entirely different model of the Roadster. Initially Tesla only built one version of the roadster. That is what Elon’s first roadster was (black P1). This is clearly a Roadster Sport, not a base Roadster. Heck, you can even read that on the back badge, without even getting into the long list of changes that clearly show this was a post July 2010 Roadster Sport 2.5.

Do you somehow think that when they built a new car, Elon wouldn’t just get the latest and greatest new model with upgraded motor, seats, display, wheels, body changes, etc?

If you actually have evidence that Elon not only repainted his P1 Roadster, but also completely gutted it and had it rebuilt into a Roadster Sport 2.5, complete with Roadster Sport badging, go ahead and post that evidence.

It’ll be in the largest air tight museum of all, Outer Space !.. Btw:…This deal to Musk Is like Pennies to you and I & Well worth It, in the vacuum of space the car will be preserved for ever….

Just because Elon once owned it doesn’t mean some random July 2010 or later Roadster Sport 2.5 is worth a bunch of money. Heck, we don’t even know if it is even a production can that can legally be sold or if it was some prototype of the 2.5 Sport that Elon kept sitting around somewhere.

@Alonso Perez, that roadster is the first generation that Elon Musk had since 2008. It worth about $60-70k at most.

One like it that never belonged to Musk would be worth that. This one is worth far more.


@Will, Elon Musk never had any photoshop

Just a marketing ploy for the “High Heritage Roadster” a reproduction Tesla classic coming soon.

TWO botched opportunities since the idea is to NOT have the roadster come back to earth…

Hold a Tesla/SpaceX/auction event, auction off the Roadster 1.0 to charity as it will most likely end up in a museum for future generations to enjoy…Then send a Roadster 2.0 into space and share a few more specs…This will create more Roadster 2.0 reservations…

Musk has a big ego and you only get one first impression, do you really want the aliens to judge you on your “antique” 1.0 roadster?

Yeah, Elon certainly does have a sense of humor! But apparently, not so much for some EV advocates.

If Elon wants to replace some concrete ballast on a test launch with one of his older cars, why complain about it?

As a statement, it’s the equivalent of burning a very big pile of cash in front of everyone. Not a gesture I associate with wisdom, good taste, or even humor.
It’s his car, he does have the right to do it, but have the right to think it’s the dumbest, most callous thing he has ever done in public.

I believe he was just thinking out loud, once he got called out on it decided to make it happen so he wouldn’t look bad…

@Alonso Perez, when someone needs to do what you want ? His car and his rocket he can do whatever he wants and nobody has any right to criticize him.

Why don’t you build your own car and your own rocket companies then you can do what-so-ever you want with it.

Nobody has a right to criticize him? Because it’s his stuff and he can do what he wants?

Well, that’s an interesting take. Seems like people are generally plenty critical of others that fit this general mould when it’s not Elon Musk or Tesla.

What? I can say whatever I want. People can agree with me or not, but I can still say it. I’m a big Musk supporter, but not unconditionally.

Musk does NOT have a big ego. He is kind altruistic and humble.

He also is one of the most remarkable geniuses of this century.

All true. But he has lost sense of what money means to those who aren’t billionaires.

If you personally feel BAD or ANGRY that someone else is launching their old car into space as mere “Dummy Payload” for a less-than-certain-for-success, historical, maiden launch of a new rocket system…


All I can say is— start digging under rocks now, to find your own sense of human self-worth.

Neither bad nor angry. I just think it’s a waste, and counter to his basic message about using resources rationally on Earth.
It seems people accept only two speeds with Musk, Adoration or Hate. There are actually point in between. I think he’s one of the greatest figures of the time, with more positive impact than perhaps any other single individual. But he’s still human, can do very dumb things, and has. This is one of those.

“Musk does NOT have a big ego. He is kind altruistic and humble.”

Well, that’s the first time I’ve ever seen anyone accuse Musk of being “humble”! 😀

People who are humble don’t try to grab the credit for what other people have done, as Elon has. For example, he claims to be “the founder” of Tesla Motors, when he’s not even one of the founders!

Elon Musk is one of my heroes. I think his vision is unparalleled in modern times, he works indefatigably to achieve his very ambitious goals, and at least once he was willing to bet literally his entire fortune to keep Tesla Motors afloat. But that doesn’t mean I’m blind to his faults. The man’s ego must be at least the size of one of those Falcon Heavy rockets! 😉

Eh, no one has ever doubted or contended that Elon has single-handedly made Tesla what it is today. That is close enough to “founder” for me. Nobody cares about some legalistic nitpicking.

