This Tesla Roadster Hides Electrifying Scare In Its Trunk

OCT 14 2018 BY MARK KANE 11

You better watch out for those black Tesla Roadsters. You never know what might be lurking in the trunk.

One Tesla Roadster owner shared a video with something dangerous lurking in the trunk.

It’s tweaking like its electrified so the Reddit community suggests that maybe the car is now alive after some new over-the-air update.

Whatever it is, do not approach. Or rather, approach with extreme caution.

I may have broke something on this Roadster from r/teslamotors


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Contact your local Indian tribe and tell them you need a Shaman to get rid of the bad spirit, think I’d pull the master kill plug.

Beware! You never know what’s lurking in the trunk.

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Repo man is always intense.

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That was a fun and very under-rated movie… I bet most people here won’t know what 1986 movie that scene is from. The car used in the film was a Dodge M4S. This car was fast with 0-60 in 4.1 secs.

My friend had that Dodge poster on his wall.

The movie was called “The Wraith”

totally agree that it was underrated.
And it was exactly what I thought of when I saw that because I have thought it would be fun to do something similar to our MS.

Is that Clint Howard?