How soon they forget people once they are dead and aren’t in headlines anymore. What about Steve Jobs? I’m pretty sure he changed life around the world nearly everyone. Elon so far… not so much.

The Falcon Heavy might be powerful, but I’m not sure anything is powerful enough to lift a Roaster 2.0 with its 200 kWh battery…

I’m 99% sure you are joking, but a bit of trivia:

Falcon Heavy max payload to low earth orbit is 120,000 lbs. To mars max payload is 30,000 lbs. The stats on Falcon Heavy compared to other rockets are mind-blowing.

But a Saturn V could lift 300,000 pounds to low earth orbit. If the Russian N1-L3 had ever made it into orbit, it would have been able to lift 209,000 pounds to LEO, but of course it failed every time they tried. And this was 40 years ago with relatively old tech.
Those were some serious rockets!

Perhaps you can wish for a sense of humor for Christmas, God/Bacardi.

If this is true talk about a waste. Obviously he can do whatever he wants but if all you need to do is test it out for weight and ballast there seem to be a lot of other cheaper and more suitable alternatives. As others have pointed out this car could do a heck of a lot more good than just sitting on top of that rocket possibly getting blown up during the launch.

Shame really…

Elon probably looks at it more from the perspective of all the validation prototypes and pre-production Roadsters that all had to be scrapped and destroyed (by law). They have had to destroy plenty of early Roadsters already as simply a matter of doing business. He is certainly used to breaking eggs in order to make omelettes.

None of those were worth what this one is.

Elon Musk’s own roadster? Tens of millions at the least. Pound for pound every bit as expensive as any satellite he could launch, and a historic artifact as well.

oh, the horrors. it’s just a car, get a grip.

It’s the most valuable Roadster ever made, by far. If I was one of Musk’s lenders, I would give him a call.

Most valuable Roadster ever built? No way, not at all. Not even close.

The most valuable Roadster is definitely the P1 (first production Roadster). That car was black, and is NOT the same car being sent to space. Heck, it isn’t even the same model as Elon’s original P1. The P1 was a Signature Series Roadster. The red one being sent into space is clearly a Roadster Sport. Those weren’t sold until a couple of years later.


Love Musk! Always thinking outside the box with lots of sarcasm and humor. So refreshing! He has changed so many things in this world all for the better. Changed old school thinking to new world thinking.

Totally agree, Scott!

We are living the dream in a digital world. I do not care where the original is, as long as a can pop the matrix into a replicator and have my own. Musk gets credit for creating the aspirational monument.

Orbit Mars? Why waist this opportunity, they should try to land on Mars.

Volt#671 + BoltEV

Don’t worry, it will land on Mars sooner or later… the hard way. Elon talking about it orbiting Mars for “millions of years” is the visionary in him; the rocket scientist should know better. That orbit will decay, probably within a few millennia if not mere centuries.

Oops! I didn’t notice Musk was talking about a highly elliptical and wide-ranging orbit. In that case, far less chance of it crashing on Mars. Far greater chance of it being pulled out of Mars orbit by some other astronomical body.

Let’s hope Elon Musk sits inside

Jealous of Elon Musk? Really really really jealous? Well, you should be. Because he’s Elon fracking “Iron Man” Musk. And you’re not.

You lose!

Haha! à la Heavy Metal!

\m/ -_- \m/

I love it.

Truly insane…

The real joke is if a future alien intelligence does come across Elon’s Roadster it will be a nonsensical find to them… like trying to figure out how/why a washer machine is floating around in space. It may never accure to them that the Roadster was shot into space simply as a prank… because who would do that?

I thought it would be more like:

Report: Deep Space Audiology Forensics Department.
Subject: Sound waves detected in 20hz-20khz.
Type: Musical Composition.
Purpose: Monument to a lost, early, space explorer.
Rank: Major
Name: Tom
Determination: Intelligent Life.
Recommendation: Class IV probe.

I know, sound waves don’t travel in space.

This seems like the setup for the intro to Heavy Metal.


LOL good one!

deep cuts!! nice.

Gee… what will the space launch bored media do with this…a very smart move. Guaranteed to get the Tesla name out there again… get more attention for SpaceX… so. seems an ok way to repurpose one of your toys.

Precisely. The extra mass market media outlet coverage gained by this “prank” is likely to greatly exceed that for “just another rocket”

Musk gets to promote the SpaceX, Tesla and his personal brand on probably a worldwide basis at virtually no cost versus using a lump of concrete.

Hopefully the rocket doesn’t blow up on the launch pad. I think this is the pad that’s been totally rebuilt from the previous explosion.

Interesting thing is, I believe Elon has said that the falcon heavy has already been superceeded by the BFR which is just one big rocket, not 3 tied together.

The next Gen BFR will be the one going to mars.

I still don’t believe it.

NASA and the international space community have very strict rules for sterilization of vehicles approaching planets or moons which could later be explored for life. Preparing a car for such a trip would be impossible, unless it was disassembled to the last bolt.

Moreover, there are probably several taboo (flammable and/or outgassing) materials on the car which shouldn’t be flying into space. Air-inflated tires would be one of them, not to mention lithium ion batteries, wiring, seats, lubricants, and many plastics.

Also, I doubt that a car can pass the rigorous shock & vibration testing that space vehicles are subjected to.

Finally, SpaceX’s new rocket is a no-joke machine which needs to be man-rated for deep space travel. I don’t believe the company would risk an expensive test flight in such a loony and scientifically worthless fashion.

Don’t fall for this stuff.

@ said: “I still don’t believe it… SpaceX’s new rocket is a no-joke machine…”

Next… Tesla Semi going up on BFR.

Calm down. First, there is no need to comply with planetary protection protocol as the Roadster will no go to Mars, nor to orbit the planet. For the most, it will make a flyby far away from Mars, then use its attraction to put itself into an heliocentric orbit at somehow the same distance from the sun as the Mars orbit is but far away from the planet, so no risk of ending burning in Mars atmosphere, let alone landing on it! Then, seriously, what do think satellites and spacecrafts are made of? Plenty of chemical batteries, lithium-ion’s ones and others, hydrazine (very very toxic), a lot of explosive device and material, all sort of toxic heavy metals and even radioactive devices and plutonium for electric power… For the tires, even here in earth some people fill the tires of their cars with nitrogen when they will do a big trip in motorways with heavy hot climate to avoid blowing their tires (it’s more expansive but very secure), so let’s go it as it will not orbit earth but going far far away where it will never be seen again. Space vehicles are subject to such shock & vibration tests… Read more »

“Then, seriously, what do think satellites and spacecrafts are made of?”

Hey, you’re stepping on his Nanny State fantasy! 😀 If he doesn’t work for the DMV, he ought to. He’s got the soul of a bureaucrat.

The idea that Mars could remain uncontaminated by Earth life is absurd. We have found meteorites from Mars here on Earth. In theory at least; rocks kicked up from the surface of Mars by the impact of larger meteorites sometimes find their way here. Obviously there must have been some going the other direction. If it was possible to contaminate Mars with Earth microbes, then that has already happened.

* * * * *

@Murrysville EV:

Elon Musk wants to colonize Mars. Do you think he cares about “contamination”? Do you think he gives a flying f*** about ridiculous and pointless policies NASA came up with only after several probes from Earth — not just from the USA — landed on Mars?

Thank goodness not everyone is willing to be a sheep, mindlessly following whatever policies any government bureaucracy feels like creating!

Actually, I’m more of a libertarian who has traditionally voted R; I’m no fan of the nanny state.

I’m quite aware of every spacecraft landing on Mars; all of them were decontaminated according to the rules at the time. Personally, I don’t believe there is any life beyond Earth, except that which clings to the machines we’ve created.

More practically, I just don’t see Mr Musk wasting precious cargo space on such an absurd venture.

If you don’t like the Roadster going into space, wait until you hear about he plan to send fusion bombs to Mars in order to create a pair of artificial suns….


Imagine, some future astronaut looking up from the surface of Mars, looking to see the flash of sunlight reflecting off of Elon’s car.

Now That is advertising.

As an historic note, many early astronauts were given the gift of a Corvette by their local Chevy dealerships. I wonder what the first astronauts to return from Mars will be given…

To all haters: What if…. 20 years from now Elon plans a SpaceX mission with the goal of returning the car back safely to earth? Then it’s worth would be on the 100s of millions!

But hey! Let’s hate this guy for replacing a boring concrete rock with something more reflective of human ingenuity, instead of giving a roadster away to one of these loosers.

latestagecapitalism at its finest.

This is really no different than the waste that was military industrial complexes star wars program in the late 80s.

Bloated defense contractors getting what they always want, and SpaceX is one of those contractors. Get use to it as your Country is the new 90s Russia 😀

Can you imagine NASA launching a car? Me neither. This is hilarious – I love it!

You realize that NASA is simply the government agency that controls the authorized funding from the US Legislative branch?

Because who actually does the launching is: Raython, United Launch Alliance, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, British Aerospace etc. etc. All private contractors who easily take you for a ride with your tax money.

MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX PEOPLE. Launching a car into space for no other reason is as Narcissistic as the orange monkey.